You Make Me Feel

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"Who knows how long it will take for me to get better." I say, my face looking up at him, faced with the hope that's in his eyes. "It could be years." I tell him. He looks at me straight on with a determined smile and says, "I've got time." ~ Cassie Mitchell is a high school student, just living day by day, not knowing what the future holds for her, she slowly drifts into the backround of her life. Cassie has never been 100% normal. With a brain condition only allowing her to feel one emotion, happiness , she thought this would be the rest of her life. That is, until she met him. The new boy in town suddenly turns her life upside down, and makes her rethink things she never thought she'd have to. He came crashing into her life just at the right time. Which makes Cassie rethink, all she's ever believed about her life. 💛Beautiful cover by @itsmarrosee

Romance / Other
naoise white
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1 | Prologue

I was on my way home from the local fun fair. I was only six, but I felt I had it all. Two amazing parents, and a sibling on the way. My life was great. In that moment I remember being so happy. Until we came up to that junction. Until that red light. Until those bright, bright lights I saw coming on my right hand side. Until that big crash. Until everything went dark. Until I lost it all. But then again, I'm still happy.

Aren't I?

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