The Gilmore brothers

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Amelia Jones a typical teenage girl a senior at high school. What she doesn’t know that one decision would change everything and someone from her past will walk back in her life that she never wanted to see again but will he change her mind

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Here comes queen b*tch

Ever think to yourself what was wrong with the person you had become or what you looked like, Well this is what i ask myself everyday.

My alarm went off about Fifteen minutes ago, i knew i didn't move my ass out of bed then my parents will no doubt be in my bedroom to get up and ready for school.

I got up and headed to my en-suite in my room to get showered and dressed. Once that was done, I walked into my room and i was right my parents knocked my door and opened it to tell me to get up.

" Breakfast Honey"

" Yeah birthers, be down in a few."

I sat down the at kitchen table to have breakfast.

"So whats on the agenda today kiddo" my dad asked

"Just school maybe either go to the gym or maybe hang out with the girls"

" sound good, i do love your friends Amelia" my mom mentioned"

I ate most my breakfast pile since i love food.. food is everything i really couldnt understand how girls would starve themselves or just eat salads.

After i finished eating my breakfast i swung my legs from under the table and took my plate to the sink, i gabbed my bag walked by the kitchen table to go to my car.

" Elliot hurry up before we are late for school, i will wait out in the car."

Once i got into my car i threw my bag in the backseat put my seatbelt and started the engine.. i was growing impatient with waiting on my supid brother so i started beating the horn like crazy.

He walks out the door five minutes later he wanders out with my parents behind him, mom gave him a kiss on the side of the head. They waved us goodbye and i drove us to school.

I parked my car in the school carpark, I turned the engine off and grabbed my bag from the back seat as elliot done the same. i turned to elliot with a warning look.

"Little brother please no touble today!"

"Ohh sis, People shouldnt start shit with me or my mates."

I just rolled my eyes and got out of the car, i walked up to school. i walked up to my locker to put my bag in and took my books out for my first class. Emma and Lilly my two best friends walked up to me, i gave them both a group hug and we walked to class.

At lunch time we sat at our usual table right at the back away from everyone.. i didnt get any lunch since i hadnt really been feeling good and didnt feel like eating but that didnt go unoticed by my friends.

"why didnt you get anything to eat for lunch?"

" i dont feel great.. i havent since i left school this morning."

I turned back around and noticed queen bitch walking up to our table narrowing her eyes to me, i just rolled my eyes right back at her.

" Here come the whorehouse herself with her sheep."

"ohh look Amelia thinks if she doesnt eat her lunch she'll get rid of her fatness" she laughed.

Now that bitch was seriously getting on my last nerve.

"Nah babe no fat here"

While saying this I lifted my top to show her my extremely toned stomach considering I work out at the gym most days.

"You must be really jealous of my body if your trying to say this is fatness"

I point to my toned stomach and laughed.

She scream and stormed out of the cafeteria with her little followers right behind her, I couldn't stop laughing .. matthew, Jensen and Christian sat down at our table, I rolled my eyes and turned back to my phone.

The rest of the day went rather smoothly but I did get a text message from my mom that I didn't need to take Elliot home because he decided to get into a fight in school.

I head towards the school carpark when I notice Brent Anderson at his own car with queen bitch hanging off his arm and him looking bored and secretly wishing it was me hanging off his arm but not with a bored expression like that I hoped. I had a crush on him.

I started running to my car before any of them see me, once I was safe in my car I drove to the gym. Once I had finished with my workout at the gym I headed to my car and drove home to get showered and get all my homework done even though I know I'm so far ahead like a month or so ahead of the rest of my class.

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