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Good Girl From Texas

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"Do you know why I'm so hard bebita?" She shakes her head "Words Athena." I squeeze her hip harder, she let's out a small moan "No" "No?" I lean close to her ear "you should know..." I bite at her earlobe. "I don't" She pushes my face away from her ear, pulling my face towards hers, kissing me. "Tell me?" "you." I smirk "Why?"she bites her lip "You're so beautiful..." I remove my other hand from hers, cupping her pretty face. Kissing her softly once again "and so sexy..." I kiss her again, a little deeper this time. "Yeah?" She moans again, moving her hands to my shoulders "Yeah" I smirk "Fuck..." She moans very softly, making me smile. I bring my mouth close to her ear and whisper "Are you wet babygirl?" I nibble her earlobe again then pull my head back to where it was looking into her eyes She takes a deep breath then nods slowly "Yeah, you're little pussy is wet for me? Huh." ********* [MATURE CONTENT]

Romance / Erotica
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Character Introduction!

Valentino Gonzales

Athena Martinez

Samuel Sanchez(Athena Martinez’s biological brother also in a relationship with Andrea Hernandez)

Gabriela Lopez(Athena Martinez and Samuel Sanchez’s cousin on mother’s side also sister of Tomãs Lopez)

Amalia Bryant (in a relationship with Alexandre Gonzales also cousins with Leia Flores)

Leia Flores (cousin of Amalia Bryant also in relationship with Angel Garcia)

Andrea Hernandez (in relationship with Samuel Sanchez)

Tomãs Lopez (Athena Martinez and Samuel Sanchez’s cousin on mother’s side also brother of Gabriela Lopez)

Angel Garcia (cousin of Valentino and Alexandre Gonzales also in a relationship with Leia Flores)

Alexandre Gonzales (Valentino Gonzales’ brother also in relationship with Amalia Bryant)

Juan Rodriguez (cousin of Valentino and Alexandre Gonzales)

Nicholas Martinez (one of Athena Martinez’s father the one she calls papa)

Diego Martinez(other one if Athena Martinez’s fathers the one she calls dad)

Kara Sanchez (biological mother of Samuel Sanchez and Athena Martinez also aunt of Tomãs and Gabriela Lopez)

Hey readers! So these are all of the main characters of the book. I’m not sure what all of the names of the actual people are, but I do know Athena Martinez is Tara Yummy and Valentino Gonzales is Stephen James!

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