Fire Wood

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A group of teenagers go camping in the nearby woods. Fawn Young is one of the ten people who go. She comes with nine boys from her school, nine boys that are her best friends. Fawn makes sure non of them get bored. Adventure after adventure, she makes sure of it. One week of camping with her idiot friends.

Romance / Adventure
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The Plan

Friday, waiting for the lunch bell to ring. And when it finally does, I bolt to the door.

“Fawn Young, the bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do,” Mr. Handy says.

“If the bell doesn’t tell me when to leave, then it doesn’t get to tell me when I come. Unless you want to let us go, of course.” I smirk.

“I don’t have the energy for this, Ms. Young.” He waves off the class and glares at me.

As I continue to walk out of the room people give me high fives and fist bumps.

“Fawn, who is picking lunch today?” I hear Archie ask from behind.

“Today is Maverick, I am driving,” I smile smugly.

“Ok, so do you know what he is going to pick?” He asks.

“Probably Chick-fil-A or his parents’ diner.” I shrug.

We get to my truck and Maverick is in the passenger seat. Clint, Jett, Aiden, Sawyar, and Aman are already in the back.

“Where’s Aaron and Cedar?” Archie asks as he jumps in the back.

“They said they are going to meet us there, Maverick wants to go to the diner again,” Jett says.

I roll my eyes and get in, but I smile at the sound of the noisy engine.

We get there and Aaron already has our food while Cedar has a table waiting for us.

“Let’s talk business, who’s bringing tents, food, and other stuff?” Aaron asks.

“I’ve got it all under control,” Aman says. He is the glue to our group, him, me, and Jett. “I’ve got the food ready. I packed burgers, hot dogs, s’mores supplies. Potatoes, onions, and seasonings for Fawns famous “stew”. Snacks, water, water filter straws, and more.

“We are going to bring Cedars two big tents he got two years ago. We are going to have five people in each tent. The people in tent one are: Maverick, Archer, Clint, Fawn, and I. The people in the second tent are: Aaron, Cedar, Jett, Sawyar, and Aiden.” Aman says.

Archie, that’s what most people call Archer. Archie’s real name is Archer, when people hear us call him Archie they think of AJ Apa, who played Archie from Riverdale. Well they are both hot, brave, and protective, so I guess that may be why.

“I am bringing the first aid kit, cots, and pocket knifes.” I say.

“I’ll bring more snacks,” Maverick says, honestly I have no idea how he is not fat, I laugh.

“What?” He asks.

“I was just thinking, ‘how is this moron not fat?’” I laugh.

I work out a lot.” He shrugs.

”Whatever,” I sigh.

“Sawyar, we can bring dad’s booze,” Aiden suggests.

“Ya, ok, but we have to bring a lot. We will be there for a whole week.” Sawyer laughs.

“Ya, but the old man won’t nodice. He never does, he’s always too drunk himself to know that we took a truck load of alcohol with us. By the way we need to bring beer too.” Aiden says.

We goof around the rest of the time while we finish up. The last half of the days school goes by fast.

I stop at my locker, get my stuff, and go home.

“Fawn, you need to start packing for your trip. Do you want help?” My dad asks when I walk in.

“No, I’m good, I’ll call out if I need your help.” I say.

“I’m going to the store in just a bit with your mom, so if you need anything there, let me know.” He says.

“We need extra flashlights and batteries,” I tell him.

“Ok, we will be back in an hour, your mom also wants to get some new clothes so it might be a little longer.” He informs me.

“Ok, see you then, thanks.” I say and head to my room.

I get out two of my duffle bags and a big backpack. I set out clothes, body wipes, sunscreen, three of my secret bikinis, bug spray, hygiene stuff, etc.

I hear a knock on my sliding door and see Archie. I smile because I know what he wants. Him and I have been a secret.

We don’t want anyone to know, because it might get weird with everyone else.

“I missed you,” He says in a low voice and hugs me when I open the door

“It hasn’t been that long since we’ve seen each other,” I blush.

“You’re cute when you’re embarrassed,” he chuckles and bends down to kiss me.

“I have to pack,” I whisper.

“How can I help?” He offers.

“Go get the cots and sleeping bags from the shipping container and but it in my trailer,”I smile and peck his lips before he leaves.

I put all of my stuff in my bags and double check. I bring my stuff to the trailer and Archie helps me strap my stuff it when he finishes.

My mom and dad get into the car and drives away as we head out side.

“So, we have all of the stuff ready, we are at your house alone, what should we do?” He smirks.

“Archie, what do you have in mind,” I say when we get into my room. He hugs me and we sway a little.

“Alexa, play Apple Music,” he demands.

“Playing Fawn Young Station,” she responds. Marvin Gaye by Charlie Puth and Megan Trainor comes on.

“What a coincidence,” He says. He comes down and kisses my lips.

I get caught in the moment, I can’t think anything other than “I want this” but I know it’s wrong. I can’t pull away, I simply just don’t want to pull away.

I feel his hands explore under my shirt, and pull it up.

He pulls away to look at what he calls “art”. He kisses my neck and licks down to my color bone. His face meets my breasts and I dig my hands in his hair.

I gasp and bite my lip as I work on taking of his shirt. He looks at me and gives me a look asking me if I really want this. I nod my head and we get on my bed. He sits on top and starts to kiss me.

“Fawn!” I look and see Clint at my sliding door.

“Shoot,” I sigh.
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