You, Me & Ours (Completed)

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The Story is about a girl called Natalie Dashwood, an aspiring Fashion Designer who once bumped into Reeds Blucher, a hot Billionaire. Well the destiny had some plans for them! I promise to make ya'll experience all sorts of emotions on my story😉

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Chapter 1

A woman got down from a taxi in front of a posh hotel called 'PIERRE HOTEL' at 10:45 am in the busy streets of London. She had wavy blonde hair, 5'8ft tall, wheatish skin color with blue eyes. She was wearing a pair of Louboutine heels with a Chanel Bag in her hands clad in Red midi Skirt, white floral shirt and a Black trench coat. She was beautiful beyond words. Every Men in London who came across her would either try to buy her a drink or impress her with their hidden talent. But this woman was very difficult to impress! Life has taught her to be the way she is. She has experienced a whole lot of things in life which has made her the way she is!

Headed straight to the Reception she asked a woman, "Hi! I'm Natalie Dashwood looking for Isaac Dashwood." Is there a room booked in that name?

The Receptionist went through the Registration list and nodded with a pleasant smile and said "Room 505 please take the lift Maam. This way please"

She ran straight to the lift when a Man entered the lift just before she could make it and they both bumped into each other. The Man gave her a wicked smile and held her in his arms. "Lady are you that excited to see me?“ Nat was disgusted so she hit him on his shoulders and pushed him away whispering what a Moron to herself!

The Man smiled yet again and stood by her side staring straight into her eyes. The lift was silent. Both were staring at each other.

The Man was 6'3 tall with strong muscled arms. He had a well built body which was covered in expensive Armani suit and matched with a Dolce and Gabbani shoes. He had the latest Rolex watch and a clean shaved square jawed face. He was handsome and a dream man of every girl.

He kept looking at Nat and smiled viciously and suddenly turned his back on her to make a call. In the meantime Nat was checking him out from the back and noticed that his suit was made from the most expensive fabric. She wanted to feel the fabric so she tried to touch his suit from the back side without him able to notice. But again she thought to herself, "What a Moron, he'll think I'm attracted to him. Come on Nat just leave it!“

After 3 secs she thought again why not touch it and see what kind of fabric it is. Nat is an aspiring Fashion Designing Intern so she was curious about the fabric that was used in that Armani suit. Desperate enough to know she put her hand forward in order to touch the suit while the Man turn towards her and caught her hand. The moment he caught her hand, Nat bowed down in shame.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to touch you. I just wanted to feel the fabric of your suit" said Nat. The Man smiled and said, "Feel my suit or Me?" Nat was taken aback. She took a step backward and said, "You are the most disgusting man I've ever come across! What makes you think that I'd be interested in you? The Man walked forward and pushed her against the wall of the lift and looked into her eyes and said," One day I shall Make you Mine!" I like fiery Women. Heard they're very good in bed.

Disgusted and angry at the same time Nat swallowed her words and breathe heavily against the Man's chest panting. Just as the Man was about to kiss her, his phone rang.

" Excuse Me Love I shall get back to you."

Just as he was engaged in a conversation the lift stopped and as soon as the doors opened Nat ran her ass out.

She stopped in front of 505, took a deep breath and knocked on the door. A 52 year old man wearing a maroon robe opened the door with a champagne in his hand.

"Oh My Gosh, Dad! I've missed you so much. Oh my what have you done to yourself? You need to shave and ughhh.." There was a woman with him. "Oh Darling this is Daisy my girlfriend. She's 27. Ain't she a bombshell?" "Dad you seriously need to get out of this life. And why on earth are you dating a woman who is as old as your daughter??"

"Relax she'll be my 7th bride" Nat rolled her eyes and sent away Daisy saying she needed a time with her Dad.

They spent the whole day watching their favourite movie and discussing Nat's Intern Project and her plans to join a Fashion Firm in Paris.

Isaac Dashwood is a Retired Navy of England. His wife passed away while Natalie was only 8years old. Natalie is the only child and the love of her Father. Isaac loves his Daughter very much. He never let her felt like she doesn't have a Mother. He always made sure that his Daughter was happy.

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