The Alpha Beast

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Running away from devastations and riots, and losing everything in it, Theodore Hernandez even as a child has set his mind to revenge. Evelyn Walsh has spent all her life locked up in a golden cage.. After her father's death she finds herself surrended by his countless enemies. What will Theo do when he tumbles on the daughter of a man he hates, a lady in distress. Will he help her or will she have to save herself?

Romance / Action
Anel J. Waltz
Age Rating:

Prologue: The Vow


It was almost midnight. Outside a wild storm was raging, with countless thunders and lightnings. Old man Maxwell was sitting in his office on the highest floor of his mansion. Deep in his toughts, he did not notice that through big balcony doors someone was approaching.

“Good evening.” said a dark figure.

As Maxwell focused to the voice he heard, he saw a young man, dressed all in black.

“Finally we meet.” he said again, his voice filled with hate.

“How did you get in? ” asked Maxwell confused. He personally made sure the whole property was safe.

“Don’t worry ’bout that. What matters is that you will finally meet your end.”

After observing him for a moment Maxwell said : ”You won’t do it.” and that made the young man angry.

"You don’t have it in you. I can say by only looking at you.” he continued, unimpressed.

The young man fiercely jumped at Maxwell, pinning him to the shelves behind him, making the books fall down.

"What did you say?! Say it again!” he growled. Maxwell stayed calm, which made him even more mad.

Then, some silent beeping sound took their attention. The monitor on the desk showed some masked men getting in through some back door. Maxwell immediately recognized one of them beeing his right hand, his partner for thirty years.

" That son of ... I knew It! I krew it is him!” Maxwell said angry and upset. Suddenly his breathing became heavy and he started to shake. He grabed the young man for his hands, still hanging on his shirt.

“You’ve got to help me! You’ve got to save her! She can’t stay here! ” his panicked eyes went from the guy to the pictures of him with a young beautiful blonde girl.

“Get her! You’ve got to take her away...” he said struggling. He was about to say something more his words stuck in his throat. He groaned, holding himself on his chest. At last he fell with his face stiff.

“Father? Fath..” a girl got on the doorway, all in shock. “DAD!” she squealed, running to where he lied on the floor.

The young man just stood there in shock. He could’t believe what just happened. He just... Died? With Maxwell’s words echoing in his head and the intruders beeing closer with every second, he had no time to think. After a little hesistation, he grabbed the girl and despite her scrambling he quickly overcame her and faded away into the night.

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