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Charles Winston Mayer-Chaz-is your typical trust fund, never gonna grow up playboy. His carefree bachelor existence is filled with women, money, and limited responsibilities in NYC i 18+ Inkitt award winner🥇 ************* Charles Winston Mayer aka Chaz is your typical trust fund, never gonna grow up, playboy. Living it up, girls, money, no responsibilities, always in control. Everything changes when he has to return home to be the face of the family company. Parker James graduated top of her class, focused, career driven, hard working boss. Besides loving control, her and Chaz couldn't be more different. When the two are forced to work together, it's a struggle for power and one-upping each other. Their lives are twisted together in a series of secrets, lies, and a few ties. They just might have more in common than they ever thought. It's bound to get interesting. 😈 Holding true to my style... you can expect some humor, tears, WTF faces and hopefully a twist or two. ⚠️⚠️⚠️POTENTIAL TRIGGER WARNINGS⚠️⚠️ This is a book with mature MC's. They establish early on that they both enjoy things that may be considered too rough for some audiences. Choking, Grabbing balls etc. I wrote this as a situational thing but have gotten feedback from some. So, if you aren't okay with that, this book is NOT for you. This is a work of FICTION

Romance / Erotica
L.M. Wolfe
4.9 304 reviews
Age Rating:

Chapter One


You’d think I’d be getting too old for this shit by now. Sick of mindless fucking, no attachments.

Not even close.

Thirty-two, chasing some random tail home from the club, but screw it, I doubt I’ll ever settle down. Not that I have to chase. This one’s begging for it—they all do. Whispered in my ear for the last hour how she wants to bang me. Who am I to turn her down?

When you have women practically dropping their panties for you at first glance, what can you do?

Relationships aren’t my thing, never will be. That shit’s for suckers. Wrapped up with one woman, same pussy day in and out—fuck that.

Guaranteed, every night after work, head to the club, sit in VIP, flash any sort of cash, and they show up strong. Can smell the money. I don’t mind; I have plenty. And I never—and I mean never—bring them back to my place. Besides buying a drink or two, I don’t pay for shit. Don’t need to.

I’m good for a fuck and chuck. Learned early on if you let them go home with you, they end up not wanting to leave. Expect breakfast and cuddling, hoping to become a housewife or some bullshit. The less they know about me, the better.

Never drop my actual name, never give details.

I can sniff out the gold diggers a mile away. But I usually know which of them will be a good time.

That’s all this is.

The petite brunette in front of me, for example. Long legs, nice rack, perfect ass to slam into.

Shouldn’t be surprising that I just got out of an Uber with this mid-twenties, likely has daddy issues, wants to fuck the guy in a suit and tie. That’s how most of them are.

I didn’t even touch her once. Actually, I ignored her, which only led to her grinding against my thigh harder, desperate for attention.

After stumbling into the dimly lit apartment complex and up the concrete stairs, Vanessa, or Veronica, or whatever the fuck her name is, pulls on my jacket, guiding me to the white metal door. She fumbles with her keys while looking back, batting fake lashes on her overly done face. A poured-on dress drapes down the front of her, showcasing the inner curves of her tits. I shrug—good enough.

“I still don’t understand why we couldn’t go to your place? My roommate’s probably home.”

I tune out her bitches and moans as we make our way inside the almost pitch black, tiny apartment. She pouts and stomps a bratty heel on the hardwood floor.

I groan, rolling my eyes, then suck in a breath as I massage my temples—this one might not be worth the headache. She keeps trying to kiss me, gyrating all over my dick. The constant rambling about how she works for some fashion designer, talking about her daily life, is getting on my fucking nerves.

“Listen.” I grab her jaw and lift her chin. Her eyes widen. “I told you I’m good for a fuck. Stop whining, or I go home.”

“Fine.” She scoffs and flings brown hair over her shoulder, nose crinkling, lips scrunched. “You don’t have to be an asshole.”

I chuckle. Sorry, doll. It’s my nature.

I follow her towards a room where she flips on the light, revealing pink walls and matching ruffled bedding. Immature as hell. “How old you say you were, again?” I scratch the back of my neck, watching with mild interest as she slips off her dress.

“Twenty-five.” She glances over her shoulder, trying way too hard to be sexy. My eyes travel lower to the lace thong that runs straight through the center of her close to flawless ass.

Definitely good enough.

“Take that off.” I flick a finger, and she smiles, wiggling her underwear to the ground. “Lay down.” She responds to my command by doing just that, spreading out across the bed.

Yup, acceptable. At least she knows how to listen. Still on and on with the fucking gabbing. If only she could shut up as well as she follows directions.

