The Gilmore brothers

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I come out of Dr Addams office. I felt good after that session, we spoke about what was going on with my friends and me. She explained why my friends were angry and that it is time to sit down with them and fix our friendships before it becomes too late.

I got to the waiting area and saw jasper sitting on a seat reading a magazine.


"Hey baby, how was your session."

"Yeah was a really good one. But I need to sit down with my friends and fix this mess before it gets worse and we can't come back from it plus it's making me miserable and it's not fair on my parents playing referee."

"I think your right Amelia, I just want my girl happy again but first things first I wanted to take you out to lunch."

"Thankyou but I need to go home to get showered and change because I skink." I laughed.

We got into the care and drove home and once jasper drove into the driveway, i ran into my house with jasper behind me laughing. I opened my front door and walked into the house to see my parents, my friends and I Elliot all sitting in the living.

My parents stood up and my mom looked terrible. My parents ran over to me and pulled into they're arm then I felt another set of arms and looked up to see Elliot with tears in his eyes. I have only seen Elliot cry a handful of times.

"Hey Eli, why are you crying"

"I've missed my big sis and I'm so sorry for treating you the way I have lately and for being a jackass in general." He sniffled.

"It's okay Eli" all is forgiven and forgotten."

"Will you forgive us too" Emma said sadly.

"Of course I will" I pulled out of my parents arms and walked over to my friends and hugged them all tight .. god I've missed them so damn much.

We all talked for a while. They now understand that being friends is more important than being angry. They also agreed that's putting the past in the past is best. I gave everyone a hug and headed upstairs to showered and changed.

"Do you think she will be okay" my mom asked my dad.

"I really hope so Liv" he replied worriedly.

I got ready putting jeans, a pink blouse and my converse of course and went down stairs and waited on jasper. Jasper walked in to the kitchen looking crazily hot.

"Ready babygirl"


I waved goodbye to everyone and left with jasper and got into jaspers car. He drove us to this small restaurant in the city. He parked the car into the car park near the restaurant. I put my arms through jaspers arms as we walked to the restaurant.

The restaurant was explicit with details of the place. The waiter showed us to a table and we sat down as the waiter handed us menus.

"This place.. it's just beautiful jasper" I said wishfully.

"I thought you would love it here as I do and it's never really busy since you need to book it but since my uncle owns the place I get a free pass."

I stared at him my mouth agape " what" I didn't know you had any extended family except your grandparents, which btw the way how are they"

"Yeah my uncle like to invest into small businesses. And my grandparents are great, do you want to visit them with me on Friday."

"He must be a great mans to do that, of course I would love to visit them it's been so long since I last seen them." I smiled

We ordered well after jasper helped me since I didn't understand what the words mean. The waiter brought drinks over while we waited for our food. It didn't take long until the food arrived. We talked about everything while we ate, I miss this feeling with being generally happy and I missed spending time with Jasper.

"I'm going to visit Christian tomorrow" I said with a slight smile.

"Ohh really, how do you feel about it"

"I'm happy I'm able to do it"

"I'm happy for you baby, since your birthday is coming up I have a surprise and all I can say is you and the girls go out and find the most beautiful dresses you all can find for you all."

"Ohh please tell me" giving him my sad eyes knowing g he'd cave if I done long enough.

"Nope" popping the p.

"Okay" I shrugged my shoulders "but just know that shined you don't want to tell you'll have a sex ban until the " I winked at him.

"Come on Amelia that's not fair, it's a surprise" he whined.

"Well if you won't tell me then I can't give you my body" I laughed

"Your being unreasonable" he huffed.

"I'm not, I hate secrets and you know but still happy to keep things from me" I felt hurt now.

"But baby it's a surprise " he replied sadly.

"Ok ok, I will wait for the surprise and I won't ban sex either."

"Thank you" he smiled cheekily.

"Let's enjoy our meal" I smiled.

"Yeah, and to our next destination " he smiled widely.

We ate the rest of our meal and jasper paid the bill. We left the restaurant and walked back to the care and got in. Jasper drove us to the next destination since I decided to skip going to school but not like I don't know hot to sit I. A chair with a cap and gown and collect my diploma.

