The Alpha Beast

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Chapter 1: Captive


The throbbing in the trunk finally stoped. Thank God, my headache was getting just worse. I couldn't help but repeat the scene from last night in my head.

You don’t have it in you... I can say by only looking at you...

Aaahh I let out a deep irritated growl. Damn it! How did it happen? All my life I’ve been imagining the day I finally meet the bastard and he just dies in front of me. All on his own! And he didn’t even blink when I approached him. Instead he left me with this responsibility, I think as she starts hitting again.

She has endurance I must admit.

I keep thinking about what happend, and my mood just gets worse. Those thoughts didn't stop tormenting me until I reached the wood that lead to my home.

And damn I’m irritated again. I couldn’t change to jeep with her in the trunk. Now I have to go extra slow on this forest road.

Finally, at the nightfall I reached the final destination. I turned off the engine and just sat there. What the hell am I going to do with her. Why the hell did I even take her with me. I should not care for a murderer's daughter!

But it is what it is.

I get out of the car and open the trunk. She is laying down, trying hard to glare at me. I get her out to sit on the edge of the car. She's frowning at me but her eyes are actually more scared than angry. Her heartbeat is fast and she strugles to breath evenly.

“Move.” I say to her roughly. As I turn around I catch her gaze behind me in awe. Typically women. Amazed by the castle.

I realise she's staying still so I turn to her again and growl. It startles and she finally moves.

Inside, in the big hallway, I get to the cabinet with the keys. I hear something heavy break into hundred peaces and then I realise it's from crashing of a big glass vase onto my head.

That was not. A. Good. Idea.

I growl furiosly.


Just as I turned to run he loudly growled and grabbed me at my wrist. I scream.

“No! Please let me go!”

But he doesn’t stop. He drags me violently through the hallway and to some dark corrdors. I try to wrest but it’s of no use. He is way stronger and taller and just pulls me further and deeper inside. My wrist starts to hurt. He takes a turn and heads to some stairs that lead downwards. I start to whimper. I've never felt so scared in my life.

“Please.. I’m sorry... Don’t..” I continue to struggle but he just keeps pulling me down.

He finally stops in front of some doors and pushes me inside. As I fall on my knees he slams the door and leaves.

Where am I?

I stand up and look around. It looks like some kind of dungeon. It’s a rather small, empty room. It has a small window with metal bars and it stinks of mold.

My hurting wrist drags my attention. And then I remembered. At the second he turned to me and before he started to drag me, I saw it. His face was so twisted from anger, I tought I saw fangs.

Fangs? No Evie, don’t exaggerate. You just got scared. And you're exhausted.

My goodness, how did I get here? Father, is this because of you? Did you know this guy from before? What does he want of me?

Will I be able to get out of this?

It didn’t take long, when I heard steps comming closer. He must be comming back. The large heavy door opened and it’s that guy again. I step back. He looks calmer but still has dark look on his face.

“Get out.” he says coldly.

“W-why..” I whisper.

“You wanna stay here?” he said now annoyed.


“Then out.”

I slowly step out. He moves his head to show me to go in front of him. Just now I see how long this corridor actually is. It's dark and cold too. I struggle to find the right speed. He is right behind me, I can feel how close he is yet I can’t make my feet move any faster. God knows where he’s taking me. As we reach the stairs it’s even darker and I stumble a the first one. Great, as if I didn’t already feel down enough.

We go higher, up the stairs and further through the corridors. It seems like we're walking endlessly. I remember when I was outside, this place looked like a giant castle. Now inside, it gives the same impression. The place is almost empty. The walls are made of stones and there are unlited torches every few steps away. A little light is comming in from big windows, but outside it's dark and cloudy too.

“Stop.” finally he says and opens a door on our left.

I slowly get in, not daring to provoke him anymore.

“Make yourself at home.” he says ironically and leaves locking the door.

I turn aroud in this big, half empty room and go to the window, moving the old dusty curtains apart. There is nothing I can see there except large forest and mountains behind it. I'm here all alone, in the middle of nowhere, abducted by some evil maniac. My eyes started to burn and then, heavy tears fell down my cheeks.

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