The loudest mind

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Chapter 3


Its Friday still the week that Colt had to talk to the gym teacher. Yesterday we got our permission slips for Ransom Everglades its a camp and a very nice one at that the only bad part is its a four hour drive from the school.

Brinley was really excited to go on the field trip and we have to have are permission slips in by this Monday the day we gi on the trip. I know what school waits till its almost time for the trip to give them there permission slips and list of stuff they need to take.

I know your wondering why we are going on a field trip on the second month of school. Its because the high school gets to go on several trips a year well its not just the high school.

The Elementary is K-4th and the fourth graders get to go on several trips as well. The middle school has pre-k fifth and sixth grade the six graders get to go on several trips like fourth and twelfth graders. While the high school has 7-12.

Your probably also wondering why its just the oldest kids well its because most kids refuse to do there work and dont get to pass so my great grandfather made them want to do there work and pass.

Today after school our group is going to the store to get what we need for the field trip.

When the last bell rang Brinley got really excited. "Need my mom to sign the permission slip" Oriahna asked Brinley "yeah that would be nice" Oriahna just smiled back and we all headed to our cars.

We went to Walmart first to get toothbrushs, toothpaste, sunscreen, aloe, drawstring bags, deodorant, snacks, drinks, water bottles, disposable cameras, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, bugspray, trash bags, duffel bags and stuff to entertain our selfs in our cabin.

Now i know your wondering why cant you just some of that stuff from home. Because if we take it from home and forget it we have to drive four hours back to get it.

Brinley was staying the night at Oriahnas because Oriahna wouldn't let her go home.

Brinley left around twelve because she needed to start packing.

Its now Monday and everyone is loading there stuff into Colts dark green Tocama. Xavier said he wanted to dive so Colt could sit in the bed of the truck with me Brinley Ashia and Stephen.

We got to Brinleys house and me and Colt helped her get her stuff in the trunk and help her get in the bed of the truck with us.

I was going to do more with this chapter but i have to keep looking at Ashia Stephen Xavier Even and Edens name to make sure im spelling it the same qs i did in the first chapter and when i do it say would you like to save chapter changes and i click YES and when half my work is gone i had this at 1002 word qnd now its at 556.

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