The Alpha Beast

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Chapter 2: Escape


That morning I woke up numb. It was very cold and I had only one old, thin blanket to cover up. Beside that, I was in linen summer pants and blouse and it seemed like it’s winter time here. Not to forget the old mattress, I felt every spring in it. I got up and went to the door on the left side. My joy that there was indeed a toilet quickly went down when I realised it was a squat toilet, an old and rusty one that seemed that no one got in there for the last hundred years. My anger rose.

God I hate this place! I hate this man! What does he want from me?! If he wanted to kill me too he could’ve done it already. Or anything else matter of fact... What does he have of keeping me locked in here? And what is his connection with my father...

A knock on the door got me out of my toughts. Is the beast knocking now?

The door opened and a woman, carrying a tray, entered the room.

“Good morning. ” she said with a smile on her face: ” You must be starving so I got you something to eat. ”

She was maybe around sixty years old, had short gray hair and happy looking brown eyes.

“Good morning... Thank you. ” I replyed feeling a little bit warmer around my heart.

“And it’s cold here too. I’ll get you some more blankets until Theo comes back.”

So the bastards name is Theo..

“Come, eat before it gets cold” she said putting the tray with food on the bed. Oh my goodness, it smells terrific! There are some type of doughnuts, with cottage cheese, some type of salami sausage and jam. Just now I realised how hungry I acctually am.

But, wait a second. This is all so strage. I am brought here against my will yet I have someone to take care of me?

“Who are you? ” I ask her distrustful.

“My name is Dianna. I... Live here. Take care of this place...”

“And this man too? ” I interrupt her. ” Why am I here? ”

“I would also like to know.” she says in defeat.

“Theo... Is not a bad kid. He’s just been through a lot of adversity in his life. He had trouble fitting in. Learning who he is... I’m sure he doesn’t mean you any harm. I’ll talk to him when he gets back. A guest can not stay in a place like this!”

Listening to her I got an impression that she is rather harmless so I started to eat some of the food she had brought as my hunger got triggered by all the delicious smells. It seemed to me that they are close by the way she is talking about him. She continues to deprecate about the room and the weather and also about Theo’s unexpected behaviour.

“But enough about that. What’s your name dear?” she finally changes the subject.

“Evelyn. And I don’t really think he means no harm. He had... Quite a clash with my father earlier.” I eased a bit, I had the feeling the truth would upset her.

“A clash? And what’s your father’s name?”

“Maxwell Walsh.”

“Are you sure?” she says a little panicky.

“About my father’s name?”

“About them meeting.” She says quickly.

“Yes, I was there.”

“Oh my God.” She is anxious now. ”I have to go. But I’ll come back.” She starts to tremble.

“Wait! What is it?” it seems that she already knew a lot about this.

“Nothing. Just stay here. I’ll come again.” She repeats and leaves rapidly.

Pf. Like I could go anywhere.

This is giving me an unpleasant feeling. What secrets did my father have that I know nothing about. This strangers seem like they knew him way better than I did. Well it’s not like I knew him too well. Most of my life he was restrained. And disrant. Always in his work, meeting, deals... I came only after all that.

It was a long day until Dianna showed up again, eventhough it gets dark here early. It was almost twilight when Dianna came back.

“Here dear, you’ll be warm with this blanket. Theo hasn’t come back yet, but as soon as he is you’ll be out of this room. I’ve gotta go now. But don't worry, Theo should be home soon.” and just like that she was gone again.

A few seconds after she left, the door creacked and the draught from it to the window caressed my face. She didn’t lock me. When she closed and locked the door, the lock must've skipped. A sudden thrill overcame my body after seeing this. This can't be the truth! This is a miracle! I'm so lucky! I must use this chance!

I got up and slowly opened the door ,looking to the long hallway, ready to run for my life.

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