The Gilmore brothers

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A promise

The next morning I woke up early since I didn't have a hangover anymore and done my morning run to sweat the rest of alcohol out of my system. After I got back from I run I showered and headed down stairs for breakfast.

I walked into the kitchen to grab some water from the fridge.

"Hi darling" my dad said sounding surprised.

"Hi dad, good morning" I said smiling.

"What's for breakfast birthers"

"Well if you call us that again nothing for you" my dad said while my mom laughed.

We all sat down eating breakfast chatting about normals things when I spoke up for everyone to listen.

"Everyone I need your advice on something really important."

"Your not moving out" my dad said

"Your not pregnant are you" my mom asked worried. While Emma and Elliot stayed quiet.

"Ehh no and definitely not"

"Here's the thing ive been about something and I hope you guys support me. I want to meet up with Christian, it's time for me to forgive him and confront him for me to be able to move on"

They all stared at me shocked as tears fell down my cheek.

"Have you spoken to dr Addams about this" my dad asked me worriedly.

"Yeah I have actually quite a lot I mean the more we spoke about the more it made sense to me for me to be able to fully be happy I need to do this dad."

"Okay we support you honey" my mom said.

"Thank you mom and dad" I stood up hugging them both.

"Emma, can you try and speak with Christian and let me know if and when please"

"Yeah sure I'll try my best" she replied.

I sat back down and ate the rest of my breakfast. Emma and was Lito left for school. Ever since I started to feel myself I wanted to go back to school but I just kept it to myself since finals were just around the corner. I got up and put my plate in the sink and headed up stairs.

I was studying in my room when someone knocked on my door.

"Hey babygirl" jasper said walking in my room.

"Hey babe" I replied.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go out for a ride in the car"

"Yeah why not but where to though"

"It's a surprise but no need to dress special just dress casual"

"Okay babe, give me five minutes"

"Okay baby I will wait in the car for"

He gave me a kiss on the head and let me to get ready. I went to my wardrobe and grabbed a white summer dress

With white heals.

I went into my bathroom quickly put some mascara and lippy on and sprayed myself and headed down stairs.

I walked into the kitchen to let my parents know I was going out.

"Where are you going sweetie".

"Jasper wants to take me out to somewhere but said it was a surprise when I asked."

"Okay honey, you look lovely, hope you have a great time and be safe." She winked.

"Mommm!!, we aren't going to have sex since I'm not ready for that yet and anyways dad would make him a woman by cutting his boys off." I laughed.

"Damn right I will make him a woman" me and my mom laughed even harder. My parents started staring and smiling widely.


"It's just we haven't heard your laugh in so long and we are so happy your beginning to feel happy again".

"Yeah me too but I got to go I told jasper I'd only be five minutes and I've probably been about half an hour. Bye mom and dad and I will I'll try not be too late."

I headed out to jaspers car and noticed him on the phone. I just walked slower so he could finish the call and whoever he was talking to.

He came off the phone and emailed at me. I didn't smile back and he soon frowned at me but I didn't care. I got into the care and fastened my seat belt and told jasper I was ready to go.

The car ride was quiet, I didn't really feel like talking and the fact he's been sitting in his car on the phone to someone else while waiting on me and not even making an effort to talk to me. I just wanted to go back home since I felt shitty now.

He drove us to the outskirts of town to this little field with wild flowers and trees. I looked towards it in total amazement, I loved how wild flowers didn't care they were different from each other. Jasper and I got out of the car, while I was walking slowly gliding my hand ever so slightly over the top of the flowers. Jasper got the picnic basket out the boot of the car.

"It's beautiful isn't it"

"Yeah it is, maybe people should visit here and think of they're life choices"

"What do you mean is everything okay"

"I mean these flowers don't care that they are all different but still grow together. People should t care if your rich or poor, sexuality or colour. The thing is some people think they are better than other just because their financial states and think they have the right to degrade people because they don't fit into they're category but people are entitled to be different and it's no ones place to tell them differently."

That's what I love about you most, such w caring, generous and kind until the give you a reason not to be"

"It's just how my parents raised me"

"Come sit with me"


Jasper later a blanket down on the grass so we could sit down. He started pulling loads of foods out of the basket.

"My mom made up the basket, it was her idea about doing this since this is all new to me"

"Thank you babe, this is so beautiful and this is the best place I've ever been to."

"I wanted to do something special for my girl. I love you so damn much and when I'm not with you I have this ache in my chest. Your my universe and I can never imagine my life without you and I don't ever want to either but I do want to ask you something."

By this time I was a crying mess because everything he had just said I felt the exact same.

"Whattt" I cried

"Amelia Jones, my babygirl will you accept this promise ring in a promise to you that one day In the future I will replace it with an engagement ring"

I stood up " yes yes a million time yes " he put the ring on my finger lifting me up and spinning us around.

"I love you so much babygirl"

"I love you to so much babe, you complete me"

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