The Gilmore brothers

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Unexpected news

The next day I woke up about ten am. I really needed that sleep, yesterday was just too much between the meeting with Christian then fighting with jasper which. The thing we our furry proper fight and it was a big ass one too.

I jumped in for shower and got dressed. I headed down stairs but it was really quiet which meant my parents and were at work and Emma and Elliot were at school. I decided just to make some toast since I didn't feel that all hungry.

I grabbed a plate for my toast and a bottle of water and headed up stairs. After my breakfast if you can call it breakfast I checked my phone and had a message from jasper that if he could over and told him yes and he message me back that he would be over in ten minutes. I was starting to feel nervous after yesterday I didn't know what side of jasper I would see today.

About ten minutes later my front door bell went. I knew it wouldn't be jasper as he just walks in. Who could be at the door. I walked down the stairs and opened the door to a brunette girl who I've never seen and looked at her confused.

"Hi, can I help you"

"Hi, yeah my name is Emilie stone I'm Christians stone's cousin. I wanted to come see on but after you dropped Christian off last night he tried to kill himself, I just wanted to let you know because I seen him yesterday and he said you both were meeting."

"Please come in and sit down. Oh my god" I cried as I sat down.

"Is he okay I mean as okay as he can be, is this my I just wanted to move on from this whole thing and now I have caused this" I rambled.

"Ohh nooo don't blame yourself he has done this a few time since his life isn't the greatest which I can't tell of but I just want to come and tell you in cause you tried to contact him that he won't be able to contact through messages or call for the next six months."

"I really wish I knew how bad his life was. Is there any chance I can visit him"

"Not at the moment but after a month if he follows his doctor's instructions and does well in getting better he will be able to get visitors so we could go together if you want to"

"Yeah, give me your phone and I will truly on my phone numbed and can't you give me updates until we can visit"

"Sure, here" she handed me her phone.

"I'll let you know of any changes but I have to get going but we'll talk soon."

"Okay, thankyou for coming and tell him from me to get batter." I hugged her goodbye and she left. I went back up to my room to have a few missed calls and messages from jasper.

Hey baby, I've been called into work, I finish at five so can I come after I finish please -jasper

Hey, yeah sure, we gave a lot to talk about - Amelia

I pulled everything I needed for studying. I studies for a few hours then got changed into my running clothes since it was still a few hours before jasper came over.

I went to for my normal run, running around my neighbourhood. A lot of people go running to keep fit but for me it was relaxing but I did go to the gym for exercise. I stopped at the bench at the park before running back home. I saw kids playing and laughing not a care in the world.

I decide to walk back home since the weather wasn't too bad with it being nearly summer time. I decided to stop at the coffee shop for a iced-tea and I bumped into Sarah in the coffee shop and we sat in a booth.

"How are you honey"

"Yeah okay I guess"

"What's yo you can tell me"

"Well yesterday I met with Christian because I wanted to forgive him and my therapist suggested it would help me move on. So I forgot to mention it to jasper the other day when he took me on our date. Yesterday he must have saw me taking Christian home, when I got home he was arguing with my parents then he and I started arguing about it so I left because it became too much so I went to the lake for a bit but he does want to talk later but I'm scared how the talk will go."

" honey please understand something about all my boys they are twits and also I think jasper needs a trampoline and if he says one thing out of line or starts another argument you call me and I will sort his ass out." I giggled and she laughed.

We drank our drinks and headed home in Sarah's car. Once I got home I got a drink of water from the fridge and headed upstairs for a shower since I stunk of sweat.

I shouted and dressed in sweats. I studies for my finals since they're a week away. I just hope I get into one of my top 3 college's if not then hopefully one of the three local colleges I applied for. I studies for a few hours then decide to binge watch some pretty little liars.

I sent a message to Emilie.

"Hey, it's Amelia. If you see Christian today can you send my best and let me know how he is doing xx-amelia

"Hey, I will do, I'm on my ways there just now will text you in a bit xx-Emilie

I lay watching the tv then someone knocked on my bedroom door.

"Yeah come in" jasper walked over to my bed and sits at the edge while taking my hands in his.

"Hey babygirl"

"Hey babe" I said sadly.

"I'm so sorry for yesterday I know I was wrong to react the way I did without asking you about it first but can you explain it to me please baby"

"Well me and dr Addams had been speaking of forgiveness and at first I didn't see her point but the more we spoke about it the more it made sense to me and the other day I spoke to my parents about it and they supported me as long it was the right decision."

"Then I asked Emma to set up a day and time. I met him on the coffee shop, we spoke and some the things he told me were heartbreaking.

Jasper he's been an alcoholic since the age of fourteen because his home life which he said he wasn't ready yet to tell me. The day of the accident he came into school drunk because something at home happened then Emma broke up with him and he just snapped when he seen Emma and Jensen together and this morning his cousin came to my door and told me he tried to kill himself last night. I was to be his friend again jasper he's so broken I couldn't live with myself if I don't try be his friend and help him." I had tears falling by the time I had finished talking.

"I understand babygirl, you have such a kind heart and soul. I'm not going to lie I hate what happened but if what he says is true then no one deserves that kind of life and I support you but we need to find out what he's been going through, someone at his age should be an alcoholic."

"Thankyou" I threw my arms around his neck. " thankyou for understanding and I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was meeting up with him I totally forgot about it with that amazing date you took me on. Jasper when I did meet up with Christian, he wasn't the same person we knew. He's was so broken like a shell of himself. When he is allowed visitors at the facility he's in I'm going to visit him okay"

"Okay baby, do you want me to come with you"

"No it's okay, his cousin said she would come with me but thanks for offering."

"Anything for you baby"

I smiled and happy we could fix everything and so glad he supports me but I just need my friends to do the same but will they who knows!"

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