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I'm on top of my world when she step in to my life. She changed everything about me. No matter how hard I try I couldn't let her go. How could I when she breaks all the walls around me and shows me the reality which I refused to see?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1





I searched for my alarm clock from my bed without opening my eyes to turn it off. I know what you are thinking. Why I’m not using my smartphone instead of an alarm clock, right? The answer is, simply I prefer an alarm clock much better than smartphone alarm. As I turned off my alarm, I went to complete my morning routine... A perfect jogging in the nearby park and an hour of workout in the gym. Sharp at 7, I left my house with my favourite cycle to take my early morning class.

It’s been completely two months since classes started. This morning I have Essential Foundation Mathematics class at 8, then Communication in Science and Technology class at 11 and finally Mechanics and Material Physics at 2. My goodness I have only 3 classes today and that’s why I love Friday the most.

But I didn’t know that a wave of shock is going to hit me like a tsunami on this particular day. I never that thing will happen, especially after all this time in my life at this particular university. Without knowing anything I finished my Essential Foundation Mathematics class and after a break went to my next class.

Professor Kwan enters with a girl who had a well recognizable physique. Her dirty blonde hair, grey big eyes, a big yet cute nose, rosy lips, and well sculptured body of a perfect woman? I don’t know about the last since she is covered with a sweater! Is that what girls calls that? I looked at her without moving my eyes anywhere else as she stood in front of the whole class.

I never saw her in this university, but her physique reminds me of someone else who is not even in this continent for the past 6 years. There’s something in her which pulls me apart. She gave a nervous smile to us as Professor Kwan started to talk.

“I know it’s been two whole months since classes started, but today, we have a new member who’s going to travel with us.”

What! A new student! I didn’t expected this. But what’s about to come, I never ever expected that too.

She stepped front to introduce herself. “Hi everyone.”

I know this voice... No... It can’t be...

“I’m Mia Hunter.” She said.

What the hell is she doing here? When did she returned to London? Why the hell is she standing in my class in my university? My mind ran for miles and I didn’t heard anything that she said after telling her name. She still have that effect on me... My heart... Oh my god! My heart is pounding like it’ll break my ribcase and comes out of it.

She approached me and took the vacant seat next to me with a bright smile which can light the whole world. As the class starts, I was not able to concentrate on my class. Why? Why her of all people? The same question echoed in my mind till I heard her voice again.

“Dean... Professor is calling you.”

Her voice brought me back to the reality. All my classmates and professor were looking at me like I’m an alien. I can clearly understand that the professor asked me some question since I’m the only one who answers it in my whole class, but if I don’t answer now, the name and position that I gained will go away in a second. I can’t let that happen.

“Well...” I looked at the PowerPoint which was not completed and I saw a question mark in the third point and that seems to be a difficult thing for others, so I guessed it was the question and answered it. If I was lucky enough to not spoil my name because of this girl’s arrival, I can definitely win. And I know I will.

The smile in my professor's face let me relax even before he say it loud. “Well done Mr. Scott. You impressed me as you do regularly. Everyone, try to learn from Mr. Scott.”

Well... I get it daily, but today I felt proud and disbelief at the same time. I never ever made extra effort in studying since I know I'm a genius and I can remember everything well when I look at a thing for only once. I felt Proud because I got praised in front of Mia and disbelief because I was stupid enough to distract myself in class because of Mia's presence. Finally the class was over.

“You are doing great as you did in School back that time.” She said it with a bright smile.

“I thought you were out of the continent.” I said plainly, because I don’t want the history to repeat itself.

“Well... Something came up and I’m back.” There was a hint of sorrow in her voice but I decided to ignore it.

And it could never be that perfect when my friend came to rescue me from her. “Are you not coming Dean? Coach wants to see you.”

“Coming Josh.” With that I left her in class and ran to see my coach.

I changed to my shorts and ran to my coach. He had a pile of papers in his hand and talking with Caius. Caius is the head of Tennis club and he’s in the third year of Mechatronics. A very powerful leader whereas Eli Morgan is in charge of women’s tennis and in the third year of Civil Engineering.

“Practice a lot Dean Scott... Even though there are few upper class men in the club, I believe in you and Caius. There are lots of tournament openings are in two months. Be prepared.” Coach's belief on me, that’s all I needed to hear.

I smiled at Caius and took my racket when coach went to his Cabin with Eli. We had a great game... At the point 3::8, I lost my concertation because of the entry of Mia in a white tennis gown. How the hell I forgot that in childhood I learned to play tennis so that I could play with her?

“What are you looking at?” Caius questioned me when I was looking at the direction from where the devil angel is approaching us. His jaws dropped in her physique and tan skin.

“Hey Dean...” Mia said as she and Eli stood in the tennis courts as me and Caius approached them.

“Mia... This is Caius, our head and it seems like you already know Dean. And Cai, Mia Hunter, our new club member.” Eli gave a brief introduction.

“Welcome Mia.” Caius gave his hand to Mia as she returned her’s. Then Eli took Mia to introduce her to other club members and they had a game in the court 2. I tried my best to not loose my concentration and we all went to have lunch together as usual but Eli took Mia with us. We took our lunch from cafeteria and sat on the vacant table.

“So... How did you know Dean, Mia?” Eli started by looking us suspiciously...

“Are you too in relationship?” The moment Eli spilled the word, we both choked with our drinks.


“Hell no.”

We both said at the same time. Then I cleared my throat to speak before they jumps into another conclusion. “We are friends...”

Then Mia completed it with a big smile, “Since forever! I mean... Since childhood.”

Yes, I know Mia since I was a child. We were neighbours for a long time and we were best friends. We always used to play together either in my house or in her's. My mom thought of Mia as her own daughter. Everything went perfectly till that day. I love my mom and Mia but she challenged me without realising it. My mom always praise me for doing everything perfectly, but suddenly she started to praise Mia for being so perfect and doing everything correctly. Then one day she told Mia’s mom to transfer to my school. It was so fun going to school together. We was always together... Sometimes she used to sleep in my house.

She started to answer every question that my teacher ask in class daily, which I always did. She started to get all the attention that I got, so I started to work hard but in the end we both stood equal. I never studied in home before she came to my school, so everyone looked at me like they saw a ghost when I started to study hard. She love playing tennis with Camila, so I learned to play tennis. Suddenly one day when we were 13, her parents took her out of the continent because of her dad’s job.

After lunch me and Mia went to the last class of the day and it was hell hard to concentrate on class having Mia next to me after all these years. Somehow I managed to finish the class perfectly as it should be and went home. The first thing I did after reaching home is, taking my books and studying without missing a single word. I spent hours in my room studying.

“I’ll never loose it. I’ll be the one, the only one. She can never overtake what’s mine like she did in the past. I’ll never let the history to be repeated in my life ever again.” I told it to myself while studying harder. That night mom called us all for dinner.

“Mom, I think Mia is back.” My sister said with a playful grin which I hate the most.

“Are you sure?” my mom freaked out.

“I could see the symptoms of that mom. Dean was studying hard for since he returned from university. If my guess is right, she must be back.” She again said with a grin while looking at me.

Before I say anything, we heard the calling bell. Mom answered the door since we were having dinner.

“What a pleasant surprise?” My mom freaked out. When she brought the guest inside, my sister started to laugh till she felt the tears in her eyes.

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