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Arjun slapped Kamiya as everyone is looking at them with shock. Arjun is appalled at his own action as he himself is not anticipated to behave like this.But he can't able to control his anger when she insulted his grandma as she is person whom he admires the most in his life. Arjun knew that the word " gold digger" is wrong.Nonetheless, he can't able to accept her insult as he thought that she could have explained her side without hurting amirtha. Yet he regretted his action because he is also wrong on his side. Arjun came out of his thoughts when she asked him calmly "So Mr. Arjun Can I know, why did you slap me?". At that point only arjun came out of his own thoughts and heard her question. When he tried to answer her, she cuts him off by saying"Oh, you thought that as you have tied this knot so you have a right to slap me. That's right. You would have shown it by stopping Patti from cursing my family as a gold digger, but you didn't. I can accept your slap as you can't able to control your anger when I offended her. But you didn't stand for me when she insulted me.What a Justice right.I am impressed. Since you have taken your husband rights seriously, I can also take my wife rights, correct". As she finished her talk with the attitude, she slapped him as he did to her and glared him.

Romance / Drama
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Kamiya's Intro

Kamiya pov

"Kami, now the time is 12:00 am"dad told.

I replied "I know daddy, but tomorrow is Saturday and my ofz is off".

"So what, if it is holiday can’t you sleep now" shouted mom.

"Amma, please don’t do this, I will sleep in sometime" I replied.

"No, Tomorrow you can use your mobile whole day, so now sleep" dad told me.

I signed and decided to sleep, but now only I remembered that you didn’t know anything about me right.

So, let’s start I am kamiya, my age is 23 and now I am earning 25k in IT company.

I am Bsc graduate and we are living in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

And our home had one living room with dining hall, kitchen, pooja room (where we worship our god), one bedroom with attached bathroom. So, we all will sleep in one room only. I will sleep in the bed and my parents will sleep in the floor bed.

I am a bold one that is what everyone’s description about me and my weakness is that I will get angry easily. I will always stand for myself and my loved one. I am not a typical Indian girl, but I follow the traditions and cultures which I like. I am a middle class girl and I don’t have any problem with that. And I am not the feminist, but I will try to stand for the girls who is the victim because of this society. And that’s all for now.

My dad (manogar) is doing small business and my mom (sumathi) is a housewife. And I love my parents more than my life. I am very much pampered by my parents, because they trust me so much. And I love to keep that trust. Yes, you have guessed correct, I don’t know anything in cooking.But I know all other household work.

My parents are strict when it comes to love marriage and I am also not interested in that. It doesn’t mean, I don’t like love and all. I just respect their wishes. I too had a serious crush at my college days, but I controlled my feelings for my parents. After that I will just sight.This is my life.

I have two best friends in my life that is varsha and ishu. Vasrha is my childhood friend and ishu is my ofz colleague. I have many more friends too, but they are not closer than these two people. I will tell about my other friend afterwards.

I am not the fair girl, but the dusky one. I don’t have a perfect body and also my height is 5′3 but I am happy with what I am having.



"Kami...Wakeup, It’s already 10:00am" I heard my mom shouting, but it’s like a lullaby to me.

After some time I felt like someone is removing my blanket, then only I have realized that my mom removed it. Then I woke up and did my routine.

Since its off today, I have worn my night dress after my bath and went to have my breakfast with my family.

We all started having breakfast,

"Sumi and Kami, you guys remember right, that we have to attend my friend’s son's marriage coming Saturday"dad asked us.

My mom replied "How can I forget that, Prakash anna helped us financially and emotionally so much in our early stage of our marriage and I missed him so much after his transfer to Coimbatore"

"Yeah, It’s been 15 years, but it’s like yesterday we met" dad told and smiled thinking about something.

"Who is he? Daddy and I don’t remember him as your friend" I asked.

"You were very small at that time Kami, that’s why you don’t remember"dad replied me.

"And also he helped us so much kami, you were 8 years old when he left this city"mom told me.

"But why you guys are not in contact amma. If you guys are in contact means I would have known about him right"I asked mom

"He is the single child of his mom (amirtha) and his father is died when he is a child. Aunty (amirtha) had a tough journey with her business for his son.

At that time when he takes over his mom’s business, it got into a big loss. Since he is helping us financially, she thought us as gold digger.

One day his mother tried to leave the home because of their fight that she blamed us for his loss. So your daddy helped the prakash anna to sell his business and send his family to Coimbatore to start a new business.

Your father got a promise from him to don’t contact him as his mother doesn’t like us.

