The pain in the Rose.

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From the age of 16 she loved this man for everything he was.. good and bad. She bare his child and live in the shame of loving him. Will she find the love she deserves as a mother and a woman in her prime? Will their child know her father?

Romance / Erotica
Daisy White
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The pain in the Rose. Chapter 1

Rose had recently celebrated her 16th bithday. An average Australian teenage girl living in a rural coastal town. The youngest of three siblings and recently had become an aunt for the first time. Life was good, or was it?

Sitting on the floor against her bed listening to Metallica on her mini stereo. Her eyes closed, lights off. Her mind drifts back to the day she knew there was a god or godess playing games with mere morals; the day she walked onto the school bus after moving from the suburbs to the coast, and clapped eyes on Rick and Benny.

There they were-side by side at the back of the bus. Rick with his dark curls, cafe skin, piercing blue eyes and dimples that melted her heart. A deadset westie. He wore a flanno (flanelette checked shirt) and faded black jeans. Benny, a skeg (surfer type) with his spanish olive skin and blonde hair that swept across his face. His green eyes compared to a wild tiger but still so sensual and sweet.... how cruel to put these two on earth together.

Reminiscing all those conversations, inuendos and not so sweet encounters. Rose was left in wonder, asking herself what was wrong wih her? Why can't they (or any other boy) see her for the sexual being she is.

Confusion rushed over her once again. This seemed to be a regular thing lately. Ok, so the boys within her school/social group all seen her as the 'baby', as she was the youngest of the girls. She was also 'Racquel's little sister (she was 2.5 yrs older), yet they all noticed and commented frequently on Rose's curvey figure, her sexy arse, her beautiful curly hair (and how wild it was at times), even her forming perky breasts. Yes this annoyed Racquel immensly- though she would never express so out loud. She hated that Ross 'stole' the attention. Jealousy/ envy was definetly her favorite colour.

The memories of Rick laying on his bed, me propped next to him and his brothers and our friends among us, lisfening to music, smoking weed, Rose running her nails all over his back, rubbing his manhood through his jeans, feeling him get bigger, his small moans that only the two of them could hear. He never gropped her back. Oh how she wanted him too, every time she thought this might be the exception- but no, nothing. She was left in her aroused state as he would jump up and disappear into the house, before coming back 'to reality'. Innocently Rose didnt realise Rick was going to the bathroom to finish himself off from the pleasure she had given him. Still a virgin, there was much for Rose to learn- if only given the chance.

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