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Airini had been allocated the position of peacemaker, purely because she descended from the Goddess of peace. Hardly fair, considering she hated confrontation and ran in the opposite direction of trouble. So when her mentor told her she was being trusted with a task that meant she had to work with the Henrys and the Bensons, she almost begged her guardians to reconsider sending her to witch school with her sister. "It's gone on long enough, Airini. The elders have given the order. If calm is not reinstated across our lands, both species will cease to exist any longer. You have two months. Good luck." Two months to convince two ancient families to sign a treaty of peace. Two months after two thousand years of hatred, war and bloodshed. "Oh and Airini, don't alert the humans. You know how they get." (Cover Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay )

Romance / Fantasy
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01 | T H E ● F E U D

The boots were made of the finest leather money could buy, and they weighed more than the wearer did. They crushed the fine gravel beneath them as they made their way to their intended destination, despite the anger that fuelled him, he did not fly, nor levitate. He walked, like a regular being.

But Allos Henry was no regular being.

Despite the porcelain skin that held the most breathtakingly attractive features, the scent of decay travelled with him like an invisible blanket, something that the mere humans were incapable of detecting, the poor souls. Beneath his blood red lips were the sharp fangs that belonged to an animal, not a creature of such beauty.

His ears pricked up, hearing a noise from the woods beneath him. He smiled softly, before inhaling a lungful of air. Not that it mattered- he did not breathe. It was just a habit that didn't die with him all those thousands of years ago. The air was suddenly eerily still, and it was then that he could smell it- the wet, dreadful smell that made him want to vomit despite having no stomach for which to regurgitate from.

He was here.

Allos pondered his next move, knowing that if he pissed the Gods off today, they would think nothing of striking him down where he stood. It was only literally by the grace of the Gods that he was allowed to survive- for the majority of the Gods were not averse to him slaying humans if it was for survival purposes. Infact, they turned a blind eye most of the time, but then the goddamn dogs got involved.

He heard the thud of paws hitting the floor not too far behind him, and he stiffened, his fangs expanding naturally as he turned to face his nemesis.

The grey fur bristled, the amber eyes narrowing at him as the wolf bared his teeth, fragments of gum still covering some of them as Allos sneered at it.

"Can you not even transform properly?"

The wolf continued to watch him, a low growl coming from the pit of his stomach before Allos heard the fiend speaking in his mind.

Don't question my abilities. I could still rip you limb from limb and laugh whilst doing so. I'm not here for you, blood drainer.

Allos chuckled softly, but then the sky lit up with thousands of shards of lightening, one crashing to the floor between them as the thunder rumbled in the distance.

"A warning from the Gods. Very well, your majesties."

Allos dragged his gaze away from the vile creature before him, wishing he could rip his throat out and end this right here.

You wish, fool.

Allos clenched his fists, whirling around to confront the mind invading animal when the large, wooden doors creaked open behind him.

"Mr Henry, Mr Benson. This way please."

Allos followed the girl, who he sensed was a human. He grinned wickedly, before he felt a warm hand on his shoulder, the stench of wet fur to much for him to bear.

"Don't even think about it you sick fuck."

Allos glared at the hand, which Franklyn removed quickly.

"I'll burn you where you stand if you touch me again, you dirty mutt," he hissed, as he heard a low chuckle.

"All these threats, and what do you do about it, really? Continue to drain the lives of those that are vulnerable."

"It's called the food chain. I am merely surviving," Allos replied, as Franklyn shook his head, his transformation to human form complete. The fur on his hands was slowly disappearing, and Allos couldn't help but shudder. Call him what you will, but he always looked good.

The girl turned to them both, before pointing to doors opposite one another.

"Mr Henry, if you enter the panel from that door there, and Mr Benson you enter from the door behind you. That way you won't have to see one another throughout the hearing."

"Gris Dior," Allos murmured, as the girl stared at him through widened eyes, a single bead of sweat dripping down her back as he smiled softly. "Tell me, do you spray it on only on your throat?"

His gaze travels down her body as Franklyn steps forward menacingly.

"Down boy," whispers Allos, unable to hide his amusement. "Did you know the reason girls spray perfume on their neck and wrists, my dear?"

The girl swallows, and Franklyn glares at Allos who continues, his hand reaching for her wrist as she trembles.

"He won't hurt you. The council is sacred ground, it would be the last thing he did," Franklyn mutters darkly, as Allos lifts her wrist to his nose, inhaling deeply.

"It is because the spots on your wrists and your neck emit heat more than anywhere else on the body," he whispers, his eyes darkening as he watches the blood pumping through the tiny veins beneath her pale skin. "It is where your veins are closest to the surface."

The girl snatches her hand back, before pointing to the door.

"You need to go now," she whispers, examining her hand as though it had been burnt.

Allos smiles as he walks away, the velvet cloak he wore swishing against the floor as he opens the heavy door with surprising ease. The girl sends a grateful smile to Franklyn, who nods, waiting until he hears the council address Allos from deep within the chamber.

"Fucking blood draining demon."

He pulls open the door, annoyed that his efforts were more obvious than that of Allos, but knew it was probably because he was far from his pack. He was always weakened when he was completely alone and in the presence of pure evil. Despite being the leader of the pack, this did not make him the strongest, contrary to popular belief. He struggled to morph easily, as the vile-pire had picked up on. He descended the stone steps, before pushing open another door that allowed him to enter the chamber.

"Mr Benson, please sit."

The voice was authoritative and sharp, and he did as he was told. The council was ran by descendants of the Gods themselves, and their job was to maintain the rules that the Gods had set. Every one of them was powerful to some extent; but at least they were all acting positively, which was more than he could say for the Vile-Pires. He detested them, and everything they stood for.

"More blood has been spilt."

The room was dark aside from the odd candle, the councillors all draped in hoods so their features were not seen. He had seen one, once. It wasn't beautiful like he expected- in fact; it had been plain and nondescript.

"Allos, you know that the Gods permit reasonable allowances for your...antics. But you orchestrated a fight, between your two species. You know there is no allowance for that. Franklyn, in retaliation you attacked the vampire clan in broad daylight- knowing they would be sleeping. Do you have any idea the lengths we had to go to make sure it had no long lasting effects?"

Both parties were silent, knowing that was indeed a rhetorical question.

"The Gods have decided you are to both step down as acting leaders of your species. Instead you must both allocate new members, and send their names to us by close of play today."

"Outrageous, no one will dare-"

Franklyn wasn't sure what shut Allos up, all he knew was that he was glad. He wasn't averse to the idea, and already knew which of his pack would take his place. He was tired of fighting this species of shit who refused to adhere to any treaty they drew up, and he had secretly hoped the death of the Harana, one of the vampire brides, would make Allos ill with grief. But it had not had the desired effect, and instead Allos had simply taken another human and changed her- mainly just to prove a point to Franklyn.

"Allos, remain seated. Franklyn, we are sorry to hear about the loss of Garrett. But this is why we have to act now. You are incredible individuals, when you work together at keeping the peace. It hasn't been so for too many years now, and we have to intervene. You are dismissed."

The pain in Franklyn's chest was too hard to bear at the mention of his dead son, and he felt his fists clench beside him. He felt his body begin to transform, and he fought the rage within him. The council would have him killed instantly if he were stupid enough to start anything here.

He had already served his revenge, and it hadn't made him feel any better at all.

The only thing that would ease the pain would be the death of Allos Henry, Vampire King.

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