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****Mature***** 18+ She slowly uncrosses her legs, the tight red material of her dress sliding up her thighs, legs spread apart, revealing the one thing I've been fucking fantasizing about, since I met her. Clearing my throat, jaw dropped to the floor. Her eyebrow cocked, staring at my growing bulge. My finger going straight to the knot in my tie, loosening it. Fixated on her red lips, picturing all the different things I'm about to do with them. Holding her hand up, eyes narrowing, "better be prepared to get down and beg for it." ************* Charles Winston Mayer aka Chaz is your typical trust fund, never gonna grow up, playboy. Living it up in NYC, girls, money, no responsibilities, always in control. Everything changes when he has to return home to be the face of the family company. Parker James graduated top of her class, focused, career driven, hard working boss. Besides loving control, her and Chaz couldn't be more different. When the two are forced to work together, it's a constant struggle for power and one-upping each other. Their lives are twisted together in a series of secrets, lies, and a few ties. They just might have more in common than they ever thought. It's bound to get interesting. 😈

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One


You think I’d be getting too old for this shit by now. Sick of mindless fucking, no attachments.

Not even close.

Fucking thirty-two, chasing some random tail home from the club, but fuck it. I don’t think I’ll ever settle down. Not that I even have to chase. This one’s begging for it—they all do. Whispered in my ear for the last hour how she wanted to fuck me. I’m not gonna turn her down.

When you have, on any given night, women practically dropping their panties for you at first glance, what can you do?

Relationships aren’t my thing, never will be, that shit’s for suckers. Wrapped up with one woman, same pussy day in and out—fuck that.

Guaranteed, every night after work, head to the club, sit in VIP, flash any sort of cash, they come out strong. They can smell the money. I don’t mind; I have plenty. And I never—and I mean never, bring them back to my place. Besides buying the drinks, I never pay for it, either. Don’t need to.

I’m good for a fuck and chuck. Learned early on the ones you let come home with you end up never wanting to leave. They want breakfast and to cuddle, and to become a housewife. The less they know about me, the better.

Never drop my actual name, never give details.

I can smell the gold diggers a mile away. But I can usually tell the ones that will be a good time.

That’s all this is.

This little brunette, for example. Long legs, nice tits, perfect ass to slam into, down to fuck.

Shouldn’t be surprising that I just got out of an Uber with this mid-twenties, likely has daddy issues, wants to fuck the guy in a suit and tie. That’s how most of them are.

I didn’t even touch her once—actually, I ignored her. Which only led to her grinding on my thigh harder, begging for fucking attention.

Stumbling into the dimly lit apartment complex, up the concrete stairs, while Vanessa, or Veronica, or whatever the fuck her name is, pulls on my jacket, towards the white metal door. Fumbling with her keys, looking back at me, batting the fake lashes on her overly done face. Tight ass black dress, draped down the front, showing the inner curves of her tits. I shrug—good enough for this night’s bang.

“I still don’t understand why we couldn’t go back to your place? My roommate’s probably home.” She bitches and moans as we make our way through the front door, inside the almost pitch black, tiny apartment. She pouts her lip, stomping one of her black heels on the hardwood floor.

I groan in my throat, rolling my eyes, sucking in a breath as I press my fingers to the sides of my head—this one might not be worth the headache. She keeps rambling and trying to kiss me, rubbing her palm all over my dick. Keeps talking to me about how she works for some fashion designer, talking about her daily life. Like I give a shit!

“Listen,” I snap, grabbing her jaw, lifting her chin to face me. Her eyes widen, hair falling on the side of her face. “I told you I’m good for a fuck, stop fucking whining, or I go home.”

“Fine,” she huffs, slinging her hair over her shoulder, nose crinkling, lips scrunched together. “You don’t have to be an asshole.”

I chuckle. Sorry, doll. It’s my nature.

Walking back into her room, light pink walls, and matching bedding, immature as hell. “How old you say you were, again?” Running my hand down my neck, watching her slip her dress off.

“Twenty-five.” Her back, turned to me, glancing over her shoulder, trying way too hard to look sexy. Red lace thong running through her close to perfect ass.

Good enough.

“Take that off.” I flick a finger as she smiles, dropping her underwear to the ground. “Lay down,” I command, and she responds by doing just that, spreading out across her bed.