We arrived at the city's local zoo. I remember my parents used to bring me and Eli here when we were younger. Dad was always chasing Elliot since he liked to run off all the damn time. I laughed at the memories.

"What's funny" jasper asked confused.

"Ohh just remembered when my parents used to bring me and Eli here he'd always run off at this zoo and my dad was left to chase after him while me and mom walk around the zoo. When he would get him back to us Eli would take off again and this went on the whole time we were here so dad never really got to see any animals.

"That sounds hilarious.. I decided to bring you here for us to make fun memories of our own. He said sheepishly.

We walked to the main entrance and waited in the queue of people to buy our wrist bands. I was beyond excited to get to see all the animals especially the elephants which were my favourite since I was a little girl. I even had a teddy elephant called Ellie. I still have her too.

We walked around the zoo stopping up look at all the different animals. The meerkats we so small and adorable. We walked hand in hand and it's kissing my hand every now and then.

When we came to the elephants I was mesmerised.

"Such beautiful creatures"

"They sure are baby, aren't they your favourite babygirl"

"Yeah they are, I could sit here all day and watch them" I replied wishfully while not taking my eyes off the elephants.

After a while we walked away from the elephants which I was disappointed about.

"Why can't they have a zoo just for elephants, they so deserve they're own zoo, I mean look at how incredible they are. I would love a real elephant."

"I know and agree they're too special to be in a normal zoo and if it was possible I'd buy you one but it's not"

"I know" I said sadly.

We finished walking around and walked back to the car. Jasper drove us home but we decided to go to his house to watch a movie.

The ride home wasn't long since the zoo was local, jasper parked the car in the driveway. We got out and we walked into his house. I sent my mom a message to let her know I was at jaspers and I will be home later on.

We got some chips and pop for during the movie. I sat on the bed while sitting the snacks and drinks on the bedside table.

"What do you want to watch"

"Anything but horrors, you know I can't watch them without having nightmares for weeks and I think I've had enough nightmares to last the year."

"I know and most horrors are crap anyways"

"Yeah they just shouldn't make them at all"

"Comedy okay, bit harsh don't you think"

"Nah, and comedy sounds good."

While jasper set up the movie, I got myself comfortable not that it was hard since his bed was massive. The movie started as jasper lay down next to pulling me in his arms as we settled to watch the movie. I must have fell asleep because when I woke up to jasper Peppering kisses all over me which made me groan.

I turned around to face him and pulled his lips to mines. I moaned against his lips and it didn't take long before our clothes were off and he reached for protection and slid it on his member and moved to my entrance. I gasped when he slid inside me taking his time until I adjusted then once I started moving with him he moved faster. He then flipped me on all fours and slid back to me, making me scream in pleasure. Soon I reached my shattering orgasm and he followed .

"It gets better and better each time we do it" I said while laying down with my eyes closed trying to catch my breath.

"Yeah I know" he smiled

After a few round I fell

I to a peaceful slumber. Sex is my new favourite thing to do. Of course just with jasper.. I'm not a hoe. The next morning I woke up in a panic, remembering last Ohh to forgot to text my pre ta about not coming home and staying at jaspers.

I quickly got dressed and went jasper a message as I left and to message me when he's up and I had to go home because I forgot to let my parents know I wasn't going home last night. I ran down stairs , said hi/bye to Sarah and ran over the lawn since we were neighbours and I didn't have to run far.

As soon as I ran into the living room out of breath my parents jumped up as they seen me trying to catch my breathe.

"Honey is everything okay"

"Yeah it's just I didn't message either of you last night and I came to explain."

"Well there's no need" they both said.

"Huh.. what.. why I didn't let you I stayed at jaspers last night it I did plain to come home but .. yeah after we watched the movie I fell asleep and I panicked when I woke up I because I n is you guys would be worried."

"AMELIA!!!" My dad shouted to get my attention and to stop me rambling.


"Jasper message us last night to say you fell asleep and was just staying there"

"Ohhh" I felt like an idiot now.

Jasper really Dow know me better than I know myself and for that I will always be grateful to him.

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