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Romance / Thriller
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I have to run.

I have to hide from my problems.

If I don't escape this lethal environment, I'd be dead soon.

Everything I've built up from the age of eighteen is now dangling over the edge and one shove from him and it would be over.

Ten years of work down the drain.

Moving to Scotland had massive risks.

New people. New scenery. New everything.

But, I got accepted into the position of a specialist biomedical scientist at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

I found a lovely two bedroom maisonette on the west end of Glasgow.

All I need to do is pack my shit, pack all of Jack's bags and sneak us both out of the country without him catching us.

I've booked our plane tickets, leaving first thing in the morning, our cab will be outside the house before he gets home from work.

So far, the plan is perfect.

I always delete the search history and made a new email that he didn't know of, for all my correspondence to Scotland.

I can't take any more of the abuse, physically and emotionally.

I can't stand here any longer and watch as he puts my son down, every single damn day.

There is only so much a five-year-old can take.

I turned twenty-eight yesterday and instead of enjoying it like I should have, that I wanted to, I was locked in the cellar and cried as he beat me to a pulp.

Jack was shouting on me from the other side of the door, banging his small fist until Peter eventually swung the door open and pushed him over.

You see, Peter has a temper, a vicious temper that has only surfaced the past year.

I met him at a bar two year ago, drunk as fuck and went home with him.

I was drunk, ok?

He always complimented my hazel eyes and blonde hair, telling me I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

He cared for me like a princess and when he met Jack, he connected with him in ways that his dad never.

The dad who never even showed for the appointments, the birth or birthdays.

In fact, he has never even set eyes on Jack.

I played mom and dad for years until I met Peter.

He started getting angry, moody and raising his voice at me.

Gradually it got worse, a lot worse.

I'm scared to tell anyone, to ask for help without him causing any harm to Jack.

I can't explain the fear I have, the feeling of being worthless and unloved.

I started looking for jobs in Scotland months ago. I had a Skype interview with someone from the NHS and got an acceptance email with a start date a few days ago.

Sarah Kay, the new haematologist.

I found a lovely, affordable maisonette close to the hospital and school for Jack.

It was close to a huge green that had parks, maybe getting a dog would keep Jack happy since Peter got rid of Max?

Peter will try to look for us, no doubt about it, but I have to try and give Jack a normal life.

My parents died when I was younger, no sibling nor friends.

I wasn't aloud friends anymore.

He made sure I cut them all off so he was my only friend.

What's that saying... keep your friends close but enemies closer? That is definitely what he has done.

I couldn't sleep, anxious to be free and finally live our lives the way we should have been.

Soon enough the cab was outside, the horn pulling me from my trance.

I pulled Jack's coat on him, kissing his forehead and hauled our bags out of the house that holds one of the worst memories I will never forget.

I can only hope that Peter doesn't find us and we can finally be happy.

Little did I know I'd meet him.

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