Yup, perfect, at least she knows how to listen. Still on and on with the fucking rambling. If only she could shut up as well as she listens.

Let’s get her quieted down, or at least stop talking about herself.

Vanessa, Veronica, fuck—what’s her name again?

I stalk over towards her, taking off my jacket, laying it on the chair next to her bed.

Walking over, I stand directly next to her—if you want it here it is. I practically stick my dick in her face.

She reaches a hand up, rubbing her palm over my semi-hard cock through my suit pants. Her brown eyes growing wide—alarmed as she gets a feel for the size.

That’s right. Rich, handsome, and packing. The fucking trifecta.

“Holy shit,” she mutters, her hips already rolling on the bed. Licking her lips, mumbling more words, which I fucking tune out.

She gets on all fours, her fingers pulling down my zipper, mouth right there and ready to go.

“What the fuck, Vanessa?” Ahh... Vanessa! Another twenty-something brunette opens the door, flipping the light switch.


Vanessa doesn’t stop undoing my zipper, reaching in, grabbing my cock, somewhat scared eyes looking up at me, biting her bottom lip. “Heidi, this is um, Dan,” she stutters, still taking in my full size. It tends to get that reaction at first, a lot of them can’t handle it.

Doorway girl stands there with her jaw dropped. Dressed in a white tank top, nipples showing through, and plain black underwear. I can already see her breathing start to speed up.

“Holy shit,” she says, walking over, completely unphased that her friend has undone my belt, pants dropped to my knees and is pumping her hand up and down my dick. “You’re Chaz Mayer.” Her nipples harden under her top, just from saying my name.

Here we fucking go.

Veronica—Vanessa stops, keeping a tight grip on me. A confused look spreads across her face. “Who? I thought you said your name was Dan?”

I shrug, shifting my eyes to doorway girl, who is still eyeing me suspiciously. I can tell by the way neither one of the two are phased by the current situation of my cock in hand, that they get down with some freaky shit.

I’m down with it.

“Chaz Mayer, aren’t you rich as shit?” Her lips spread to a big smile. This always happens if they find out.

My father is rich, well I am too, but mine is from old money, left from my mother’s family. I want nothing to do with my piece of shit, father.

“I think you have me confused with someone else.” I wink at new girl. Her eyes narrow as she licks her lips. Lustful gaze shifting to my dick, looking like she wants an invitation. So might as well. “Care to join?”

Not even a moment of hesitation. Yeah, they’ve done this before. She pulls her top over her head—decent sized tits. Walking over to me, smiling. Running her finger up and down the sleeve of my shirt.

I suck in a sharp breath as Vanessa takes me in her mouth, her tongue swirling around the tip, solid with the hand pressure. Stroking my cock while groaning around it.

Door girl, Heidi—whatever, stands next to me, waiting for me to do something to her. “Get back there and help your friend.” I nod my head towards the ass perched up on the bed in front of me.

Trust me, the only thing going in either of their lips is my dick, maybe a finger. And judging from the way she’s already headed straight downtown on Vanessa, who is a moaning fucking mess around my dick, a condom is happening.

I’ve managed to go this long without getting trapped, not getting anyone pregnant, you better believe, unless it’s exclusive... this dick is getting wrapped.

Haven’t given exclusive a try in several years. This shit’s way too much fun.

Reaching down, I grab Vanessa’s wrist, removing her grip, backing away from her. She looks up and there go the pouty lips again. I kick my pants and briefs off, letting them lay on the floor, making my way over to doorway girl.

“I thought I’d go first,” Vanessa complains, making me wish my dick was still in her mouth, just to get her to shut up.

Running a finger over doorway girl, no, it’s Heidi, she’s not even close to being ready. And if there’s someone else here, why do the work?

“Switch,” I demand, bringing one of my hands down, smacking Heidi’s ass, watching her fair complexion flush, as she silently arches her back.

Both heads of brown hair turn to look back at me, brows drawn, looks of confusion on their faces. They almost look like they could be sisters. Fuck, that shit’s too twisted, even for me.

“You two aren’t related, are you?” I think my dick just went limp.

Heidi lets out a chuckle, kneeling up on the bed, turning to face me, and working her fingers through my shirt buttons.

