The loudest mind

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Chapter 2


Ive been going to this school for a month now. I trust Oriahna friends. Well there my friends to now.

Im nervous because today we start gym every specials last six weeks the first month we had art and now we have gym.

The reason why i dont like gym is because i look like a baby deer when i run because i have to run on my tiptoes. I was bullied at my old school because of it.

Its lunch right now and specials is right after lunch. The bell rang signaling it was time for specials.

Oriahna sent me a reassuring smile knowing why i looked so nervous.

"We have separate locker rooms from the rest of the school" Eden said when we stopped outside of a fancy looking door "okay" "and all eight of us share it" when Oriahna said that i felt my face pale".

We walked in and went into the changing cubical. When i walked out of the changing cubical in the discussing gray and navy blue gym outfit i went straight to My bag which had my tennis shoes in them.

"Do you need help putting your shoes on" Craz asked "no i got it,its just harder to do with normal shoes" he nodded truned hus attention back to tying his shoe.

After everyone waited on me to put my shoes on we headed for the gym.

The teacher called attendance and then said we where going to run laps then we the rest of the time was free time.

When the gym coach blew the whistle everyone took off. I was slower because i couldn't put my feet flatley on the ground. Colt and Craz made there first lap and stopped slowed to my speed when they got beside me.

After 40 laps the gym coach called free time. I sat on the bleachers because my legs where hurting to the point of me having to blink back the tears.

Ashia Oriahna and Eden where playing volleyball while Stephen Even Xavier Czar and Clot where playing basketball.

Colt looked at me and started to walk over to me. "Whats wrong" "my legs hurt" the gym coach took that time to blow his dumb annoying whistle.

I stood up and moaned in pain Colt took that as a sign to pick me up bridal style and carry me out of the gym and into ok ur locker room. Oriahna had to help me shower because i couldn't sand for more then acouple of seconds.


Oriahna got out of the shower first and went to the changing cubical she used before then Brinley came out and headed to her.

When Brinley told me her legs her and watching her bink back tears made my wolf Roan howl in pain.

My eyes narrowed in on her ass in the tiny towel the school provides with the gym uniform barely covers it. I got a boner from tge sight of it.

I saw her start to wobble like was going to fall and ran behind her to ketch her. I helped her get her balance and stayed behind her till she made it to her cubical.

When she came out dressed i carried her to class. Me and Czar took turns till the end of the day. When the last bell rang Czar took her to Oriahnas car while i went to the gym coach.

"From now on Brinley Adams is to sit out she was born with tightened heel cords and today most likely made ot worse" "yes alpha" at that i headed to my car and went home

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