The Gilmore brothers

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First therapy session

After my date with Jasper things seemed to be better with us. I had been attending my therapy sessions with my Jasper but at first he couldn't come in but now I'm more comfortable to talk so he comes in and listens while my therapist writes things and listens and asking certain questions. The first session was horrific for so let go back to that day.

So we left my house to go to my session, "everything will be fine I will be with you and they won't hurt you"

"But what if they do, I mean you never really know a person well since I have known Christian since we were kids and he turned out to be the way he is"

"But that doesn't mean everyone will turn out to be bad, this doctor only wants to help you get better that's all baby girl "

"Okay" is all I could say then I turned to look back out the car window. The rest of the journey was silent but a comfortable silence.

We got to the doctors offfice and went straight to the reception desk where the receptionist was sitting at a computer typing away. Jasper gave her my name and date of birth and phone number and she told us to take a seat and to be called.

About half an hour later the receptionist told me what room to go to that the doctor was ready to see me.

Me and jasper walked into o the off the receptionist told us to go to, I knocked lightly and a middle aged woman with blonde hair opened the door and smiled at me warmly.

"Hi Amelia, I'm dr Addams please come in and have a seat and she shake hand with Jasper too, so Amelia how has your day been so far today, I know this is probably very uncomfortable for you."

"It's been okay I guess, laid in bed until I have to get ready to come here so not a lot of things happen in my day since I stay in my room all day everyday since I'm safe there."

"Do can you tell me what sort of things you like it can be anything even if your talking about things you used to like before the incident."

"Well I'm not into much anymore since I don't feel safe anywhere even when I'm with someone but I used to like going out with my friends, school which I don't go to now, running for exercise barely done that since all this happened , and spending time with family friends and jasper which I don't do because of issues now, also I love writing at the moment that a new thing I picked up since having nightmares writing helps me calm down."

"So tell me about your nightmares."

"Well I relive the attack every time all the nightmare are the same but in the dream he has a knife and stabs me repeatedly and just before I die I wake up" I said with tears falling down my cheeks I haven't told him anyone the details and now jasper knows and probably thinks I'm crazy and also wants to dump my crazy ass.

"Okay" she kept writing while I spoke since I came into her office.

"Amelia, I can see how badly this incident has affected you so we will stop here, I will write you medication to help you with the anxiety and nightmares. I will see you in 3 days time but would you be able to come into the office alone for the next couple of sessions alone as I want to help you as quickly as possible."

"Okay, thank you dr Addams" I shook her hand and left.

We walked out to the car in silence, I didn't feel like talking and didn't know what to say to jasper because now he know everything about my nightmares.

The car journey was quiet and eventually I feel asleep in the car. I had the nightmare right in front of jasper. He tried to walk me up making me panic that I pulled my seatbelt off and opened the car door jumping out which knocked me out cold since the car was still moving.

I woke up in a hospital bed, I was so confused how the hell I got here. Jasper came out the bathroom that was in my room and rushed over to me.

"Whattt happened, how did I get here and why am I here" I asked jasper not remembering how I got here.

"Well you fell asleep in the car and you were having a nightmare, I tried to shake you awake but you went into panic mode and you were screaming then unbuckled your seatbelt off and jumped out of my car while I was still driving and it knocked you out cold.

"Ohh god" I started shaking my head in my hands. " I'm so sorry for this and this is why I don't sleep. I hate him so much he has truly ruined me"

"It's okay Amelia, but you need to tell me everything that your going through so I can try help or even just understand" a few seconds later the doctor walked in with my parents and Sarah behind them.

"Hi Amelia, how are you feeling, you gave everyone a fright there."

"Feeling okay just confused and sore"

"That's expected with jumping out a moving car"

"When can I go home doctor"

"In a fe hours one I have the paperwork filled out and I will come back and let you but please try and get some rest until then or I can't send you home." I nodded and lay down.

"Jasper will you lay down me and I could do with some of your cuddles" I winked at him and he laughed.

" of course baby I could never say no to cuddle my now move over a bit" I giggled and pulled him into a kiss which I knew he was surprised about.

After the car incident thing were starting to get better the medication started to help and I was always in my room. I spent most days at jaspers because my parents worked weekdays and I kept Sarah company when I was doing my online classes for school.

Prom was coming up and I didn't know if I wanted to go so I seen my therapist a week early so I would speak to her about it.

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