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"please don't shoot the bad guys " i say "fine"he says rolling his eyes we move towards the guy from the back and hide behind a nearby car . suddenly Alligator strangled the guy to death. i watched as he fought for his life as it slowly slipped away. He places the guy down and getting a death stare from me when he comes back to my side. "what ? you didn't say kill.." he said with a glint of mischief in his eyes. sadly i couldn't stay mad at Alligator for long. ******* Agent Alexander and Svetlana get together to stop a globally wanted gold criminal .

Romance / Action
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acorn woods

As soon as we enter the forest the sweet smell of dry leaves getting wet in the rain fill the car as I open the window. As I put my hand out the window I feel the raindrops fall unrhythmically giving a cool sensation as they create their own artistic patterns on my hand. I see flowers vividly showing their colors as they let they let water drops lay on their soft petals and run down to the ground covered with leaves left after autumn. Rabbits and squirrels run and play games of hop races and so on. As I look to my left I see the old acorn trees which would have normally filled with acorns ready to fall now prominently show their branches rather than their previous appearances filled with emerald green leaves that give colour to the forest. This was my hideaway, my retreat, my haven and my refuge from all that disturbs me. Thinking through the day’s events I walk on the road scattered with leaves and dried fruits. I walk towards the oldest tree because past it is my favourite part of the acorn woods, the pond. It now shone reflecting the sun’s rays and also reflects a touch of sky blue. A few deer’s dips their heads to drink water and a few ripples form in the water. The wind blows through whistling through my ears and makes my hair flicks about giving me a sort of comfort that one cannot explain.

Then I thought of what happened today. Nothing new of course, Dad asked me to sell the acorn woods and act like another normal teenager and hang out with my friends. The kids my age only want correspondence on their phones these days. Even if we do hang out in someone’s house they want to play video games. Also teens my age all want to have a lifestyle filled with the watch of the public eye, Social media. Some of them are so desperate for attention they post about everything. The time they wake up photo, their breakfast photo, their busy at work photo, their lunch photo and it goes on. Gosh people don’t get the meaning of private lives. People even compete on the fact of who has the most amounts of followers in their accounts. I just feel weird that some random person is watching my every move and the thought of it sickens me. I had just one friend from kindergarten, we would always go on exploring expeditions and he would always bring a packet of gummies for us to share after we were done. Then when we were 7 he had to migrate to India since his father had some social work project that his NGO wanted him to work on. It was hard for the two of us and we both made a promise to write since. So every month we wrote to one another for the past 10 years. We both discuss our problem; he would of his parents’ divorce coming up and me on how I rarely make any friends and how I’m being pressurized to sell the acorn woods. “Life’s hard on each one of us, we all have our own share of problems to cope with and each problem is no less than some else’s. Just remember Lani, that you are different from the rest and because of that people find it difficult to get along with you. The thing with society is they want people whom they can control over or who aren’t that different from the rest. Be yourself because we don’t need a set of same personality types in the human race or there would be no difference between us and robots...” which made me think. I then made a judgment that none of this should bother me and I should focus on how to help Al with his parent’s divorce.

Just then a rustle in the leaves made me jump from my thoughts. I turned back to see my sister. “What’s up sis, did you forget we have to leave for the mall to get mum a birthday present, come on!” she said. I reply with a nod and we leave the silent paradise.

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