My First Love

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Everyone says that your first love won't be your last. That's true in most cases. In most cases people forget about their first loves. Only remembering them if a first love is brought up or when they see them at the 10 year reunion. Sylvia, whose fresh out of law school, working at a firm downtown that takes on big clients. Like singers, models, actors/actresses, etc. Sylvia doesn't have any time for dating. Not even in college. Her last boyfriend was who she thought she'd spend her life with decided on a different career path which inevitably tore them apart. One day she gets assigned a client. A model. Whose name is wait- Matthew Snow?! What was that? Did you ask what's going to happen? I don't know. Yes I know I'm the author but I'm trying to save the mystery here! Nope. No clichés. Just read the damn book and find out for your self. Mhm. Whatever. Now on with the show! No I'm not telli- © All rights reserved to Tessa Kendrick This book shall not be plagiarized in any way, shape, or form because well it's illegal. Trust me. It is.

Romance / Erotica
Tessa Kendrick
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The beginning

Morning-Jan 1st 2020-8:00 AM


My stupid alarm. My stupid LOUD alarm. I roll over and shut it up.

Ugh. 8 AM.

Great. Work. Clients.

"Time to have people kiss my ass all day." I roll my eyes and get out of bed, going to my closet, picking out my outfit.

I quickly do my hair and some light makeup then I head to my law firm.

Daynia law CO. One of the biggest law firms. At my graduation Dayna, the owner and ceo of Daynia Law CO, came and paid me a visit offering me a full time job at her law firm. Of course I said yes because Um hello?! She literally owns the worlds biggest law firm. That's huge.

She started from the ground up. Which isn’t easy as a woman. From my experience just in law school everyone thought I was the intern or a sorority girl who was lost. When I told them I wasn't they laughed and basically said that this is a mans world and I wouldn't survive one minute. Well surprise surprise. A quarter of those women dropped out and another quarter failed. I was the top student of ALL of my classes. Not to brag or anything...

I'm one of the top lawyers in that building. I even work with Dayna. Not many get to.

The firm is named after Dayna and her husband who is a well known business man. He's a shareholder in the firm. They've been together for about 4 years. Dayna already had the firm and it was already big. They met, fell in love, got married, then she suggested that he become a shareholder in the company. They of course have a contract about that but I don't know the exact details of it. Dayna and me a quite close. I'd even consider her a friend. Her and I agreed to keep it professional at work.

We hang out whenever we can which isn't often because of our work schedules.

15 minutes later I arrive at the firm. I walk in and am immediately greeted by Samantha Canders. She's an intern here. Specifically my intern. She basically follows me around at work, sits in at meetings, takes notes, learns what she can about law. Pretty much an assistant. I have to say though she's one of the best damn ones I've had.

"Hello Ms. Canders! You've got 4 messages waiting for you." She smiles as she says this. Oh what a pleasure to be happy. Can't relate.

"Read them out loud please." I say walking to the elevator her close behind me. She starts reading my messages off.

“Daniel Anderson called about a meeting tomorrow. Destiny Glants left a message saying she needed to talk to you ASAP. Hazel Poroli left a message asking if their was a update on her case, and last but not least Mrs. Scott has called saying that there is a new client coming to meet you and her at 4:00. Apparently it’s some big shot model. She didn’t give me anymore details.“ She finishes somehow still breathing.

I wonder who this client is. Must be someone important if she herself is on the case and she also wants me on it to.

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