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Blueberry had to change schools because of her teacher who hated her for no reason. Even though Blueberry hated the idea of changing schools she had no choice if she wanted to get away from her terrible teacher's reach. She changed school and met this amazing guy she falls in love with but does the guy feel the same way? Is he brave enough to go for what he wants? Did he get second thoughts about her? Let find out ✨✨

Romance / Drama
Francisca starlight
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My first day at school

Blueberry had to change School because of her primary 4 teacher Mr Solomon. He will always find a reason to whip blueberry before the day comes to an end.

He hated her but she had no idea why, everytime he organises a class test blueberry normally gets zero.

He will cain those who got below 6 and leave those who got above 6. When blueberry started picking up and getting 7 and above he started caining those who got below 10 because of blueberry


I hate the attention in school, I'm always quiet in class but always get in trouble due to my class teacher who hates my guts. But changing schools will give me just that attention and I hated the idea.

My first day at school was boring, new school, new teachers, new mates, no one to speak with, you can imagine. But thankfully the first day went by without any incidents and I thank God for that. On the second day I started making friends and before the week came to an end I had two favourite friends cassidy and Abigail.

My new friends and I became the three musketeers everywhere there is noise we were there he played just like kids and I end up washing my uniform every blessed day.

we will either spend the whole day playing or talking about the guys we love, the mean girls or the girls that are interested in the guys we liked

Cassidy and I, our friendship came to a test when we found out that we liked the same guy. I told myself I would not let a guy ruin our friendship and I didn't. The whole of primary 4 I spent likeing one guy that I'd never even spoke to but that didn't stop my love from growing

I liked him more and more everyday and half of the girls in my class liked him with me. I spent all my nights dreaming about layton and all my day talking about how much I adored him. He was my everything and I loved him. I wanted him to have everything I had and me have everything he had. I wanted him so badly that I was going crazy over him. I wanted him and I didn't know why. I don't even know how I lasted a year without talking to him but cassidy on the other hand was friends with him because they've been in the same school for years

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