The memorial day

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The city of bulgroom is famous for its relationship with people . But besides live a girl who is enrolled into the problems and finds the secret of her life

Romance / Mystery
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Happiness around me but not in me πŸ’”πŸ’”

Its happiness all over the city of bulgroom . People laugh , enjoy and help each other in their difficulties. The city was bloomed with flowers , the temples were so old but feels so gold to step into it and make wishes , which would be fulfilled one day . So as the girl did , she lived in the down stairs near the river with her puppy called Rachell.

Near the lake ,She lived in a small hut which was not made of bricks but with sweetness and husks . There were no one apart from her dog . Not even her friends . It was a great difficulty for her to stay without friends , family . Where there were no affection , no Love , no security .

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