Life of a Star

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Pain sorrow and betrayal was all Alex as ever got but she kept her dreams alive will she find the happiness she truly deserves

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Vivian: Alex will you please come out of that room. You know we have to be at the church before the bride gets there (she takes so much time in dressing up).

Alex: Yes mom I'll be out very soon I just have to style my hair properly, you know I have to look good being the groom's sister

Vivian: Just do that fast, before you get left behind

Alex: What you mean you going to leave me at home if I don't come out on time. You know you can't do that, I bet you won't do the wedding without me.

Vivian:(mimicking) Joe can u please ask her to come out

Joe: sweetie please come out to

Alex:(comes out) hiw do I look

Joe and Vivian:u look like a princess

(We all chuckled)

Joe:now let's go

We got to the church after a 20 minutes drive.I got out of the car went into the church and I smiled at my brother who was waiting at the altar for his bride. After 10minutes that we all settled down, the church door swung open and Mr.Cole and his daughter Maddie came in hand in hand. She looks beautiful in her white wedding gown that was sparkling from her tummy down to the edge of the gown and a veil worn over her face, Mr.Cole wore a black suit and a matching shoe with a white tie

Mr Cole is my dad's best friend luckily for the both of them my brother Brad and Maddie fell in love. As the Maddie got to the front row Mr Cole left her to work over to the rest of her journey to the altar. "You look so beautiful" I whispered to her and she smiled brightly towards my direction. Brad was already smiling to her and she smiled back all the way down the the few steps to the altar. After she got to the altar the Pastor started the wedding procedures.

After 40minutes of them saying their wedding vows they both exchanged rings. "I now pronounce husband and wife, you may now kissed the bride" the pastor said. I noticed my brother wink at Maddie and her cheeks became red. As they kissed the while church clapped I whistled so loud along side with my brothers friends and Maddie's friends,my mum gave me that silly girl look .

The reception was at a hall 10minutes drive from the church. We danced and danced ,I got tried and decided to take a drink I went over to the bar and asked for a non acholic wine. I took my wine as I turned to walk back to where I was sitting with my two friends Dan and Lilly I bumped to someone which made me spill my drink over my off white gown, I landed on my butt on the floor." sorry here, let me help you" I heard the person I bumped into say with the most angelic voice I've ever heard since morning. I took his hand I got up I then took my time to view him he had brown hair just like mine with a blue eyes ,nice jaw line and he's so handsome, he smiled to me nervously."Am sorry" he said again, "it's fine, I'll just use a napkin to wipe it off for the time being till I get home" I replied him using a napkin I picked from the table. Though I was furious but it's my brother's wedding so I decided to stay cool.

"Am so sorry, my name is Kelly Justin but my friends call me Kel" he said as he stretched his hand forth for me to shake him and I did. "Uhmm my name is Alex my brother is the groom"I said "ohh I came with my dad he said the groom is the son to one of his business associates...ohh you're Mr William's daughter"he said and I gave him a slight nod."I see you guys already met each other" I turned around to see my dad and another man whom I guessed should be Mr Justin, Kel's dad. "Looks like they gonna get along quiet well" Mr Justin said as they both chuckled together,my dad winked at me and they both left with no further introduction. I, Lilly, Dan and Kel spent the rest of the night talking even if he's a bit older, he's 21 and I'm just 19 I'd be celebrating my 20th birthday in a few weeks time same for Dan and Lily.

We all left the venue after the bride and groom went home. I got home just me now with my parents it won't be that lonely cos my dad is friendly and friends can come over anytime. After I took a long shower I got into my most comfortable night wear, I laid on my bed when I heard a knock on my door"Alex please... come down" my mum said will a worried voice. I got scared a little. I rushed down the stairs and saw my parents looking worried I looked at my dad he just kept mute"uhmm darling we got a call from granny's driver he said she had an attack on their way we're going over to the hospital now"my mum said will tears in her eye but she brushed it off quickly so I won't see." I'm coming wit..." "No you're not" my dad cut me short he placed a hand on my shoulder tears was already forming in my eyes my dad wiped the one that fell from my eyes" sweetie she's fine just stay home we'll be back before u know" he said as they both pulled me into a hug. "And Brad!" I asked "we won't call him he needs to enjoy the night" my mum said as they both walked out into the car and drove off I walked back to my room with sadness written all over my face

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