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False Vampire Love

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Hey this is my first one so I don’t know what to say. Well... the girl LeAnna finds herself miles away from anything except one man, Kenji. She doesn’t know what to think about him or her situation. Read to find out more

Romance / Mystery
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The beginning

As I was walking home from night school at the community college my favorite song started to blast from my earbuds.

~ Blackbird singing in the dead of night ,

take these broken wings and learn to fly,

all your life.~

As the song was ending I felt something latch on to my upper arm and yank my ear buds away from my ears with icy fingers, I whipped around to scream but as I did so felt something come crashing down on the base of my neck. The last thing I saw was electric blue eyes starring into my dull brown ones as the world went dark.I awoke to a throbbing pain in my skull. The first thing I noticed was the smell of something musty hanging in the air. My curiosity getting the better of me, I tried to get up, but soon found out that my hands and feet were bound together as I fell to the floor with a soft thud. As I fell back a cloud of dust rose up around me, I let out a involuntary squeak as I landed and looked to the corner of the room and saw a dark shadow just sitting there watching me with those blue eyes that seemed very familiar. I gasped as everything suddenly washed back over me, he’s the one that kidnapped me. I was speechless “let it sink in” said a deep Australian voice coming from in the dark, cold corner. As he said this I found my voice enough to croak out, “Who are you? Where am I?” “Shh it’s fine love.”

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