Before I Fall

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He hadn’t woken up in his bearings that morning. Groggily he turned and was faced with the spent women sleeping soundly by his side from the night before. Luca looked around for a clock, watch, anything that could convince him he wasn’t late for work. Working and owning at a bookstore didn’t mean much to most people, but to him it meant everything. The owner had passed away a few years after he had started working there and Luca couldn’t be happier with the fact that the owner had chosen him to take over the bookstore.

He’d asked why and the man had given one simple answer.

“Blood is thicker than water but you my boy, have proved me otherwise.”

Luca had later found a later that the old man had left him that detailed the reason as to why he’d said what he had. His family had betrayed him forty years before he’d opened the bookstore over a small petty problem. They never solved it and he took the blame for it. The bookstore was his pride and joy and gave him solace and peace from the rest of the world. The old man had explained that he viewed Luca like a son. The son he never had. He wanted to give him something to remember him by and the bookstore was all he had. There was nothing in his will other than the store.

Luca had changed the name after the owner had passed away so that the place could feel more like home. He never made any renovations so as to keep the old man’s ‘spirit’ lingering on. But he felt like the name was something he could afford to change.

‘The Only Miracle,’ was what he’d named it. The name was open for interpretation, but only he knew what it meant. The bookstore was quite literally, the only miracle he’d come across. Being alive was a chore at this point, but being surrounded by what he loved was a miracle. After everything he’d gone through, it was a miracle that life had given him something good even if it wasn’t the comfort he craved. Many found the name confusing. Luca however, felt the name of his bookstore should resonate with him even if others judged.

He was in the middle of pulling up his faded blue jeans when the woman awoke.

“Baby...” Her voice sounded like a scratched record on repeat. Luca found it hard to believe he’d spent the night with that. “Come back we weren’t done. I promise I’ll be good this time—”

“Nope, sorry love,” he interrupted. “I’m a one time offer, nothing more. You’ll find something with that fake as—”

Luca was interrupted mid-sentence as his used condom came flying at him.

“Fuck off, you prick! How dare you?! There is nothing fake about me whatsoever. I could do a ton better than you you ugly twat!”

He chuckled at the enraged woman. He hadn’t expected such a severe reaction but flashed her a grin before pulling on his last shoe and speeding out the door. He’d been halfway down the hallway when he realized he’d forgotten to tell his latest woman one last thing. He barged in through the door. The woman had been in the middle of making herself comfortable in her bed again before he spoke with a playful smile.

“Good luck with finding someone. Hopefully, they’ll be better at fucking a loose pussy than I was.”

Luca barely missed the point of a stiletto hitting his head before he ran down the hallway chuckling under his breath. He knew he was an asshole, in fact, the majority of his one night stands called him that before he left. Luca had stopped caring though. He’d built a facade that hid how broken he was. Around the majority of the world he was quiet and gloomy; not showing his true colours unless someone provoked him. Around people who he’d fucked? Nothing but a prick. He found no reason to be nice to them if he wasn’t going to see them again. He was meaningless to them and vice versa. He truly did hope the world would want to give him mercy and drop an angel in front of him.

When has the world had mercy on me, he rolled his eyes and sprinted to his beloved place of solidarity. He flipped the sign to ‘open’ and picked up the latest records he’d begun sorting out the day before. All the while, he couldn’t shake the feeling that the world wouldn’t be as much of a bitch as it usually was.

Sighing to himself, Luca turned around began working.

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