The PickPocket’s Angel

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Lei Ballard is a 20 year old college student who lives with her cousin Adrian Ramos. She's in Las Vegas, celebrating her best friend's wedding. The night of the bachelorette party a pick pocket takes her money. Her misery continues when her cousin tells her that his friend is moving into their apartment. Noah Williams works a lot of odd jobs. He grew up in Vallejo, California. He's been in Las Vegas for 3 years as the local pickpocket. At 22 he has been doing his practice for 10 years and he's one of the very best. Little does he know that his most current victim is the cousin of his best friend who he's going to be moving in with. Will Lei find out Noah's secret? If she does will she turn him in or will Noah charm his way into her heart to win her over? Will she be his worst mistake or his favorite mistake? Read the story of the Angel and the Pickpocket. Cover by @xharleenEYDx she’s on wattpad :)

Romance / Action
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Lei's POV.

I can see lights of all colors through the limo's tinted windows. Neon lights dance in and out of the streets. The lighted signs are fighting for your attention. It's all a competition who can hold your attention longer It's like they're saying "Look at me! I'm pretty!"

The halting of the limo takes me out of my daze. Now I take notice of where we are: Fremont Street.

Izabella is getting married the day after tomorrow. Since we don't want her to have a hangover on her wedding day we're having her bachelorette party tonight. We're going to walk Fremont Street and get into a nightclub to party. The main goal is not to see Mitchell or any of the guys. Izabella only has 2 more nights of not being hooked.

To me getting married at 20 is too young. But, maybe it's different for Izabella and Mitchell because they have been dating since sophomore year of high school. They outlasted all the other high school relationships at our school. When I get married I want to have been dating for at least 3 years. If I truly love him, 3 years will feel like nothing.

But right now I'm focusing on college. I'm majoring in the Medical Field because I want to be an eye doctor. That gives me at least 6 more years until I get my degree. I want to be married right before or soon after I get my degree. But we'll just see what life gives me. With all my friends setting me up with a bunch of guys, finding the perfect one shouldn't be hard.


The chauffeur opens the door interrupting my running thoughts yet again. He pulls me back to reality.

Alexandria steps out first in a sleeveless sequined dark blue, fitted dress that reaches 3/4 of the way through her thighs. On her feet she wears matching dark blue heels and in her hand a dark blue handbag. Her red hair is loosely curled and covers most of her back.

Following her Riley steps out in a lacy black dress with slits of see-through lace on the sides. She has matching lacy black heels, a black handbag and her brown hair is straightened as straight as it can get, making it look longer.

As I step out of the car I feel like one of those fancy ladies in the movies when they step out of a limo in slow motion.

Once I step out of the car I tug slightly at the bottom of my two-piece. The silk gold material hugs my hips and stops midway through my thighs. My top is strappy and stops low enough for me to be comfortable and show my midriff. My heels are 5 inches, to make me look taller than I am (gotta make up for my height of 5'2). They glitter gold under the neon lights. In my hand a gold handbag holding my wallet and phone. My hair is wavy from putting all my hair in small braids today.

Finally Izabella steps out of the limo. She is also wearing a two-piece. The red material is beautiful and shiny. Her top has rhinestones and sparkles, it shines and glitters with every step she takes. Her bottom piece meets the floor and has a slit on the right, showing off some leg and her dangerous red heels. Her midnight black hair is glossy and shines in the lights from straightening it and running the hairbrush through it a thousand times.

We all stand side by side as we take in our surroundings. People of different race and age walk back and forth through the street. Wearing bikinis to sweatpants. The lights are on overdrive and are blinding. People dance to their own music and pose with signs, people and their drinks.

"Well, what are we waiting for?!"exclaims Alexandria and she tugs Izabella's hand, dragging us into the crowd.

Somehow within seconds I find myself with a drink in my hand. With the help of Riley we all got drinks for free. (Riley has a way with words.)

After downing our drinks we continued to walk down Fremont Street. We danced to the music and took pictures. Soon enough another drink was in my hand. I looked at my cup warily as the girls downed their own drinks.

"Go on!" says Riley grinning from ear to ear. I look at Alexandria and Izabella who are waiting for me to drink.

Fuck it

I take the drink and gulp it down. Within seconds I can feel the buzz from the second drink. You see, I'm definitely a lightweight. In high school I went to a few parties but I never got drunk, I always only had one drink the whole time I was at the party. Now, in college I barely have time to even sleep with all of my classes... I might be exaggerating a bit because when I have extra time I'm reading romance books.

Don't blame me, I can't help but be a romantic. :)

Along with the slight buzz I feel a boost of confidence so I start to dance full out, in the middle of packs of people on Fremont Street. I hand my handbag to Riley who turns on our own music and put it on bluetooth to Alexandria's mini speaker. I grab both of Izabella's hands.

We dance to Low - Flo Rida and get dozens of people to dance with us. Soon enough there's a crowd surrounding us. The song ends and switches to another fast song. Some people stay and dance and some move on. I lift my eyes to look for Riley. I see her at a counter with some more drinks.

"I'll be right back!" I yell to Izabella over the music, she nods her head.

I start to make my way over to Riley. I try not to bump into the dancing people as I get closer to Riley. Right before I get to the counter someone knocks into me causing me to almost fall over. He grabs my wrist to pull me upright and from the motion I slam into his chest.

I meet his eyes, they look me up and down, checking me out. I do the same as him starting with his dark brown hair and dark eyes, they look black. His hair curls and sticks out like he messed it up on purpose. His dark eyes match his black sweatshirt and black jeans. He's sorta hawt.

"Sorry!" I yell over the music after the long moment I take. I blame my slow reaction on the drinks I've had.

"It's alright! It was my fault!" He yells back and pulls his hood over his head before sending me a slight wave and disappearing with the crowd of people.

I stumble my way, finally over to Riley and she lifts her eyebrows suggestively behind me. In the direction where I was talking to that guy.

"Who was that?" She asks, smiling.

"I don't know."

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