Mated to Alpha Demon

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“MINE” And in a flash I was back to my senses. Did this guy just have the audacity to call me his.... like property!?! .....HA.....He's in for it big time..... No one speaks to me like that. who the hell does he think he is?!? Find out what happens when Sasha Bright a young very successfully woman who fought her way to the top after running away from her parents meets Alpha Demon the leader of one of the most powerful werewolf packs in the world who turns out to be her mate. What will happen when Bright discovers the cause of her suffering in the past is some how connected to Alpha Demon’s pack.

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Chapter 1

I let out a sign of relief as I watched my driver pack my bags in the car. Though I was only going to spend a few days here, I figured it was best to be extra prepared considering the rate at which my two best and only friends that just happen to be married love to party. And besides this was meant to be my vacation time my alone time they say cause I was apparently a “workaholic”my friends would not mine.

Oh where my manners...My name is Sasha Bright and I'm the proud owner of Bright Enterprises a very successful magazine company that I built from scratch at the age of 17 after I ran away from home due to my parents covering up...... Well let's just say I couldn't take their lies anymore.....

Anyway.... I am African-American with my mom being..... Know what I don't even want to talk about them so I will just skip those unimportant details. As I was saying I'm turning 22 today hence one of the reasons as to why I am in a foreign town right now. I have never really had a boyfriend or been in a relationship.... heck I have never even kissed anyone.. wow... Well it's not like i need company or a companion I gave up on love the day i ran away from home so I'm good.... Plus my company and other businesses are all that I could ever ask for so no need of a boyfriend or a relationship.. though I always wondered.....

“Miss Bright, Miss Bright we have arrived”

my driver's voice snaps me out of my trail of thoughts as he opens the car door for me.

“have my things sent up to my room”

Is all I say as I grab my handbag that has my work laptop in it and walk towards the entrance. Well, I do admit that I can be bossy atimes but what can I say, me and people don't really get along I don't trust easy... in fact I don't trust at all.

As I approach the entrance, I am handed the key card to my hotel suite and shown towards the elevator.... while I wait for the elevator doors to open I pull out my phone to thank my assistant jixi for booking my room is such a short notice and also to check how things are going at work even though I know he has everything under control.

The elevator doors open and I walk in still occupied by my phone not even bothering to look up. A few seconds after the doors closed I feel eyes pressing through me and this forces me to lift my eyes and what I see caused my mouth to go completely dry...

Hey guys thanks so much for choosing to read my book ... This is my first time writing so please do comment and tell what u feel about the book so far.... thanks 😘

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