The Gilmore brothers

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Hotel madness

We checked in then wee give a card key for our room while someone show us to our room. We walked in and it was a nice cosy room with full glass windows with a living area, kitchen and two double bedrooms which I was confused about.

Then I thought maybe jasper didn't want to pressure me to sleep in the same bed as him but what he didn't know that's exactly what I wanted and to be cuddled up to him.

He sat on the edge of the bed in one of the bedrooms and I walked in and sat down next to him.

"Are you okay jasper"

Yeah baby I just didn't think you would want to sleep in the same and that's I booked this room because I didn't want you to be pressured to be in the same bed" he rambled.

I got and sat down on his legs straddling him with my legs wrapped around him and kissed him to stop talking.

The kiss was sweet and caring then turned passionate and urgent with us ripping each other's clothes off. He lay me down on the bed with just my bra and panties on.

He looked at me with desire in his eyes. He hovered over me then started peppering kisses all over my body which set my body on fire with each kiss I couldn't get enough. He hooked his fingers under them taking them off in one swift. He soon put his lips down on me sending me over the edge.

"What the hell was that"

"Well baby that was your first ever orgasm."

I decided to return the favour by telling him to lay down on the bed as I went down on him. I put his full length in my mouth bobbling my head up and down giving him please. He suddenly grabbed a hold of my head which made me moan then he pulled away looking defeated.

"Did I do something wrong"

"Ohh baby you did nothing wrong but I nee to be inside you right now which I know your not ready for, so we need to stop"

"Ohh okay" I said sadly.

We bought put clothes on, jasper gave me of if his shirts to put on and we got under the covers and lay down. I cuddle into him laying on his chest while he ran his fingers through my hair making me fall asleep.

Jaspers POV:

laying down with Amelia asleep peacefully, he breathing evened our now. I hate how hurt so is right by the people that mean the most to her and her graduation is in a few days which should be a happy time for her with her friends which right now does t seem lightly that she will sit or even go.

I messaged Amelia's mom to let her know she was okay and that she will be home tomorrow. I put my phone down and was ready to lay down and go to sleep when my phone started ringing, I quickly grabbed it and noticed it was Jensen phoning.

"What do you want Jensen"

"Ehh well I'm phone I g because I have an upset girlfriend because he so called best friend said nasty shit to her" Jensen shouted down the phone.

"Ehh a bloody minute Jensen, firstly you, your girlfriend and your little friends decided to push Amelia aside because she wants to be friends with Christian, which if I remember right she never asked any of you or me to be his friends and only wanted all of us to understand her reason but we didn't. So before you come ranting and raving get your facts right because what Amelia has said were just facts at dinner she said she was done with you all. Does that sound nasty to you Jensen?"

"Well no but"

"No buts if you could get your head out of your ass or should I say your girlfriend ass gang you would realise that Amelia has never done a bad thing in her life but yous had made her feel worse than she ever had just because she wanted to give a person in need some compassion and whatever else you've got to say just don't, I don't want to hear it bye Jensen"

In my rant to my brother I hadn't realised that Amelia had woken up. She looked at me with glassy eyes and looked so hurt.

"Hey baby, sorry I woke you, I couldn't let it go, this isn't on it when they are the ones in the wrong room Emma playing the victim when it was you that went through hell and back. Back to the girl I fell in love with.

"It's just I feel so alone at time I don't want to be that broken person again and believe me I'm fighting every single day. I have a appointment with dr Addams tomorrow morning before I go to the school for graduation preparations"

"Okay babygirl I love you so damn much"

"I love you too so much jasper"

We lay down on the bed just having Amelia in my arm's right now felt amazing. Her birthday is in three days and I planned something really special but tomorrow I will have to have a few words with some people.

Around 4am I had falling asleep because the next thing I know I felt a lump on top of me and kisses going down my body.

"Morning" I said rubbing my eyes.

"Morning babe" she replied with a cheeky grin.

"What time is it"

"7am" she smiled.

"Not that I'm complaining but what's got you so happy"

"Well one it's a new day and two I'm wanting to explore like last night" I can't stop thinking about it and sex."

"Well when you say it like I can't say no"

She kiss me passionately then kissed down my body light making my manhood come alive. She stopped at the waistband of my shorts. She looked up at me with a cheeky smile then pulled my shorts off in own swift.

Her lips wrapped around my hardness, giving me pleasure I have never felt, yes I've never done anything with anyone except last night with Amelia, I felt myself close so I pulled her up to me.

"Hey! What you doing I wasn't finished"

"Well I want to make sure your ready for this because you only get one first time"

"Yes babe. I'm beyond ready" she said rolling her eyes.

"Okay, wait a sec" I got up and got protection from my wallet.

I roll on the protection and positioned myself between her legs.

"Ready for the ride of the rest of our life's" I waited for her approval.

"Yes baby" she winked at me

I slid into her letting her adjust to my size and as soon as she adjusted I started thrusting in and out of her and she soon copied my movements as we moved together soon she found her release I found mines groaning.

I pulled out pulling off the protection and noticed nothing was in it. My eyes widened.

"You okay babygirl"

"Yeah babe, but that hurt like hell I hope it doesn't hurt so bad next time but that was just wow like amazing wow"

"Okay good but listen.. I think the protection broke" holding up the empty one we just used.

"What da fuck jasper" she shouted

"I know, but what do you want to do because if you don't want it we can go to the pharmacy to get a pill but it's totally up to you though."

"I don't know jasper, if I am I don't think I could just kill it"

"I know baby I'm so sorry but know your the only girl I've anything more than a kiss with."

"What" she shouted again.

"Yeah, shocker ehh" I laughed.

The thing with rumours is sometimes that all they are and other times they may be the truth but the majority of people believe the rumour before learning the truth.

We got ready and headed to Amelia's doctors office. I dropped her off and told her I'd be back to pick her up after her appointment.

I drove home, I parked into my driveway and went inside. Jensen and Emma were in the kitchen when I walked in .. I needed to speak to both of them.

"Hi" Emma said.

"Hey Emma, can you explain to me why you two and everyone has iced Amelia out"

"It's not like that, I mean yeah I was upset at first just because everything she went through but now I see why she wants to be his friend. But now she won't even sit in the same room and I've probably lost my best friend" Emma started crying.

"Right, listen to me, Amelia's really hurting because no one has been there for her recently so she does what she knows. She shuts people out while losing herself in the process.

Her birthday is in a couple of day and I booked out a full restaurant so you and everyone else has a day to fix this mess"

"Okay I will call Lilly and Matt"

"Ok, good" I said walking away.

I went upstairs to take a shower. I got dried and read the I went down stairs to make a sandwich since I felt hungry but didn't want anything too heaving since I was taking Lilly out for a meal.

I sat down on the stool and ate my sandwich while checking my phone, I had to leave and pick up Amelia in half an hour. I hope her session went well with dr Addams.

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