The loudest mind

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Chapter 4


When we go to school teachers where outside and told us to go to the gym for dismissal.

Once the bell rang to go to class the one of the teachers started dismissing groups to go to there busses

We where the fourth group to get called and on the second bus there where three busses and three groups to a bus.

Brinley looked nervous and Colt saw it to and we both grabbed her hand. Clot looked down and asked "do you want to sit with us on the bus" "what if we are cramped you you guys get uncomfortable" i chided in at that "oh well if it bothers us that much we can put you on our lap" she nodded her head and then asked her next question "where are we going to put our stuff" she asked because we where supposed to sit with our stuff Colt answered her questions "we can put it in front of us" "oh ok"

We finally got to the parking lot and went to bus 14. I grabbed her trash bag that had her bed stuff in it and Colt took her duffel bag while we let her carry her bookbag because its hard to walk on the busses with bags hitting the seats.

Clot was infront of her. We got the seat on the right infront of the very last seat. Clot got in first then Brinley then me. Clot set his trash bag and Brinleys duffel bags in the seat infront of us i put my duffel bag and mine and Brinleys trash bags infront of us Brinley took off her bookbag and put it on the bags and we copied her.

She sat down first and we situated the bags so the didn't fall on the floor when the bus truned. Oriahna and Xavier where beside us they up the stuff behind them so Eden and Evan could sit infront of them. Ashia and Stephen where behind us and put there stuff in the same seat behind Xavier and Oriahna because the seat could only fit one person in it and had lots of room left.

Once we where done and everyone was in our bus we started heading out of the school parking lot on the long ass drive to the campground.
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