The loudest mind

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Brinley is a 17 year old. She was born with tightened heel cords she needs surgery to fix them but she cant get surgery because her mom spends all there money on drugs. As a result she walks on her tiptoes. When her cousin Oriahna convince her to go her fancy rich kid school she meets Colt and Czar the twins. Colt and Czar are 19 and the alphas of the blood moon pack but not only are they Alphas but Kings as well they rule the hole wherewolf relm. When Brinley walks in school on her tiptoes with there Betas mate Oriahna they cant help but be interested. Shes human what will she do when she finds out where wolves exists.

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


I woke up at 6:30 in the morning. I put on leggings and a tee-shirt i put on my convers-high tops.

We didn't have food for me to take to school for lunch but i was used to that. I got a text from Oriahna saying she was here i grabbed my bag and walked out the door making sure i didn't wake my mom up.

The dive was ten minutes. When we got to school Oriahna grabed my bag and hers from the back seat.

When we got in the school everyone was starring at us and by us i mean me. Oriahna grabbed my hand and walked me over to a group of people.

Oriahna started introducing me to the group of people "in the back is Ashia and Stephen then Eden and Evan i told you how i have a boyfriend thats him his name is Xavier and last but not least is the twins Colt and Czar everyone this is my cousin Brinley" i waved while they all said hi or hello.

Oriahna then pointed to my Locker "this is your locker" "we all have the same classes together so just follow us all day and you'll be good" i nodded as a reply.

The bell rang signaling we needed to go to class. When the bell rang for class to start the teacher started attendance.

"Colt Miller" "here"

Czar Miller" "here"

"Xavier Valentino" "here"

"Oriahna Lopez" "here"

"Even Ernest" "here"

"Eden Ernest" "here"

"Ashia Evergreen" "here"

"Stephen Evergreen" "here"

He said acouple more people before me

"Brinley Adams" i raised my hand

By lunch i trusted the group but i wasn't comfortable with them. The twins bought my lunch and i ate quietly.

The rest of the day went smoothly the bell rang to go home and Oriahna drove me. My mom wasn't home thank god i did my homework then went to bed because i didn't want to face her.

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