And your father doesn’t want any problem in his family because of him. He also don’t have any other way because it's all about his mother . And also he has a wife and two children to take care of. So he accepted and left."mom told me.

"After that I will always ask our common frnds regarding his new business. When he has become a great business man there, I was very happy with his success and I got distanced myself as he is in good state."daddy told us.

"Then how did you guys contact again, daddy"I asked dad.

"When me and your mom went to palani (famous temple in tamilnadu) last month, we saw their family that is his mom, wife ,son and daughter. You know ramya(his wife) and your mom are great friends at that time. Then there only we got to know about his son’s marriage."dad replied

"You know kami in your childhood days, you and arjun(prakash’s son)will always fight with each other for everything, but it looks very cute to us. And dharani ( prakash’s daughter) will always be your’s and arjun’s favourite." Mom told me.

Now I want to remember who is arjun in my childhood, but I don’t remember anything. What to do?

"But sumi yesterday it,self I thought to tell you this, prakash told me that arjun is running his business now, but he wants to create his own identity. And he told that arjun’s idea is always different and successful one, but whenever he started new one it didn’t go well. So they have to close it.And prakash feels fishy somewhere in this matter " Dad told this to mom

"Our arjun is the brilliant boy and I am sure he will become a good business man in future. But did he lost his hope? Mano. So that he is managing his father’s business now" mom asked dad sadly.

"No, but prakash wants him to be more responsible before starting the new one again. So he convinced the arjun to manage his business for now." dad replied

"Kami, coming saturday we have to attend arjun’s marriage in T nagar vijiya mahal, chennai as they are planning in Chennai at the bride’s side request. So don’t make any plan on that day"Dad informed me.

I don’t know why, but this arjun topic is disturbing me so much.Oh my god this is not me, but what is happening to me.

I am thinking about someone’s would be husband. This is so wrong.

No kami, you can’t think about someone. Clear your mind.

"Kami, what are you thinking deeply. Did you hear what your dad told" mom shook me.

"Ah Amma,yeah, I heard amma. And I will plan accordingly. Ok," I replied

"What happened?" dad asked me

"Nothing daddy. I was just thinking about that...that I have to make an ofz call. Yeah, I am going to make a call" I replied dad and ran off to the bedroom.

I can’t able to do anything, he is distracting my mind.

kami, you are a very good girl right. So you can’t do this.

Whatever I do, but i can’t get him out of my mind. I don’t know why?

At last out of my curiosity, I asked my dad when we are having our lunch "Is it love or arrange marriage daddy?"

"Whose marriage"dad asked.

Am I becoming mental. I have to mention his name right.

Why are you behaving like a mad person kami.

Reply to their question now or else they will confirm that you are mad.

" Ah, daddy, Yeah I am asking about arjun’s marriage" I replied.

"He is not interested in marriage and all, but he is doing this for his grandma"dad told me.

"Why aunty is doing this to him. And also why he is not interested" mom asked dad.

Amma, I love you. Whatever I don’t know how to ask the dad. You made my work easy.

If she would have heard this, then your hand will be on your cheeks now.

Yeah right, what happened to my old kami. At that time dad started speaking so I started listening to him.

"I don’t know why he is not interested in marriage. I think may be he needed some more time to prepare for all this.And aunty thinks that arjun will be more responsible after his marriage. So she made him accept this marriage to her friend’s granddaughter."dad replied

I don’t know why, but I am not happy with this. Anyway, I have to accept it.

After that I tried to change my mind by using mobile, but you have to read that clearly. Yeah, I tried, but I am not able to. Then I went to the temple in the evening as it is saturday.

In the night I can’t able to sleep because of one person whom I didn’t even know how he looks.

Funny right, this is what my situation. May be is it what we call it as love?

Oh my god, No kami your parents are trusting you much. He is nobody. And he is getting married next week.

He is not yours. So let's sleep.

Like I don’t know when I slept with all these thoughts.

After that one week went like a blur with my work and friends. Sometime I will think about him, but I will always control my feeling because of my parents trust.

Tomorrow is saturday, my parents are helping his parents for his marriage from the past week.

Tomorrow only I am going to meet my parent friends and their family in the marriage.

You guys will think that I will be excited or sad right. I don’t know why, but I am feeling very nervous to attend this marriage. Like something is going to happen.

Whatever happens, I know god will always be with me.

With these thoughts, I slept that day.


At last first chapter is over.So how is it?

Amma-mother in tamil

frnds- friends,ofz - office

Anna-Brother in tamil.

next chaper will be our arjun’s intro.

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