Let’s get her quieted down, or at least to stop talking about herself.

Vanessa, Veronica, fuck—what’s her name again? I stalk towards her, draping my jacket on the chair next to her bed before standing directly in front of her—if you want it, here it is. I practically stick my dick in her face.

She reaches up and rubs her palm over my suit pants. Her brown eyes expand, alarmed as she gets a feel for the size.

That’s right. Rich, handsome, and packing. The fucking trifecta.

“Holy shit,” she mutters, her hips already writhing on the bed, licking her lips, still at it with the talking, which I disregard.

Veronica props on all fours, facing me. Her fingers tug at my zipper, mouth assuming the slacked-jaw position, ready to go.

“What the fuck, Vanessa?”

Ahh... Vanessa! Another twenty-something brunette opens the door, then folds her arms in front of her chest.


Vanessa doesn’t stop undoing my pants, reaching in, grabbing a fistful of my cock. Somewhat fearful eyes glance up at me as she sinks her teeth to her bottom lip.

I know, I know. How’s it gonna fit? It’s so big! Not to worry. It will.

“Heidi, this is um, Dan,” she stutters, taking in my full size. It gets that reaction at first. A lot of them can’t handle it.

Doorway girl stands there with her mouth dangling open. She’s dressed in a white tank top, taut nipples cutting through the cotton, and plain black underwear leaving bare minimum to the imagination. I can already see her breathing pick up.

We may have a new participant.

“Holy shit,” she says, walking over, completely unphased that her friend has my dick in her hand. My pants slide to my ankles while she pumps, attempting to get me full-mast. “You’re Chaz Mayer.” The interrupter’s chest expands even more beneath her top.

Here we fucking go.

Veronica—Vanessa stops, maintaining a snug hold around me. A puzzled expression spreads across her face. “Who? I thought you said your name was Dan?”

I shrug and shift my gaze to doorway girl, who continues to study me suspiciously. I can tell by the lack of shock at the current situation of my junk in hand that they get down with some freaky stuff.

I’m cool with it.

“Chaz Mayer, aren’t you loaded?” A big smile curls along her potentially useful lips. This always happens if they find out.

My father’s rich. Well, I am too, but mine is old money left by my mother’s family. I want nothing to do with that piece of shit.

“I think you have me confused with someone else.” I wink at new girl. Her tongue draws a seductive circle while her lustful gaze drops, seeking an invitation. Since I’m an accommodating guy... might as well. “Care to join?”

Not even a moment of hesitation follows my words. Yeah, they’ve done this before. She pulls her top over her head, revealing decent tits. With an obedient smile—I like this one—she traces a finger up and down the sleeve of my shirt.

I suck in a sharp breath as Vanessa takes me in her mouth, tongue swirling, solid with the pressure. She strokes my shaft while groaning and gagging, letting me hit her throat as drool slips down her chin.

A little messy, but overall not hateful.

Door girl—Heidi, whatever—glances at me expectantly, waiting for me to do something to her. Pass. “Get back there and help your friend.” I nod to the ass perched up on the bed in front of me.

Trust me, the only thing going in either of their lips is my dick. Maybe a finger. And judging from the way she’s already headed straight downtown on Vanessa, who’s a moaning fucking mess around me, a condom is happening.

I’ve gone this long without being trapped, not getting anyone pregnant. You better believe, unless it’s exclusive, I wrap this bad boy.

Haven’t tried exclusive in several years. Not that I want to.

I grab Vanessa’s wrist and remove her mediocre grip, then back away. She looks up and there’s those pouty lips again. I kick off my pants and briefs before strolling over to doorway girl.

“I thought I’d get to go first,” Vanessa complains—of course she does—and I wish my dick was still in her mouth, just to shut her up.

With a slow drag of my finger between the legs of door... no, it’s Heidi, she’s not even close to being ready. And if there’s someone else here, why should I do the work?

“Switch,” I demand after smacking Heidi’s ass, enjoying the view as her fair complexion flushes. She silently arches her back, requesting another round.

Did I mention I appreciate this one?

Both heads of brown hair turn towards me, brows knitted, matching confused expressions on their faces. They almost look like they could be sisters. Fuck, that shit’s twisted—even for me.

“You two aren’t related, are you?”

I think my dick just went limp.

Heidi laughs, then kneels on the bed to face me. She shakes her head while eager fingers undo my shirt buttons.

“Gross,” Vanessa whines in a high-pitched voice. Ignore. I wriggle the knot of my tie—the red one, my favorite—loosening it. Heidi’s expression flashes darker. When I actually study both their faces, their features are, in fact, different. Sold.

