The Window

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“Get up honey, you dont want to get late for your school, come fast dad wants to talk to you about today’s evening.” I groaned and looked up to the wall clock of my room, i can never understand how in the hell my mom wakes me up exactly 2 minutes earlier than the alarm which i set for myself.

I sat up crossed leg on my bed, thinking, why were schools opened in the mornings, i hate getting up this early I mean for godsakes it only 5:58 right now, i hate going to school and more than that i hate the teachers there, seriously they expect us to not even yawn in the class and if we do they lecture us on the ill effects of sleeping late, they have a common thinking that all of us stay late nights doing parties but none of them realise that they even give us homework, loads of it and to complete that we need to stay all night and do it, but who will tell them that.

“Nicole come fast” it was my dad now, well, i think i have to end my self motivation session early today.

i got ready pretty fast, normally i don’t but today is not a normal day, i have turned 18 today, YAY! and i am hell excited to meet my friends and especially Nick,he is the first boyfriend I have made and even my parents approve of him since he is the golden boy of the school, he is the complete opposite of what I thought I would ever get with beautiful green eyes with golden speckles in them, messy blonde hair and superb and delicious physique.

I dashed down to the dining table, kissed my brother on the cheek,
“eww, Cole u really need to stop doing that, it’s gross” I laughed at his reaction for a 10 year old he was awfully concerned about all this affection and then I ruffled his hair which he really hated and grumbled some things.

I quickly hugged Mom and Dad and they kissed me on my cheeks and wished me birthday.

“Sit now I have made your favorite French toast and some coffee too considering you might not have slept yesterday because of all the excitement bubbling inside you.”

“Aww, thanks mom, love you lots.” My mom served me breakfast and all of us after saying a short prayer started eating.

“I am hosting a charity dinner tonight on the occasion of your birthday which aims at providing money for the treatment of children suffering from heart diseases , so you need to come home by 7:00 pm and you can bring your friend too.”

I was gaping at my dad, he looked at me in confusion and my brother closed my open mouth with his finger and smirked, I glared at him and then thanked my dad.

“ Dad it’s just so awesome, I really appreciate you doing this and I am very happy that you chose my birthday for such a noble thing. Thanks a lot dad, I will be home by 7.

After the breakfast my dad dropped me to my school and went off for the preparations he had to do. My bestfriend was standing at the entry gate and as when she saw me she came running and hugged me tightly.

“Happiest birthday girl, I am sooooooo happy that you kept yourself alive till now, what would I have done without you. I love you girl.”

“Shit Mare can’t breathe,” I tapped her hand and sucked a huge amount of air after she released me from her deathly grip. I had known her since kindergarten, I was crying because my necklace had broken and she tied it in a knot, and since then we have been inseparable, I even made a same kind of necklace for her too and even she wears it everyday.

I thanked her and we went to our classes, both of us were in different sections and Nick was in her’s so everyday in lunch both of them would come to my class and all of us would eat lunch together. Mare was the one who introduced Nick to me and we instantly developed a liking for each other and soon after we declared us as a couple. I still remembered what he said when I asked him that if we should make it official,

“yes babe, I don’t want any perv looking or touching what’s mine, I want everyone to know that you belong to me.” His charming words and his sweet soothing voice made my heart jump in all directions. I was in love with him and today I would tell him that.

I was very excited to meet him during lunch because he said that he had a surprise for me. Just then my phone vibrated with a text message.

Love: Hey babe, Happy birthday. What are you doing?

Me: Hey, thanks a lot, I was just thinking about you and the surprise you are planning.

Love: Good, come to the canteen as soon as the bell rings, I will be ready for you there.

Soon the bell for lunch break rang and I rushed to the canteen where he had told me to come. The view in front of me left me speechless, my friends were gathered around a table on which an amazing cake was kept and all around it were heart shaped balloons. My eyes welled up with tears of happiness how did I get soo lucky to get friends like them.

Marie came forward hugged me and wished me again and took me near the table, just then all the lights went off and sweet music started playing, a single stream of light was projected on the entrance of the canteen, and then he appeared.

Dressed in all black and looking delicious he approached me and kissed me on the lips, now the light was on us and he told me to close my eyes, I did, I heard some shuffling and my heart started racing wildly.

He told me to open my eyes softly and there he was my prince charming with a slight blush on his cheeks, kneeling down in front of me. My eyes instantly welled up, he cleared his throat,

“Nicole Anderson Thompson, I have been in love with you since the day I met you and today I have gathered all my guts to finally tell you that I LOVE YOU, this is a promise ring and I promise myself to you if only you accept my lazy and undeserving arse” by the end of it i was crying happy tears.

“Yes I accept your fine arse and I LOVE YOU TOO.

After the lunch ended we all went back to our classes and i decided that i would give him something special today. I will give him myself.

I waited anxiously for the day to end and practically ran towards his car i always used to be late one to leave school but today i was more than excited.

I was about to open his car door, he had a BMW with tinted glasses, but suddenly i hear a moan, i knew that voice pretty well my stomach dropped, sounds of skin slapping against skin were coming now, her moans turned louder

"OHHH fuck, i love it, harder baby harder spank me" she chanted these words, i was hoping it was not what i was thinking and to prove me wrong he grunted, my whole world came crashing apart.

"Fuck! Mare you feel soo dammn good, ride me babe ride me hard and fast." both of them started groaning in pleasure, she cried out as she came undone " Fuck baby that was soo good, come in me now Nick i want to feel you come inside my core."

"Fuck!" he hissed and groaned as he came inside her, I was frozen on my spot. I heard shuffling inside the car and the door opened with a messy and flushed Rosemarie stepped out and behind her Nick came out. Both of them kissed each other completely oblivious to my presence.

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