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Viraj malhotra has everything a girl wants he got the looks,money,popularity. He had everything. He was like every girls dream but he was very very arrogant. Jhanvi pandey was a very sweet,innocent and cute girl. Everyone loved her very much. Then she got married to viraj malhotra. But she ran away after some days ............... Want to find out read the story.

Romance / Thriller
priyu patel
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Chapter 1

A woman was running with barefoot in an isolated place..... three man was running after her she was running on a bridge when a white Mercedes stops at the end of bridge she was stuck between the car and the three people.

Viraj P.O.V

A guy came out of the car and walks up to her . Then the men left who was running after her they left . Then the person said that " Jaan( my life) why are you running away from me what did i do to you that you are leaving me" ...

The girl name was jhanvi and her husband name is viraj.

They reach home viraj opens the door for her as she puts her foot on ground she said with hurt voice" ahhhhhh" . Viraj carry her to home . Then he put her in sofa and tells her " I am going to bring medicine for you " .

He plays a music "hume tumshe kitna pyaar hai yah hum nhi janta....... "

Then he goes to kitchen and say " nothing has been cook it looks like I have to make dinner for us" then he take a large spoon and put it on the gas. He is having dinner alone while jhanvi hands and legs are tied up with rope and her mouth with a cloth jhanvi is pleading to let her go.

He then finish his dinner and went to kitchen for bringing her medicine he takes the hot spoon with him and he say " this is medicine for u " and touches jhanvi feet and tells her that "why did u do this why are u forcing me to become like this why don't you understand I love u " then jhanvi become unconscious.

Then he carry her and put her in bed . In morning jhanvi is sleeping with legs and hands tied up . Viraj come with breakfast and wakes her up .

She is frightened he open her legs and hands and apply medicine on her wounds

And he said" promise me you will never leave me and go freshen up" . He said that with forcefully while applying medicine to her wounds.

Jhanvi went to bathroom and she remembered her past days

Flashbacks START

She was happy with her life she didn't want anything from life she got the beautiful family and she was very happy with them if they didn't have any money she was happy.

Jhanvi P.O.V

She was at her college and her friends ask her " that what will do after you finish the college " jhanvi said " I don't know may be I will get married " " what are u serious you dont want to study further " her friend said " yeah I want to but you know na that my family don't have much money they also have to look after my two younger sisters "

Jhanvi said " ok tell me that which quality you want in your husband" her friend said

" okk I want a husband who love me so much and take care of me and my family and respect me and never hurt me " jhanvi said " ooooohhhh just look at your face you are blushing " her friend said .

She reached home and felt that something has happen then she went to her mother and asked her " mom what happened why all are looking at me like this ". " because beta we have got a rishta for you " her mom said .

She started blushing and she asked her mother that "where is the picture of boy I want to see him " " look dad who is curious to know that how the boy look " her younger sister said . Then her sister take the boy photo and start running in house . Jhanvi ran after her.

After some minutes jhanvi catch her sister and take photo from her hand . She went to her room and look at the photo . She was happy he look so handsome.

Then her mother came and asked her " do u like him " jhanvi said " yes ".

After some days she meet the boy they were giving some time alone he said that" i really like you u are the most beautiful girl I have seen and if I do some mistakes plz help me bcoz I don't have any family i don't know how to interact with peoples and how to show my love to you ." " its okk I understand dont worry I dont want anything from you I just want your love "

Flashback ENDS

Viraj P.O.V

Jhanvi comes out of bathroom viraj ask " why are u taking so much time you know that i don't like to go late at the office " . He gives her tea n breakfast and tells " okk jaan I am going for the office byyy love u " and kiss her forehead and left and he lock the house from outside n warns the guards "not to let anyone in and not let jhanvi out of the house".

Jhanvi is all alone in the big house and is sitting by the window... and she started crying why did it happen to me what did I do to deserve this....

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