The Gilmore brothers

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Elliot’s POV:

Junior year has been such a drag, at first at the very start of junior year the different girls helped even though we never went all the way I wanted to keep that for someone special.

A week or so we all found out Amelia is having a baby which is amazing, and I am happy for her and jasper they have been through so much they deserve a bit of happiness.

Ever since Amelia’s accident it is change me as a person, and it change my view of life I didn’t want all the girls anymore I wanted to wait but how long is the question. When that happened to Amelia that day my heart shattered into a million pieces when I got the phone call from Jake to tell what happened. Even though I am younger than her I will still try my hardest to protect her as much as I can but that day, I failed her.

No one knows the guilt I carry around with me every day, I do not want to them to know either. I am not so self-destructive now but when it first happened. I wanted to kill Christian stone, but Jensen and Matthew beat me to it. I felt so ashamed because when this was, we all going down I was doing unholy things with a random girl from school in my car so while I was enjoying myself my sister was suffering.

I walked into school and met up with the guys. There is Jake Gilmore who is the youngest of the Gilmore brothers. Liam Davis who is a womaniser and then you have Shaun Johnson who is the nerd of all us.

Me and guys headed to our first class. English literature which is so freaking boring maybe because I am too smart and know most off the book that are read in the class.

After the fourth class we headed to the cafeteria to eat lunch and it was pretty empty since most of the students dodged last day of school for a day of fun which my parent never allowed me or Amelia take part I. Because education is especially important to them. I understand now they just want the best for us but a year ago I made a big fuss about it.

The end of school finished. I was glad it was summer but what to do since my parents decided to stay home this year because they had to pay for Amelia’s medical bills since the insurance hadn’t come through. The question is what to do since we usually go away for two months and all my friends are away for the summer.

I mean we are not super rich or poo just able to live comfortably. After the insurance pay out maybe my parents can calm down with working it gets very lonely when you are in the house alone all the time. No one know how lonely it can feel when you only see your family at breakfast since I am always asleep when everyone comes home, don’t judge I love sleep.

I message Jake to see if he wanted to go to the beach since there is nothing else to do around here.

“Jake” - Elliot

“Sup” - Jake

“Want to hit the beach” - Elliot

“Sure mate but aren’t you going on holiday” - Jake

“Nah mate, we all decided to stay home this year with Amelia’s treatments costing a fortune” - Elliot

“That sucks mate” - Jake

“Yeah well least we can hit on hot chicks at the 🏖”- Elliot

“Got that right”👌”- Jake

“I’ll be over in ten minutes to pick you up” - Elliot

“Sounds good mate👍” - Jake

I got ready and went downstairs. My parents were in the kitchen which was strange they’re never home.

“Hi mom and dad.”

“Hi son”, my dad replied

“How come you’s are home.”

“Well that’s Amelia’s medical bill all paid off and the insurance came through yesterday and we decided to take two months off work to spend with you kids.”

“Ohh that’s great, you’s deserve a break and I have missed having you guys around.” I said sadly.

“We have missed you’s as well but we have to work extra to pay off that medical bill.”

“I know.”

“Elliot what do you say about Capri Italy with the Gilmore’s, your friends and Amelia’s friends.”

“think that would be an amazing holiday but don’t you’s think you both should go on that holiday just the both of you... you’d have worked so hard and you’s deserve it.”

“Ohh Elliot, this is what we want, we want to have one last big great holiday before some of you’s go off to college then you and your friends will be off next year.” my mom cried.

I walked over to my parents and hugged them tight. I they really needed that after the year they have had.

“Well since you’s insisted on this holiday, I’m going to call the guys and go to the mall to buy holiday stuff.”

“Okay, be safe and here take this” my dad handed me his credit card.

“Thanks and I always am... so when do we go.”

“Two days.”

“What! When did you plan this or book this for that matter.”

“This morning.” they laughed.

“Well that’s a new one, I’m going over to jakes to let him and the guys know the news. This holiday is going to be the best... Thank you guys.” I hugged them both again to show them how much I appreciate them.

I grabbed my wallet and car keys. I put my dad’s credit card into my wallet and walked out to my car. I drove to Jakes even though he lived next door yeah, I know I am lazy. beeping my horn Jake popped his out his wonder

“Sup... are you coming up before we head to the beach bro.”

“Nah bro, the beach is off. We need to go to the mall and buy holiday clothes because us boys are going to Capri Italy baby.” I shouted.

“No way!” He pulled his head in his window and ran oh the front door.

“Someone is eager.” I laughed.

“Can you blame me, we get to go to a hot country with loads of hot chicks no doubt.”

“Well how’d you feel if I said that all us boys are going.”

“Italy baby here we come, and this holiday is going to be epic.”

“Hell yeah it will, let’s go pick up the other two and tell them the news.”

We drove to the other end of town since that’s where Liam and Shawn live. Jake called them to tell them to wait at Liam’s house until we get there. Jasper e got there about fifteen minutes later, and Liam and Shaun were sitting on Liam’s porch.

“Alright you pair a yahoo’s.” I shouted out my car.

“Alright assholes.” Liam and Shaun shouted back.

“What do we owe this unexpected visit.” Liam asked while Shaun shakes his head like a bobble head.

“Well what do you guys say to going on a holiday to Capri Italy in two days, everything paid for including clothes.” They looked at me and Jake shocked.

“How.” Liam asked as him and Shaun hot into my car.

“Well my parents got Amelia’s medical insurance in and I’m guessing it was a fair bit of money, I suggested for them to go on their own but they want one last big holiday with everyone before some of us go away to college.” I said.

“I get that.” Jake Said.

“Yeah me too.” Liam and Shaun chimed in.

“Well let’s get to this mall and buy a bunch of holiday shit.”

I drove us to the mall luckily it was still early since it took us three hours to get everything we need. I drove everyone home then parked into my driveway, got out of the car and pulled all my bags out of the boot of my care and headed inside.

“Did you buy the mall.” my dad asked chuckling.

“Nah but I think the other three might have.” I laughed.

“Amelia dear, help your brother up the stairs with his bags please will you.”

“Yeah sure, come on weakling.”

“I can do it myself you know.”

“Yeah maybe so but we both know mom has sent me up here to help you pick like she doesn’t every year.”

“I know.” I rolled my eyes as I put my new suitcase on my bed. I pulled all my stuff I had bought on to my bed.

“Elliot why do you buy a new suitcase every year.” Amelia asked while folding clothes I dumped on my bed.

“Because it collects loads of germs lying there a full year not getting used.”

“You have worse OCD than me.” she laughed.

“Well I hate mess and any sort of dust or germs. Also like my things a certain way, remember the first time you helped me pack.” I laughed at the memory.

“Yeah you also at killed nearly throwing shit at me.” she laughed.

We packed all stuff into my suitcase and talking about old times when we were kids. After helping Amelia and Emma to pack their suitcases we all went out to the little Italian restaurant in town for dinner.

After dinner we headed back home since it was late. Tomorrow would be a busy day with getting everything sorted before we go to the airport tomorrow night.

We got and mom made us all hot cocoa since it gets cold at night. We all sat in the living room talking and laughing at the memories of me and Amelia as kids, especially on holiday. They were certainly crazy I will tell you that. Italy here we come to rock your country.

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