Heidi’s thicker, with more to grab on to. She has an oval-shaped face and fuller lips.

The more I flip back and forth between the two, the more Vanessa reminds me of a mouse. Small mouth beneath a pointed nose, beady stare. The head wasn’t all that good, either.

Heidi grabs my cock, and twists firm corkscrews with precision. She’s definitely more experienced in this department. A deep growl rumbles from my chest as I get hard again.

She gazes up at me submissively, which is how I prefer it. I pull the tie from my collar and shrug my shirt to the floor. Heidi rakes her nails over my abs, groaning while she laps her tongue in teasing layers near my favorite appendage. I appreciate her groans. They aren’t annoying and forced like the other one.

Vanessa doesn’t stop squawking in the background.

I’m thinking about stuffing this tie in her mouth.

“Fuck.” I exhale as Heidi takes a decent amount of my cock between her lips. She grips my ass cheeks and swallows me to the back of her throat.


“You’re out,” I say, quirking a brow at Vanessa. Her face screws up, nostrils flaring as she sits naked on the bed.


“You heard me.” I stagger in a breath, grabbing a handful of brown hair, and thrust into her friend's mouth until I feel her throat constrict around my tip. She can handle it. Minimal gagging and no complaints provide a much more pleasant experience while I’m fucking her face. Not a single word. Not that it would be possible.

“This is my room,” Vanessa responds in utter shock.

The bobbing and pelvis thrusting continues, both of us completely tuning her out.

She huffs, the gets up from the bed, stomping around while clambering for her clothes. I think she finally realizes her complaining won’t alter the new game plan.

I know most guys would argue that two at once is a no brainer. Not always. I’ve had two, three, more. But, when one is amateur and the other a fucking pro, quality really outranks quantity.

“You’re an asshole!” She slams the door behind her, and I laugh. Relief dismantles my budding headache, so I can finally relax enough to get fully hard. Not once did Heidi stop. It was the obvious choice.

Yeah, I’m definitely an asshole. Don’t pretend different. Shouldn’t be a news flash.

I push a palm against her shoulder, making her fall back on the mattress. With erratic breaths, she wipes her lips clean, sporting an accomplished smile.

I’d give her a six out of ten.

I try to gauge the time we have left after all the events, guessing it might be somewhere around midnight. Not trying to stay out too late. I’ve been successfully ignoring the constant vibrating from my phone across the room.

“Move up and raise your arms.” I gesture to the bed frame, then snap my tie between my hands.

Heidi obeys, sliding towards the headboard. She shudders in anticipation. I wish I wasn’t so fucking bored. Her pupils dilate, and raspy sounds of excitement slip from her throat.

I bind her wrists, then secure them to the rail. With a satisfied nod, I grip her cheeks and squeeze open her mouth. She releases a breathy moan, and I contemplate spitting in it, because it seems like her thing. But it’s not super high on my list. I’ll blame my germaphobe best friend for that one. Plus, this saliva's gotta be earned.

Her tongue lashes over the two fingers I shove between her lips, sucking eagerly. She remains intent on me, dark eyes following my movements as I straddle her on the bed. I kick apart her legs with my knees, and glide my palm over her pussy—wet enough—let’s get this going.

Without warning, I plunge inside of her, offering an uninspired finger bang. Greedy hips immediately buck to meet my hand. “Fuck me!” she cries out.

“That’s the plan, sweetheart.”

I jump off the bed to grab a condom from my wallet—nowhere else to keep them.

My phone drops out of my pants and the screen lights up, providing a long list of missed calls, mostly from my father. What the hell? That asshole never calls me. And that’s fine. I want nothing to do with him.

Fuck that.

I ignore the attempted contact, ready to finish this deal—at least for myself. My cell buzzes to life on the floor. It’s Alice.


“Be quiet.” I lift the phone, and Heidi nods. “Good girl.” She squirms when I add in a little praise. That bullshit always works.

“Alice? What’s going on?”

She’s my father’s long-time assistant at his marketing firm. Shit, she’s like a second mother to me—an only mother. The one who sends me birthday and Christmas gifts, signing that asshole’s name.

“Chaz.” She sobs. “William had a heart attack.”

I let out a huff. Not for him, but because Alice is crying. “Okay, is he at the hospital?”

I’m losing altitude. Heidi’s brows raise as she notices. I run a hand through my hair, breaking up the product that’s kept it together most of the day.

“You need to come home... now!”

“Fucking hell.” I groan, then hike up my pants before walking over to grab my shirt and yank my tie loose. “Maybe some other time.”

Well, there’s that. Chaz is an asshole. We all gotta start somewhere. Think I can make you love him? 😈

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