The Gilmore brothers

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Dinner and carnival

After speaking to my parents they agreed I should do the rest of the school year online considering I'm quite ahead of my classes. Today they were going into the school to get me all my things from my lockers and whatever books I needed for studying and work for my finals.

The only time I will need to go into the school is when I'm doing my finals and graduation. Jasper came over last night after work and I let him know what been going on with me.. the nightmares, feeling terrified 24-7 since We went to that restaurant.

I wished I told him and my parents soon, I don't like keeping secrets and I know I have changed with the trauma that I have to start seeing a therapist for.

I was setting up my online classes when I heard my dads car parking in our driveway. I just stayed in my room because that's all I done now when I was home unless it was eating time which I didn't feel like doing a lot or when my parents needed me for something. My bedroom was my safe place where I felt no one could harm me.

I heard my mom shouting on me when they came into the house. Probably to help make dinner which was annoying considering I didn't feel like helping but I did it anyways.

"Just coming mom" I shouted back.

I walked down stair to the kitchen where Emma, Eli and my parents where.

"Hey birthers"

"Hi Amelia" my dad replied while rolling his eyes to what I just called him and mom.

"What's up, you called me down"

"Yeah here, that's all your books for the rest of your school year and all your stuff from your locker."

"Thank you mom and daddo" I laughed knowing he hated being called that.

"Amelia Jones what have I told you about calling me that"

"Well you said not to call you it but I like it so"

"Are you okay honey, you don't seem yourself."

"I guess I'm okay but I have been thinking, I think I need to go see a therapist because it's not healthy how I'm living barely eat or seeing and too scared to leave the house"

"Okay honey, we will make an appointment with the family doctor to see if they can refer us to one"

" that's great mom thanks"

I walked up stairs with my stuff from school. Once I was in my room I went straight to my en-suit bathroom and showered. Ever since I had been attacked I have been showering four times a day, Constantly cleaning my room making sure everything is in its right place and changing my bed daily.

Later on that day Emma come into my room with lily. I missed them but I just pushed them away but I'm glad they have been so good and staying being my best friends.

"Hey girl" they both said when they came in.

"Hey" I said quietly, when this first happened they knew it would change but didn't know how much which they found out very quickly. Emma still blames herself for what happen but I keep having to remind her it was mines.

"How has school been, I miss being there with you guys"

"Mehhh! Same shit different day" Emma said while lilly smiled.

"Can't wait you graduation to get the hell out of that hell hole" Lilly chimed in .

They stayed in my room before we decided to go to the local diner to get my out of the house for a while which I think my parents are glad of, they worried so much I was scared Eli would start to hate me and that though made me feel awful.

We got to the diner and sat down at a booth, a few minutes later Jasper, Jensen and Matthew came in and sat down at our booth.

"What you'd guys doing here" I asked. Feeling confused then I thought they were all up to something hmm🤔.

"Ohh is.. ehh well we were hungry and were nearby" he stuttered.

"All right" I said with a eye roll knowing fine well my friends were up to something to get me out since every-time Emma or Jasper ask I would Refuse actually I wouldn't leave the house unless it was for appointments.

We all ate our food and headed to the carnival since it was still here in town for the winter period. Once we all got to the carnival we all went separate ways in pairs for the rides.

Me and jasper headed towards the Ferris wheel, I bloody hated that thing it scared me shitless. Jasper dragged me over to que up for it.

"Jasper" I whined.

"Ohh come on live a little baby"

" more like fall at our deaths when the wheel falls off the stand and we did, don't tell me I didn't warm you."

He started laughing while I rolled my eyes at him. Ladies and gentlemen we have a comedian and his name is Jasper Gilmore.

We got secured after me checking the back twice no I actually checked it 5 times making sure it was secure. The wheel started I closed my eyes tight while gripping onto jaspers arm tight and I was surprised I didn't cut the circulation off.

"Amelia will you open your eyes" he laughed and I smacked his arm.

"Not a change until this things stops on the ground."

Then suddenly it stops and I open my eyes and quickly shut them again and started crying.

"Jasperrr... we are going to die and I told you this would happen, so as ghosts I will tell you I told you so.

"Amelia, please will you open your eyes and look at me, I have a surprise for you"

I turned around and slightly opened one eyes to see Jasper hole a small square velvet box, yeah not what your thinking. I stared at the box then slowly looked up to Jasper with big eyes. He opened the box to reveal this beautiful white gold bracelet with charms.

"Amelia babygirl I wanted to give you this a while back but you never wanted to go out so I had to get your friends involved in my plans which worked perfectly. I did plan on giving you this on our first date but with everything that going on at the moment I didn't find the right time to ask you to go out as I asked you to go out a walk most days but you always said no so I asked Emma and Lully if they could get you to go to the diner and go tot the carnival it would be the perfect time to give you this" he said sheepishly.

"Jasper I'm so sorry, I just felt if I leave my house I'm not protected just like I wasn't protected that day. I mean what if he attacks me again but this time he kills me.. but I did speak to my parent, I have decided I need to see a therapist because right now I'm just existing not living and I want to live my life. I want to be happy again, I know this has been so hard on you and don't say it hasn't, I see they bags under your eyes and you look worried all the time"

"Yeah it's been hard on all of us but it's just because we are so worried about you. I feel like I'm losing you but by bit because what that fucker done to you."

"Your not losing me babe I just need a little help and guidance from a therapist."

"Okay babygirl , would you want me come with you" by this time I hadn't even notice the wheel had been moving for a while and it was time to get which I was glad of.

"Yeah please I can't do this without you, you have been my rock since all this happened ." He stopped me to put my bracelet on and I smiled widely at him and gave him a kiss.

After the kiss we headed to the consession stand to get something to eat since we both love food.

"Have you had a good time tonight"

"The best, this here is exactly what I have been needing, I know everything that has happened hasn't been easy on you or my parents. See the thing is I'm not the same person anymore I'm Damaged now." I said to Jasper while looking down at my feet.

He lifted my chin and made me look at him " Amelia your not damaged and yeah it's been hard on all of us because we feel so helpless but what you went through is so much worse" he kissed me lightly the. We walked to the nearest table and sat down and ate our food.

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