The Gilmore brothers

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Taking a test

This felt like the longest two minutes of my life, I was absolutely petrified to look at the test, so I shouted on Emilie.

“Emilie... can you come in here please.”

“Yeah, what’s up.”

“Can you look at the test for me, I just can look at the test.”

“Yeah of course you pansy.”


“Amelia... it’s... POSITIVE.”

“Ohh my god, what am I going to do, I’m too young, my parents will hate me and kick me out.”

I slid down the wall and sat on the bathroom floor with my head in my hands crying while Emilie comforted me. My mom walked into the bathroom and saw the test.

Emilie moved away and my mom took her place hugging me on the floor. “Honey please stop crying.” she coaxed me.

“If you’re pregnant then we will support you whatever way we can no matter what happens... I mean I’m shocked but also really excited because I will have a baby’s cheeks to pinch and I will speak to your dad.”

“Thank you, mom.” I hugged her.

My mom and Emilie helped me into bed. I was so emotional drained with everything that had happened with finding out I am pregnant and studying for finals. I do not even know what Jasper will think when I him this, but I am positive Sarah will be as happy as my mom. Those two are crazy no wonder they are best friends.

I slept while my mom talked to my dad. “Frankie, we need to talk, and we also need to sit down for this.”

“Okay but is it bad or good Olivia”

“I would say amazing but you not so much” she sighed.

“Okay spill.”

“Amelia is pregnant and before you say anything, we will support her.”


“Yeah Amelia is pregnant, she thinks she has disappointed us, and we will hate her even after I assured we would support her no matter what.”

“What about school, she worked so hard, I mean we will help her so she can have the baby and still go to school, but she will need go to Lakewood college.”

“I was thinking us and Sarah could care for the baby when she is at school.”

“That’s great but what about our jobs.” dad asked.

“Well I can work from home until the baby starts school since we own the company.”

“Okay that’s settled... we will sit down with Amelia, jasper and Sarah but we will wait until we take her to the doctors tomorrow to confirm it.”

“Yeah, we need to let Amelia tell jasper and let him tell Sarah.”

“I just hope he steps up and does the right thing.”

“I think he will babe.”

A couple hours later I woke up from my sleep and jasper was sitting on the edge of my bed.

“Hey baby girl.”


“How was your visit with Christian.”

“It was really good, and he looks so much better.”

“That’s great, were you tired.”

“Yeah but we need to talk but don’t freak out okay.”

“Oookkk.” he said nervously.

“Jasper I’m pregnant.”

“WHAT! HOW! are you sure.” I started crying after he said that.

“Why are you crying Amelia.”

“Because I’m pregnant and you’ll leave me.”

“Baby girl, I would never leave you and I told no matter what happened that I would support your decision.”

“But I want to keep it”

“Then we will be parents a bit earlier than expect and by the way I was hoping you was pregnant” he said quietly.

“What! Are you happy about this?” I pointed to my belly.

“Hell yeah, we are having a baby, half of me and half of you which will make that baby the most beautiful baby in the world.” he grabbed me spinning around shouting.

My parents and Emma and Elliot ran into my room.

“Is it true” Elliot asked excitedly

“Well that would depend what you heard.”

“Are you pregnant” Emma asked excitedly

“Again, that would be your reaction would be if I were.”

“I would be an uncle for one and cheeks to pinch finally.” he laughed

“And you Emma” I arched my brows.”

“Well I will be that baby’s favourite auntie of course.” she said laughing.

“Well yeah I’m pregnant but need to go to the doctor tomorrow to confirm it.”

“Ohh myy godd.” Emma squealed. Pulling me into a hug. I had tears falling down my cheeks with how happy I felt in this moment.

“Baby girl why are you crying.”

“It’s just I feel completely happy.”

“Me too I’m so happy to be able to have our own little person.”

After a while Emilie popped her head in my room door cover her eyes with her hand... “is the coast clear.”

“Yes Emma, you’re crazy you know that.” jasper, Emma and Elliot laughed. After a while we all went downstairs for dinner.

“Amelia honey.” my mom said to get my attention

“Yes mom.” I said quietly not looking at anyone but my hands on my lap.

“You have an appointment tomorrow with the doctor at ten am.”

“Thanks mom.”

“Amelia are you okay.” jasper asked worriedly.

“Yeah just tired.” truth be told I do not know how to act or feel about everything that’s going on, but everyone worries enough about me. I did not need them to worry anymore. I need to make another appointment with Dr Addams this week. I thought to myself.

We all ate dinner, I joined the conversation here and there. My mom bought a special cake from the store when I was sleeping. After I finished, I went to put my plate In the kitchen but my mom jumping up grabbing my plate taking it to the kitchen just then the front I went.

I looked at everyone, but they were in a conversation, but I just walked to answer anyways. I opened the door to a surprise there stood Sarah and the boys, Lilly and Matt but what surprised me most was Christian was standing there with a big smile on his face.

“Omg guys what you’s doing here.”

“Well that would be my fault.” I turned around to jasper holding a cake with baby pink and baby pink frosting and writing that say.

“Baby Gilmore 2019.”

“Oh my god… how.”

“Well our moms went to the store and got it for me... I know you’re unsure about all of this, but this baby is a precious gift to us all and I wanted to celebrate our baby.”

“But I haven’t been to the doctors yet to confirm it yet. What if the test was wrong.” I said with tears in my eyes knowing if it’s not true I’ll be heartbroken.

“Well then free party with free food and great company.” he winked at me and passed the cake to my dad and pulled me to him holding me in his arms. I sighed my safe place.

A few minutes later I let everyone inside, Christian came over and gave me a hug.

“How are you here, I thought you had a while to go before you could get out,”

“Yeah it’s only for 6 hours, jasper came to the hospital and explained the celebration and that it would mean a lot to you for me to be here.” he smiled widely.

“Oh my god, it means more than you know.” over time Christian had become one of my best friends as has Emilie.

Well all talked to each other with drinks and good. This right here is what is most important. I even saw all my friends laughing with Christian and Emilie. That made me smile.

Later, me and jasper cut the cake for everyone. I noticed Elliot talking and laughing with Emilie, I will need to keep a watch on they two, something told me that there was more to come with them.

Everyone called in and went home except me, jasper, Elliot and our friends. It’s been nearly a year since we all hung out like this. I was laying in between jasper legs then I must have falling asleep because the next thing I know I was screaming because someone was trying to kill my baby.

Jasper shook me awake. “Amelia wake up.”

“They’re going to kill my baby.” I wailed.

“Who is.” Elliot asked.

“The doctors.” I replied shakily.

“Baby girl, it was a nightmare, no one will kill our baby.” he soothed me. While pulling me into his arms.

I gripped on to jaspers shirt and cried while all my friends stared at me worried, but jasper was the most worried. He had tears falling down his cheeks.

I slept peacefully in jaspers arms. The safest place for me. Jasper is my savour even if he does not know it. I know I worry him and everyone else, especially my parents. No parent wants to see they are child hurt or suffering.

I stretched out and noticed jasper and everyone else had already woken up. I sat up as my mom brought me over a cup of decaf which I did not understand and gave my mom a strange look.

“You can’t have normal coffee when you’re pregnant.”

“Well that sucks balls.” my mom giggled.

After drinking my decaf, I got up and went for a shower and got dressed for my doctor’s appointment.

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