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Esme Anderson has her high school life planned out. She doesn't need much, other than her good grades and best friend Jane. However, everything changes when Zac Downing, the school play boy, and Galvin Garrison, the new boy in town, come into the picture. Each make their own mistakes, each have their own ways. It's a race to Esme's heart. The only question is, who is going to win? It's a tale of friendship, young love and discovery

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The thing about people is that they think everything is permanent. Every smile leads to words spoken, which in turn brings the hearts into play.

Soon after this happens, people make promises, as if what happens is in their control. They say forever; they're gone in months. And to no one's surprise, the one who is left behind is most often the one who is broken.

This story is how I'm gonna prove it to you.


Esme Anderson sat by herself on her chair on the balcony, staring out at the sunset. This was her time in the day, to reflect and wind down. Great, saying it that way made her sound like she was fifty! She was actually just a teen. And her story is one I will never get tired off.

Suddenly, she heard her phone's ringtone, Taylor Swift. She debated picking up the call or just continuing to listen and sing along to 'New Romantics'.

She turned to her side table to see Jane's name pop up onto the screen. All debates kept aside, she grinned and immediately answered her best friend's call. As she did, she was forced to push the phone away from herself to avoid Jane squealing right into her ear and bursting her eardrum.

"If you are getting high, I swear to God, Jane, I am going to hang up," Esme warned, unable to hold back a little giggle.

"No, no! Don't hang up!" Jane cried. "I promise I am not high. But this is important!"

Esme brought the phone closer to her ear, still cautious. "What's up?"

There was a short pause before Jane spoke, in which Esme wondered whether she would permanently lose her hearing. But to her surprise, what came next was something totally unanticipated. "Skyler asked me out!" Esme could hear the smile in her words.

It took her a moment to process these words. When she did, even she couldn't contain her joy. You see, Jane had had a thing for Skyler since well... forever. Forever meaning since they were five and she accidentaly came down the slide before he could move out of the way and landed on top of him. That day had a lot of bruises, swollen heads and bleeding lips. But it lead to Jane's "forever crush", in her words.

"Jane!" Esme exclaimed. "I'm so freaking happy for you girl!" But Jane cut Esme off before she could say anymore.

"Thank you, girl. You know today's the best day of my life. And I'd love to talk but I promised Skyler I would call."

"Oh ya," Esme said. "I understand. Go on."

"Thank ya so much. Love you babe." Before Esme could ask her what the hell she meant by 'babe', or even say goodbye back, Jane hung up. Esme stared at her phone for a moment, bewildered. That wasn't like Jane. She always waited for a bye.

She just shrugged. It wasn't a big deal. Today was the biggest day of Jane's life. Of course she was in a rush to talk to Skyler.

Convincing herself she would have done the same, Esme returned her phone to where it had been, turning back to look at the sun as it slowly crept further and further into the horizon.

But that, my friend, was the beginning of their journey down the slippery slope.

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