The Gilmore brothers

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The neighbours

After my shower I went down stairs to help mom with dinner like I always did but when I got to the kitchen I saw Sarah had been invited over and Is helping mom with dinner so I head towards the fridge and get a bottle of water.

Sarah Henson was my mom's best friend from high school and our next door neighbour, she was like another mom to me considering she had 4 boys, there Johnathon Gilmore he was the oldest then you have Jasper who is 19 years and who I hate with a passion , then you have Jenson who is at school with me and same age as me and then you have Jake who is best friends with my brother Elliot who are both 15.

So yeah Sarah treats me like her daughter.

"Hey darling, how was your gym session"

" Yeah good mom"

" Hi sarah, how are you"

" I'm great just glad to finally have a day off work"

" How are you doing Amelia"

" Yeah good just can't wait to be done with school and the idiots in it" I laughed

" Yeah you always get one don't you"

" Yeah, well mom I'm going up to my room to start my homework till dinner is ready .. will you give me a shout when it's ready"

"Yeah honey"

I sat down at my desk and started on my homework when my phone suddenly went off flashing Emma's name.

"Hi em. What's up"

" Can I come over my parents are fighting again and I need quietness to do my home and I can't do it here" she cried

"Yeah of course you can, if you want pack a bag and stay at mine , you know my parents love you. When you get here just walk in no need to ring the bell and come up to my room."

Twenty minutes later Emma walks into my room, she sat on my bed for a moment then decided to lay down on the bed and sigh.

"What were your parenting fighting about now?"

"Oh nothing they don't usually fight about my dad cheating, my mom's drinking blaa blaa blaa .. I just so sick of it"

"Oh Emma I'm so sorry you have to go through this everyday it's just not fair on you, if you want I can ask my parents to clear out the spare room for you."

"Oh Amelia." She cries

"I don't know I mean I adore your parents but I dont want to burden them with my problems."

"Emma don't be silly my parents love you like another daughter, you can't live there anymore it's gone on too long and it's not healthy for you and you'll be eighteen in a months time anyway."

"I know Amelia but I don't want to bring trouble and I don't even have a job."

" Well after Sarah goes home we will sit down with my parents and explain to them everything that's been happening and I know they will say yes to you living here."

" Ok, thankyou so much Amelia your the bestest friend always there when I really need you."

I hugged her and she cried so much it broke my heart to see her suffering like this I hated her parents for putting her through this I mean your supposed love you children.

She cried herself to sleep in my arms so I lay her down on my bed and went back to my desk to finish my homework, I done Emma's too since it was the same homework as mines and I knew she wouldn't have it in on time with her sleeping right now."

About an hour later my dad came in to my room quietly.

"Hey darling, dinner is ready."

He looked at my bed and then back at me with sad eyes.

"Dad can Emma and me speak to you and mom when everyone is away home."

"Of course darling everything okay"

"No not for Emma right now but I need to speak with you both with Emma is that okay"

"Yes darling but if it is to ask if she can move in here the answer will be yes, we love her like our own.. I will speak to mom and she will be happy have Emma here permanently" I just nodded.

He walked out my room and closed the door quietly."

I quickly finished the rest of Emma's homework then put it in her bag, I gently shook Emma awake to tell her it's time to get up.

" Em, time to get up babe dinner is ready."

"Uhh okay, how long have I been sleeping "

"Oh about an hour or so"

"Oh shit, my homework I won't have it done in time for tomorrow's class then I will fail and not graduate with you and Lilly" she cried.

" Emma calm down, I done your homework while you were asleep and since it is the same home work as mines I done it for you just changed it a bit from mines so they didn't notice.. I also know you probably havent had a proper nights sleep since being at christians."

"Omg thankyou so much Amelia I don't know how I could ever repay you for this and yeah well that's the last time I will be at christians" she said this while looking at the floor.

"What do you mean the last time Emma? And you can do me one thing to repay me"

"Well I broke up with him because I have fell out of love with him Amelia .. but he was so hurt but I can't be in a relationship if I don't feel anything." What can I do anything"

"Well if that's truly how you feel then I'm happy your doing the right thing .. he will be hurt for a while but he'll get over it.. and you can move into the spare room."

"But we have even spoke to your parents yet, they might not want me to live here."

" Well my dad came in earlier and seen you sleeping on my bed, but I told him that we wanted to speak to him and my mom when everyone went home but before he left my room he said if it to ask if you could move into the spare room the answer would be yes and that he will talk to my mom for us. Tomorrow we will go by your house and pack all your stuff after school."


She jumped off the bed and hugged me tight as I laughed. We walked down stairs to go get dinner .. as I came to the bottom of the stairs I heard a lot of more voice than I did earlier when I came down to help with dinner".

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