“Gross,” Vanessa whines in her high-pitched voice. I push a finger into the knot of my tie—my red one, a personal favorite, loosening it. Heidi’s eyes flash a darker brown. Actually, looking at both of their faces, they have the same dark brown hair and eyes, but their features are different.

Heidi’s a little thicker, has a more oval-shaped face, round eyes, fuller lips.

The more I flip back and forth between the two, the more Vanessa reminds me of a mouse. Small lips, pointed nose, beady eyes. The head wasn’t any good.

Heidi grabs my cock, twisting her grip around it with precision, she’s definitely more experienced in this department. I let out a throaty growl as I get hard, again.

Her eyes heavy on mine. I pull the tie from my collar, shrugging my shirt off to the floor. Heidi trails her hand up and down my abs, groaning over me. Not in the annoying way the other one was. Not forced.

Vanessa, not shutting the fuck up in the background. I’m thinking about stuffing this tie in her mouth.

“Fuck,” I breathe as Heidi takes a decent amount of my cock in her mouth. Her hands pressing my ass, so I hit the back of her throat.


“You’re out,” I say, lifting my brows at Vanessa, whose face screws up, nostrils flaring, sitting naked on the bed.


“You heard me.” I suck in a breath, grabbing a handful of brown hair, guiding Heidi further onto my dick. Minimal gagging and no complaints while I’m fucking her face. Not a single word.

“This is my room,” Vanessa cries.

Heidi continues bobbing up and down, both of us completely ignoring the other one.

She jumps up from the side of the bed, huffing and stomping while grabbing her clothes, realizing that her complaining isn’t going to stop anything from happening.

I know most guys would think two at once is a no brainer—not always. I’ve had two, three, more. But, when one is mediocre and the other a fucking pro, quality really outranks quantity.

“You’re an asshole,” she snaps, stomping out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Not once did Heidi stop—she’s the obvious choice.

Yeah, I’m definitely an asshole, don’t pretend not to be—shouldn’t be a news flash.

Pressing her shoulder, she falls back on the bed. Chest heaving, fingers wiping her lips with a satisfied smile. I’d give her a six out of ten.

It must be somewhere around midnight, trying to gauge the time we left and all the events. I’ve been successfully ignoring the constant vibrating sound from my phone in my pants pocket across the room.

Snapping my tie between my hands, I nod my head toward the bed frame, lined with iron rails. “Move up and lift your arms.”

Heidi obeys, sliding up on the bed, biting her bottom lip, pupils dilated, throaty sounds of excitement slipping out.

Laying over her, grabbing her arms in one hand, using the other to wrap my tie around her wrists, securing them to a rail. I slowly rub my cock over her, making her hips buck. Pressing my fingers to her jaw, opening her mouth, she lets out a breathy moan.

I push two fingers in. She sucks on them eagerly, looking at me with dark eyes. Sliding them over her pussy—she’s already fucking soaked.

Pumping my fingers, her hips immediately roll over them. “Fuck me,” she cries out.

“That’s the plan, sweetheart.”

I jump off the bed, go to grab a condom out of my wallet—nowhere else to keep them.

My phone drops out of my pants pocket to the floor. A full screen of missed calls, mostly from my father. That asshole never calls me; he emails. I want nothing to do with him, which is why I went out on my own instead of working for him. What the fuck does he want?

Fuck him!

Grabbing the condom, I’m ready to finish this deal, at least for myself, and the phone buzzes to life on the floor—Alice.


“Be quiet.” I lift the phone, Heidi nods. “Good girl.”

“Alice? What’s going on?” My father’s long-time assistant at his marketing firm. Shit, she’s like a second mother to me—an only mother. She’s the one that sends the birthday and Christmas gifts, and signs that asshole’s name.

“Chaz.” She sobs through the phone line. “William had a heart attack.”

I let out a huff, not for him but because Alice is crying. “Okay, is he at the hospital?”

I’m already losing altitude; Heidi’s brows raise as she notices. I run a hand through my hair, breaking up the product that’s kept it together most of the day.

“Chaz, you need to come home, now!”

“Fuck!” I groan, pulling my pants on, walking over to get my shirt, yanking my tie loose. “Maybe another time.”

Well, there’s that. Chaz is an asshole. Thoughts, comments, questions? Chapter one is done... started off with a bang, literally! 👀 Don’t forget to add it to your list 😈

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