The Gilmore brothers

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Jasper Gilmore

Jaspers POV:

I sat in the lunchroom at working eating my lunch slowly I just didn't feel hungry at all. I think it was with worrying about Amelia, she's just so broken maybe no one else can see but I do.

Ever since he attacked her that day she changed so much, she rarely smiles she cries a lot, and just so fragile and won't come out her room and barely lets me near her. I miss her touch, she was that happy easy going girl I fell in love with but I won't give up on her she means too much to me.


I was at work stacking the shelves before lunch when my phone started buzzing with Jensen showing up the screen, of declined and went back to stack the shelves but my phone was going off again with Jensen phoning again. I answered quietly hoping it something important considering he should be at school which was strange.

"Alright bro"

"Jasper it's Amelia Christian attacked her in school it's bad .. Christian went after Emma because he seen us together and was saying nasty shit to Emma and Amelia screamed some illegal shit to him then slapped him then as she turned he grabbed her and bashed her head against the lockers it's so bad, Emma tried to wake her up but she won't so we called an ambulance after that we kicked the hell out of Christian."

" okay, I'm on my way I will meet yous at the hospital, thanks for phoning me brother."

I got into my car and quickly drove to the hospital, Jensen sent me a text telling me him and everyone else were on they're way to the hospital in amelias car.

I got to the hospital and quickly parked my car and ran into the hospital and straight to the reception and asked for Amelia. They wouldn't tell anything but told me to walk along the corridor on my left to the waiting room.

I found the waiting room where everyone was waiting , frankie was pacing back and forth and Olivia was on the one of the seat crying with Elliot. I walked over to frankie.

" what's going on frankie, do you know anything"

" it's critical they had to take her to get surgery there was bleeding on her brain"

After he said that I sunk to my knees and cried with my head in my hands. I felt my world collapse under me and then I felt someone come to me and hug me. I turned to see Jensen sitting with me crying. I've never I mean never seen my baby brother cry.

I couldn't lose Amelia now she's everything to me and I just got her to be mines and now I feel totally broken now, my mom ran while Jonathon and jake walked into the waiting room as she went straight to Olivia hugged her while they both cried.

It felt like days we had been waiting for someone to tell us something, I stood at the window while crying I just couldn't stop. The doctor came through the double doors of the waiting room.

"Family of Amelia Jones" we all rushed over to him.

"Yes doctor, we are her parents, is she okay" Olivia cried.

"We stopped the bleeding on the brain but we won't know anything or what damage it has caused until she wakes."

"Okay thank you doctor. When can we see her."

"Only immediate family for now but you can see her in an hour or so I will come and get you as she needs to be moved to the recovery."

About an hour later the doctor told Olivia, frankie and Elliot they can go through to see Amelia. I wanted to see her so bad it hurts but I knew had to wait until i was allowed when she is awake.

A few hours later Olivia came through the double doors of the waiting room we all stood up.

" Jasper honey, Amelia is awake and is asking for you." I sighed with relief with new tears falling and I swiped them away following Olivia to see my girl. I was happy to know she alive and here.

A week or so they released her but the side effects of what that fucker done to her and the surgery affected her head and eyes, they said things will probably go back to normal.

I took a few days off to spend with Amelia but she slept most of the but I didn't mind though I just wanted her to go back to her happy easy going self but this is would effect her more than any of us could of imagined but we find this out later.

Few months later and Today was a good day, her doctor told her she could come off her medication that her eyes are 80% back to normal and it may take a month or so for her eyes and head to go back completely normal.


Today she was returning to school, I just hope she will be okay.. I didn't tell anyone but since that day I've barely slept with worry but I just take wake me up pill I bought and they help. As for Amelia she wasnt herself at all she shut everyone out, doesn't leave her room unless she's eating or appointments. Me and Emma and Elliot have tried but she won't have any of it. She always seems scared or more terrified is better word for it, she's just so broken and I feel so helpless I just want her to feel happy again.

I decided to come home for lunch today since I hated eating out and my moms cooking is amazingly good. I was in the kitchen finishing with my lunch when I heard my mom come in. She was usually here so I’m wondering where she was. I go to walk into the living and see Amelia sitting on the couch looking very pale. I rushed over to her to make sure she was okay, she assured me she was okay but I wasn’t convinced but I let it go and took her up to my bedroom to lay down on my bed. I lay down with her until it was time to go back to work.

I message Amelia to check up on her before I go back after my lunch break is over.

" hey babygirl, how are you feeling, I love you babygirl xxx"

"Hey babe, I'm okay I think but I think we need to talk there's a few things I need to tell you about what's been going on with me lately. I've just left your house and heading over to mine to speak to my Parents about school, will I see you after work? I love you too babe xxx"

"Yeah I will come over after dinner if that's okay, I gotta get back before my boss kicks my ass, I love you xxx”.

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