Before I Fall

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Lips moulded into one another as Luca wrapped his arms around Ambra’s waist and Ambra wrapping hers around Luca. Both forgetting what they were. They kissed until Ambra could feel her lungs begging for oxygen and they pulled away.

Cheeks flushed and eyes glazed. Both looking at each and panting as they savoured the moment. Luca couldn’t contain himself as he pulled Ambra in again and saying “thank you” in between pecks on her soft lips. Ambra’s giggles interrupted their mini session and Luca finally pulled away with a shit-eating grin on his face.

“What was that for?” Ambra questioned whilst trying to contain the fit of giggles that came from remembering what had happened a few seconds ago.

“The kisses or the thank you?” Luca hands rested themselves on her waist and began to dip lower and lower until they rested on the curve of her bum.

“BOTH!” Ambra started giggling again as she hid behind her hands

Luca put a hand on his chin as the other pulled Ambra impossibly closer until there was no space left between them. “Well the thank you was for accepting me for being the lonely broken man I am and the kiss helped solidify that and show you just how much it meant to me.”

Ambra gazed up at Luca before reaching to place a kiss on his chin. “The fact that you showed me all this meant a lot to me too but I’m not sure I see you as broken....”

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me,” Luca’s eyes flashed with sadness but quickly gained their mischievous glint again, “but hopefully if you’ll stay with me I could tell you.”

“Well you have to do more than just that,” she cheesed and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Oh I will,” Luca smirked before capturing her lips with his once more.



The day started with the Ambra going in for her interview. Her mother had failed to tell her that it had been postponed to today and so Ambra found herself in a rush once her mother had woken her up 30 minutes before it began.

She had gotten dressed without showering and put her hair into an elegant messy bun. Her cream coloured blouse paired nicely with a long white maxi-skirt and she was off. She ran past Luca’s closed bookstore but stopped to look through the windows before she was on her way. She could’ve sworn that she’d seen movement and flashes of pink at the back but shook her head at the thought and sprinted the rest of the way.

She had arrived a full minute before her interview began which gave her enough time to look at her reflection in the window and sort herself out before she was called in.

It turns out, the interviewer was, in fact, the owner of the diner in town. He was a funny old man who found joy in the days that life brought to him. He claimed he saw his daughter in Ambra and after a cup of coffee and the standard questions, Ambra had gotten the job! She was to begin working within a week and was given a small tour of the kitchen, dining area, food supplies and introduced to the team.

Everyone had welcomed her with open arms and she felt safe and comfortable within the small area. She truly felt like she could make a living here for herself. As she was walking out she caught the eyes of a girl similar to her age walking through the kitchen doors to the dining area. Ambra hadn’t met her but had noticed her working quietly in the background whilst the team was introducing themselves to her. A glare was passed Ambra’s way yet Ambra took no notice and gave her a warm smile before walking out.

Her phone pinged and she looked down before letting out a grin.

Come to the shop x

Ambra instantly knew Luca was waiting for her and found herself sprinting to make the two minute distance between the diner and the bookstore. She slammed open the door and walked up to a grinning Luca before throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him tightly whilst rocking them side to side.

“I DID IT!! I GOT THE JOB LUCA!” Ambra couldn’t help but hug him tighter as he began laughing in absolute joy along with her.

“That’s great love I knew you would and to celebrate I’ve got you a couple of things.” He turned them around and they were faced with the most gorgeous baby pink flowers wrapped in dark pink ribbon and two neatly wrapped boxes sitting alongside them.

That’s what the pink was this morning, Ambra realized as she turned back around to face a sheepish Luca.

“Oh Luca you didn’t have to, thank you so much. How can I rep—”

Luca cut her off with a bruising kiss to her lips. He couldn’t help but notice how she was hesitating to kiss him back but joined in and felt himself relax against her as they kissed until they both pulled away for air.

“You don’t need to repay me in any way love just sit down and open what I got for you.”

Ambra sat down on the chair that Luca pulled out for her and began unwrapping her first present. Inside was a pink card with a black strip running across the center.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS? Luca this is amazing!!! A year’s worth of free ice-cream, what the hell? How did you get this?”

Luca chuckled, “the owner owed me for a couple jobs I did for him a while back and I asked his one big favour instead.”

“Well you and I are going every weekend for ice-cream then if that’s the case,” she nudged him with her elbow as Luca began protesting and shaking his head.

“Love no it’s for you—”

This time Ambra interrupted him with a peck to his lips. “Exactly it’s for me so I’m choosing to share it with you.”

Luca stared at her adoringly before ushering her to open the second gift which held a set of keys.

Hesitantly Ambra looked up at Luca. “What’s this...?”

He scratched his neck and blushed a deep red before mumbling, “it’s for you to come and go as you please into the parking lot I showed you last night. I want you to come in and change up some of the paintings so that there’s something happier in each of them. No one else has access...everyone knows not to go there. I wanted you to be the only person other than me to have the keys to that place.”

Tears welled up in Ambra’s eyes as she couldn’t help but wrap her arms tightly around Luca’s neck once more. Were they moving a bit too quickly? Sure. Did either of them care? Not. A. Chance.

Ambra knew just from yesterday’s small visit how much this space meant to Luca and by God did she want to treasure every moment with him. Their embrace spoke words that neither of them knew how yet to say. Yet the raw emotion rolling off of each of them helped them realize that this is right where they were meant to be.

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