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Good Girl From Texas

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Athena’s pov

Everyone cheers as we throw our caps into the air “We did it!” My best friend Ameria says to me as she brings me in for a hug.

“Yes! We did, i’m so proud of you girl!” I squeeze her tighter “I need to find my cap” I laugh pulling away, wiping my tears and she does the same. “Me too” She laughs

We search for our caps, we find them pretty quickly because we kinda decorated ours.

As I’m picking my cap up I hear a familiar voice call my name “Athena!” I turn around quickly looking for either of my fathers. I scan the crowd of people. I spot my dad Diego first. Then my other dad, my papa Nicholas.

“Dad!” I wave my hand, getting their attention. I start walking to them. Once we reach each other I jump into their arms. The hug me tightly while kissing my cheeks over an over “We’re so proud of you babygirl!” My papa says

“Thank you papa” I pull away then hug them each once more individually

“Picture time!” My grandmas voice comes from behind me I quickly turn around. “Grandma! I’m so glad you made it!” pull her into a hug. “Of course I made it, I wouldn’t miss this for the world.” She kisses my cheek

We all take pictures then I go meet up with my few friends and take pictures with them as well


We stop by my favorite restaurant to eat before we head home. My grandma joins us.

“So I haven’t told y’all yet but... I got in!” I pull out my acceptance letter from UCLA

“Oh my god!” My dad screams and snatches the paper “You got in?!” My papa screams and starts smiling like a manic looking over my dad’s shoulder and at the piece of paper

“UCLA?!?!” My grandma screams slamming her hands down on the table

“Yes, I got into UCLA. Now quite down we’re gonna get kicked out!” I laugh shaking my head

“Estoy muy orgullosa deti, bebita!” My papa says (I’m so proud of you, babygirl!)

“Gracias papa” I say (thank you)

“Te amo hija” He says (I love you daughter)

“Te amo más” I laugh (I love you more)

After that it’s mostly quiet. My dad pays the bill and we drive home


I go up to my room and change into some more comfortable clothes. It’s already around 8pm. I’m bored so I go over and sit at my piano. I start playing ‘complicated’ by Olivia O’Brien and start singing along

I was cut off my a knock at my door

“Come in!” I yell

My door opens slightly and my dad steps into my room “hey sweetie” He says “Hey dad” I spin my chair around time face him “Can we talk?” He comes in all the way and shuts the door “Yeah of course, what about?” I stand up and walking towards my bed. I sit down and pat the spot next to me motioning him to sit. He does

“Okay, remember that talk we had when you were 14 about wanting to try and contact your mother after you graduated high school?” He grabs both of my hands “Yes” I nod “Okay well we found her a few months ago on facebook, she’s still living in Minnesota” He says

“Okay, um have you spoke with her? Does she even want to hear from me?” I ask nervously

“I messaged her and she gave me her phone number. Me and your papa think you should call and talk to her.” He says

“But what i-” He shushes me by putting his finger over my lip. “Don’t think about the what ifs Athena” He removes his finger “It’s your decision sweetheart”

“Okay... I think I need time to think about it” I say “Yeah baby that’s fine” He gives me a soft smile. we hug then he leaves. I check my phone and it’s 9:47pm.

I’m gonna take a shower. I don’t have a bathroom in my room but there is one just across the hall. I pick out my clothes and put them on my dresser then grab my phone and head to the bathroom. I turn the music on and get in, do my business, and get out. I wrap up into a towel and head back to my room. I dry off and get dressed.

I lay in bed and watch TV for a little bit once I’m tired I turn the tv off and drift to sleep.

Ahhh first chapter!!! This chapter was 831 words!I also just wanted to clear up that I don’t speak Spanish what so ever so if the Spanish in the book is wrong please forgive me!! I have to use Google Translate for it.

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