The Gilmore brothers

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Visiting a friend

After my little rant to my parents I went back over to jaspers house to spend time with him before I had to go home before Emilie pick me up later for our visit.

I walked into jaspers house, he was in the kitchen eating some breakfast. He was sitting eating cereal with smiling at his phone. As soon as he seen me he quickly put his phone away, I wonder what he's hiding. I don't even have the energy to care, I made myself a coffee and sat down to drink it. I opened the paper that was laying on the counter and read it quietly.

"Hey, where did you go"

"Just to see my parents"

"I just did okay" I rolled my eyes.

I was finished my coffee and and headed up stairs to jaspers bedroom got my coat and bag. I came down stairs to jasper laughing to what ever he was doing on that stupid phone. I walked over to him, for him to quickly put his phone away again.

"I'm going home bye"

"Wait .. why are you going, I thought we could've spent time together before you go visit Christian."

"I'm tired and want to nap in my own bed" I walked out and slammed the front door shut angrily.

Jasper was definitely hiding something but what it is, is the question I will find but for right now I felt so tired so I will deal with that crap later.

I walked into my house, I passed my parents told them I was going for a nap before Emilie picked me up In a few hours.

"Wait honey are you okay, you look like you want to hurl"

"That's because I do , I dropped my bag down and ran to bathroom and emptied the remaining of what was in my stomach. I must have eating someone bad or just got a stomach bug.

"Are you okay darling" my mom asked as she stood at the toilet door.

"Yeah just think I ate something bad, I'm going to go have. NP before Emilie comes" I walked over to my bed and fell instantly asleep.

A few hours later I woke up and went for a shower. After my shower I quickly got dressed. I walked into the kitchen where my mom was cleaning up, when does this woman not clean.

"Hi honey, are you feeling any better"

"Hi mom, a little" I took a bottle of water from the fridge and sat down at the kitchen table.

"What time is Emilie coming to pick you up at"

"In about half an hour or so"

"If you don't feel any better tomorrow I'll make you a doctors appointment."

"Okay thanks mom" I smiled at her.

Me and my mom talked while I waited on Emilie.

"Graduation not long now ehh"

"Yeah will be happy to see the back of that place"

"I know darling with everything you've been through I don't blame you for feeling this way . I'm so happy to see you back to yourself again well mostly accidents like these change a person.

"Yeah it was hell mom" I heard a horn beep outside, I got and gave my mom a hug and kissed her cheek and told her I would give her a message when I'm there and on my way home.

I grabbed my coat and purse and closed the door. I got into Emilie's car and she drove us to the facility.

"How are you em"

"Yeah good, how about you"

"Yeah okay but don't tell anyone but I think I might be pregnant but it's too early to tell."

She stopped the car abruptly. " oh my god Amelia.. does jasper and your parent know"

"No your the only person that knows and I think my mom suspects."

"Well remember if you need help I'm always here and if you get kicked out you can live with me but remember children are the greatest gifts you could ever ask for"

"I know but I just don't know how I feel about it until I see a doctor" I sighed.

We pulled up to the facility and parked the car. We walked to the elevator to go to the floor Christian's was at. We walked to the receptionist desk and signed in.

I walked behind Emilie into this room with a few tables, a piano and workout equipment. Christian looked so much better since I last seen him which made me happy.

He smiled brightly at us as we all sat down at a the table he was sitting at.

"Amelia, how are you"

"I'm good, how are you doing.. thankyou for letting me visit."

"Yeah I'm doing okay still ha e some bad days which is expected. Well I wouldn't ever have stopped you visiting, after everything you still want to be my friend and that speaks volumes to me. I mean I don't expect the others to be my friend again which is understandable but least I have you both."

"How is treatment " Emilie asked.

"Good the doctor said I still have a long way to go and have ten weeks left in here but I'm more open this time around. He said forgiveness is the key to healing properly and Amelia done that for me."

We spoke for a while telling Christian of things going on back home but I left out all the negative things. You see being alone sucks, also having no friends turns j to a lonely existence but at least Christian has me and Emilie now.

Our visit was over but I told Christian I will visit once a week. He was happy to hear that, how do I know that well he jumped up pulling me into a hug and thanking me for being there for him. What are friends for ehh.

Emilie drove us home and on the way home she stopped off at the grocery store and picked up a few different test, you think why a few. Well I didn't know which one was the best one . I loaded them in the checkout belt. The clerk serving us looked at us strangely.

"Never see anyone buy pregnancy tests before" Emilie asked her.

"Yeah you just seem a bit young to buying them" she laughed nervously.

"What's that supposed to mean"

"Well most girls have no self respect " She retorted.

"Well I'm not like that not that it's any of your business or I should need to explain myself to a stranger and if I'm honest this conversation is really unprofessional" I hugged and stormed out the store and headed to Emilie's car so I could go home.

We got into the car and drove home, Emilie parked the car into my driveway.

"Want to come in for a bit, stay for dinner"

"Yeah sure that sounds great"

We both walked into my house, my mom was in the kitchen making dinner while my dad was in the living room wagging some old people's tv show, I swear that's all that man doesn't unless he's at work.

"Mom do you need any help, is it okay Emilie stays for dinner and I was going to see if jasper can come too"

"Yes of course honey, I don't need any help but Thank you sweet girl. You two go hang out until dinner is ready"

"Okay mom, come one em"

We headed up to my room, I sent a message to jasper asking if he wanted to come over straight after work.


"Yeah em"

"Don't you think you should take that test before jasper comes over"

"Ohh shit, I forgot about that . How bloody rude was that woman at the store though" I asked as she handed me the bag of tests.

"Yeah stupid bitch.. go take they tests " Emilie whispered.

I went into the bathroom and opened the packaging of all the tests and took them one after the other .. the pee got all over my hands yuckk. The test says it takes two minutes for the results.

What will the test say, if positive then u will deal but if negative then we can move past it.


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