Throw The Bouquet

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Magnolia Nickell had seemingly the perfect life from afar. She had two overprotective step brothers, a loving mom, and an ignorant step father. In the matter of seconds that perfect life flipped upside down when she received a call from her dad announcing his wedding. The binding of him and his new family, but of course, they lived a country away in France. Flying solo and having to not only attend a wedding that was at the end of the summer, but also meet this new addition to her family for the first time. The problem wasn't the fiancee, but her twin boys. One year older and a million times more annoying, it could've been a lot easier if one of them wasn't so ridiculously hot in the process.

A.K Maret
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Chapter 1

Throw the Bouquet

By A.K Maret

Started : 4.24.20


DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT FLUENT OR BY ANY MEANS SOMEWHAT FLUENT IN FRENCH!! Almost all of my vocabulary and sentences I have gotten from other sources (friends/French dict/google translate/ ect.). If you happen to stumble upon any misspelled words/abbreviations/ or any mistakes, please leave a comment if you would like to help and improve this story!!

This story will contain the following, please proceed with this in mind.

- Sexual Content + Mature Themes

- Racist/Homophobic comments

- A gay relationship (boyxboy)

- Sexual Innuendos

- Language

- Drug Use

- Underage drinking

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