Piece Me Back Together

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A book on Healing and Self discovery Danielle Anderson is an outgoing, standout, bold but insecure and broken girl, she’s been through betrayals, setbacks, heartbreaks and much more. Daniel Turner is an focused, caring, independent, talented basketball player. He and Danielle go way back, but circumstances pull them apart. They reunite in their senior year of High School, and go on a journey of healing together, both of them catching feelings. Will they let the love blossom between them, or will their pasts keep them from seeing the bright side of things? Warning!: Swearing involved.

Romance / Drama
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Danielle 'Danny' Paige Anderson, is a seventeen year old high school senior of Merchant High, who is outspoken, bold, fierce, sarcastic, savage, and brutally honest. She is also very talented and loves reading, music and everything artistic.But she is also broken with severe trust issues. She's gone through heartbreaks and betrayals from the people she cared about the most,(her family, friends). All she cares about is getting past high school and getting her career started. With the help of her best friends , her mother and brother, the only ones who stayed even after all she'd been through, she would be able to survive and live her best life again.


Daniel 'Danny' Gerald Turner, is a seventeen year old transfer student to Merchant High. He loves Basketball, music and almost everything else artistic. He also really likes Danielle but is too afraid to tell her. Daniel was separated from Danielle after middle school, when her family moved away, but a change in his mother's job brings him to get transferred to Merchant High. He has gone through his own share of troubles, but has the help of Danielle to help him through it as they both find solace in each other.


Emilia Analisse Tucker is Danielle's best friend who has been with her through thick and thin. An outgoing and carefree person, Emily is also an aspiring artist, which was what brought her and Danielle together. She is from a wealthy home, but is still as humble as a peasant. She is a part of the trio of friends comprising of herself, Danielle, and Sam, who she has feelings for. With her caring nature, Danielle is convinced that nothing can break their friendship, as she calls her, the ordinary girl with an extraordinary love of art.


Samuel Jason Harper, the other best friend of Danielle, is an outgoing, carefree, crazy and bold person. A basketball whiz, he and Daniel become friends at first sight and they bond quickly over the sport. Sam secretly has feelings for Emily, but is afraid to make advances about them because he thinks she would not go for a guy like him. An outspoken person, he is the highlight of the group, with his crazy conversations and funny nature, he's an important part of their lives.


This book is already on Wattpad....if you wanna do check it out, the account is the same as this.

I’m sorta a ranter, I express myself a lot, I say “bruhh” a little too often.

Please I would love your feedback so I can improve. Thanks for listening :)

Thanks a lot for reading this. It means a lot to me guys.



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