Hacked Into My Heart

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I am Akira Thompson. I am a hacker that goes under the radar who makes deals with people to receive money. I only make deals that aren't cruel or sexual. But when someone asks me to lose my virginity to them for a large sum of money, I can't help but say yes. In the time I spend with him, I noticed myself changing, disregarding my bad habits for good ones. Chase Briggs has shown me what genuine happiness is. (Triggering content discussed, viewer discretion is advised.)

Romance / Drama
Stefanie Starnes
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I am currently surfing through emails about deals and trying to find a good one. I just helped traffic heroin across the border. I know, that's illegal. Get over it, everyone has broken a law at some point. Whether it be murder or forgetting your seatbelt, still illegal nonetheless.

I have received many emails about sex trafficking and planning murders. I do not congregate in that territory. I usually say no, insult the people, then block them. They could do the same to me, but I really do not care. I pushed my big black glasses back up on my face as I read the next email.

Dear 4LPH4G1RL,

I have a deal I believe you cannot refuse.

Yeah, right.

I have become impressed with your hacking skills in recent years. The skills you possess lead me to believe you are over the legal age of consent. (Right?)

I'm nineteen, but I don't like where this is going.

If you are not, just disregard this email and move on... but, if you are, I will let you know that I am interested in helping you discover the experience of sexual intercourse.

Bold of him to assume I'm not experienced. I mean, I'm not, but that is most definitely not the point.

I am offering you $5,000,000 if you accept my advances. I assure you I am not a 90-year-old creep. Please consider my proposal and respond to me as soon as possible.

With much love,7R1XYW0LF

"$5,000,000?!" I exclaimed aloud in my small apartment. "This guy cannot be for real." I spoke to myself before I wrote out a response.

Dear 7R1XYW0LF,

I appreciate your offer but this is how women my age are murdered, so, I would love to accept this offer but I value my life and a millionaire would not need to buy sex. You are simply an internet scammer or a serial killer.

With no love,


I laughed at the ending and hurriedly sent the email. I stood up and found some clothes to change into before bed. My room was a disaster and I had no motivation to clean it. I'm the only one who lives here so what's the point if I have no one who comes in my room? I grabbed a black hoodie and some shorts before stripping off my clothes and putting the new ones on.

I sighed and brushed out my tousled hair before going to brush my teeth and take off my makeup. I have always worn makeup whenever I have the chance because I find the process calming. I have actually become pretty good at it from all of my experiences. If this hacking job falls through then I could always go to cosmetology school when I raised enough money.

I was raised by my Aunt Terry and Uncle Jensen. I was the outcome of a marital affair and neither my mom or dad wanted me. So, my aunt and uncle took me in. Aunt Terry was- and still is- a certified MUA. I learned most of my skills from her.

Uncle Jensen was- and still is- a computer programmer. He taught me everything I know about hacking and computers. From a young age, I knew for certain that this was my dream. Most kids dreamed of true love or popularity but I never cared much for either.

I glanced at my bedside table at my blade, biting my lip softly. I know it's a terrible habit but it helps. I've done it for as long as I can remember. No one knows about it and I hope no one ever does. It's better this way. I'm happy though, I smile, I laugh, I am just fine. The release it gives me is better than anything I've felt before.

I picked the sharp, metal object up off the wooden bedside table and drug it across my wrist, making me sigh in contentment. My eyes rolled back and I kept cutting. One after another. The ceiling started to fade and I laid the blade back where I had it and succumbed to darkness.

When I awoke, my phone was ringing. In a haze, I moved my hand to grab it. I hissed at the pain in my arm as I went to grab it. When I answered the call, I heard it was Uncle Jensen and I mumbled a hello.

"Did you really just wake up? It's like 2 pm." Jensen giggled.

"I had a late night surfing through all of my emails." I clarified.

"Have you gotten any sex emails yet?" He questioned.

"How did you know? I just got one last night claiming to give me five mil for my virginity." I laughed lightly.

"Oh my God, did you take it?" Jensen asked excitedly.

"No, of course not. That's how people are murdered, Uncle Jensen." I dismissed without a second thought.

"You do realize that if you were murdered police would look for clues as to who your murderer is on your laptop and boom! They have the guy. It's too easy. Any intelligent killer wouldn't operate through email." He rationalized.

He isn't wrong about that. I mean, I guess I could take it. I could use the money. Hopefully, the deal is still on the table.

"You need to stop watching so many crime shows." I giggled.

"Whatever. When are you going to come and visit us? We miss you." Uncle Jensen pouted through the phone.

I chuckled and rolled my eyes.

"I talk to you two every day."

"It's not the same."

"Okay, I'll come by sometime next week." I smiled.

"Next week?! Really? Can't you do anytime sooner?" Uncle Jensen sighed. "What about tonight? We're having dinner with my new boss and I'd like you to be there."

"New boss?" I implored.

"I've said too much already! Be here by eight! Love you!" He piped and hung up before I could say anything else.

I sighed but couldn't help but smile. I loved my Aunt and Uncle and I will be at that dinner tonight.

4LPH4G1RL, signing off.

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