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After the tragic death of their parents Loudon and his siblings went to go live with their aunt in Texas. Where he and his twin sister attends Mount L'Oreal high School where an 19 year old prodigy named Roran Alan Windwood had just been hired as an English professor. What happens when these two meet will they deny thier attraction? Be a love match or will it end in tragedy and someone getting hurt?

Romance / Erotica
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I knew I was always different from my brothers. Even my sisters knew. But my parents did not know until their 5th pregnancy the doctor had said when mom and dad joined that there was a gene that they never knew about. So, when they had a son just like their daughters, they had the gift of procreation. Loudon knew that made him and his brothers different; the doctors were concerned.

But his mother and father weren’t they said,” that they didn’t care; they would still love their sons as much as their daughters.”

His parents already had their six pregnancies and were talking about having a seventh, but they never got to because two weeks before the youngest twins had their six birthdays, their parents died in a car accident. Loudon was devastated; he did not know what to think. Losing his parents was a horrible thing for all of them. He and his twin sister Mira and their siblings were at school when this all happened. He could remember what had happened and he and his twin were in Mr. Carter’s math class when the door opened and the tall, muscular middle aged counselor Mr. Rinehart came in asking for them, so the twins got out of their seats and followed Mr. Rinehart out of the classroom.

When they were in the hallway, Mr. Rinehart told them the horrible news. Mira gasped, collapsing against Loudon chess breaking down sobbing. Loudon wrapped his arms around his sobbing twin. Loudon then looked up at Mr. Rinehart; his voice came out hollow as he asked the counselor, “when...when does this happen?!”

Mr. Rinehart looks at them with a blank expression on his handsome face when he said, “this morning, I’m sorry for your loss.”

SORRY?! He thought you aren’t the one that are orphans now. Well, technically he, his twin, and their younger siblings weren’t orphans. They had a 50-year-old aunt named Mel, who lived 15 hours away on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas. Signing he now sense their parents were gone now, that meant they would have to leave the house they grew up in, schools they knew, and the life they knew and move to their aunts’.

And signing again, he said to the counselor “thanks” and also asked before he and his twin went back to Mr. Carter’s math class, he asked, “do the younger ones know?” Mr. Rinehart nodded his head silently. Loudon looked at Mira, and they signed heavily in unison and walked back to class.

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