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my name is rylie im 18 and my bestfriend ryan in a couple months older than me we been best friends since we where little because are moms are highschool bestfriends, so you can say we are brother and sister

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Chapter 1- intro

Hello im katy im 21 this is my first book ever so hopefully everyone that reads it likes it! feel free to put some stuff down in the comments if any concurn or comments about the book

About Bestfriends?

I’m rylie I’m 15 years old but I’m turning 16 in 5 days I’m a sophomore at Davidson highschool I play soccer for outo school soccer team after highschool I’m planning to go to my dream college Texas A&M and play for there team and I have a bestfriend ryan he already 16 be older than me by 2 months we been friends since we where little like babies because our moms are highschool besfriends they even went college togather and that’s what me and ryan plans to do he planning on playing for there football team he wants to go pro and I have no dougt that he wont because he is out best player on our football team at our school but I wonder will everything stay the same like freshman year or will it change

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