The Gilmore brothers

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Epilogue- Italy

Finals and graduation flew by. Me and my friends all passed and got accept d the o the local university and my parents surprised me and Elliot. We all agreed to stay home this summer because my medical insurance hadn’t come through yet, so my parents had to work extra to pay for my treatment in hospital which were really expensive.

But yesterday my parents surprised us and Elliot by taking us to Italy and that is not all they’re taking us, the Gilmore’s and all mine and Elliot’s friends so in total there will be sixteen of us going.

Tonight, we are going to the airport since our flight leaves at 5am. So, at around 5pm we all decide to go to bed for a few hours since we had to be at the airport for twelve am. At nine thirty my alarm went off and my dad came into my room to wake me.

“Amelia, time to get up darling.”

“Yeah okay dad, will be down in a few minutes.”

I got up and packed the rest of my small plane bag and grabbed my all-time favourite book little woman and to my suitcase and bag down to the front door with everyone else’s suitcase.

“Everyone be ready to go in fifteenth minutes.” My dad told everyone.

“Okay.” we said all in union

The best part of going on this holiday that all mines and Elliot friends are coming and let’s not forget the Gilmore’s. we all got into the hired cars to the airport.

We all checked in and put our luggage on to the belt to be checked which was fine, so we went and sat down to wait for our flight to be called. We were sitting talking and laughing when suddenly my parents shouted me over.

“Hey, what’s up.” I asked them both.

“well we have one more surprise for you.”

“Mom, dad you guys gave already done too but what is it.”

“Well why don’t you turn around and look at the entrance.” my mom said smiling.

I turned around squinting my eyes to see the entrance, my eyes went wide when I saw Christian and Emilie. I ran toward them pulled them into a hug and jumping and shouting with them.

“How are you guys here.”

“Well your mom called me yesterday and asked if us two wanted to go to Italy and of course we said yeah but I did offer her our expenses but she refused and that her and your dad were paying for everyone to go.”

“Yeah that’s my parents for you.” I laughed. We walked over to everyone. They stopped at my other friends and started talking while I was lied over to my parents and hugged them tight.

“Thank you so much mom and dad you really didn’t have to do this you know.”

“We know honey, but after the year everyone has had, we thought it was sitting when the insurance money came in. This will be our last big holiday until your graduate from college, so we wanted to make it memorable.” my mom said.

I wiped tears from my face and hugged them again but this time everyone else joined into the hug, me and my parents started laughing then everyone else followed. I started crying again even harder this time. I was glad everyone could get along like old times and be friends again.

“Well guys we have one more surprise but this time it’s for the Gilmore’s.” my dad mentioned smiling.

Sarah and the brother looked at my parents with wide eyes. I turned to the entrance of the airport as everyone else did.

“Mason, Megan and Millie, what are you doing here.” Sarah asked shocked while hugging them.

“Well Frankie here called us and asked if we wanted to come along for a vacation to Italy. We couldn’t refuse plus I think Frankie need me with all these kids.” he chuckled while my dad rolled his eyes.

“This is so good, I haven’t seen you’d since your brother died.” She said sombrely.

“I know life gets you so busy.” Megan said sadly. Something seemed like it happened.

“You’re not kidding.” my mom said to Megan.

So, with everyone here and all of us kids were seated around a bunch of seats, talking and laughing since we had four hours to kill. All the adults sat together catching up with mason, Megan and Millie. Millie walked over after finishing talking with the parents.

“Hey girl, how are you doing” charlotte said, sitting down next to me.

“I’m good ... btw this is Emma, Lilly and Matthew... how have you been doing, I’ve not seen you in like four-year girl.” I replied.

“Yeah, I am doing okay, and I know school was rough.” She said the end quietly so only I would hear her.

“Me and Charlotte are going to the little shop, does anyone want anything my treat.” I asked the group.

“Everyone wanted something, so I typed a list In My phone since there were far too much to remember. We got up and walked away, as soon as we were far enough no one could hear me, I turned to Charlotte.

“Charlotte.” I gave her a worried look.


“Is everything okay.”

“Ahh no! Well yeah it is now ... you can speak a word of anything I’m going to tell you because there’s an investigation going on with it and the detective and courts are building a case and if anything happens to me or the other person it could ruin the case.” She pleaded.

“Okay... I promise I won’t say a word.”

“Well junior year was not the worst, group of girls would pick o. Me but senior yeah is where it escalated when me and my friends went to a high school party which was fine to begin with. Then I went to the toilet after drinking too much and as I was shutting the door but then someone forced the door open making me stumble back and fall. The person had locked the door and jumped on top of with me fighting to get up, but he ripped all my clothes and sexually assaulted me.”

she was sobbing by the time she finished telling me everything, I was so heartbroken for her. She suffered worse than me and being so strong.

“Oh my god, Millie I’m so sorry that happened to you but you look so happy.” I cried.

“I am now but six months ago I was in a dark place but I have been seeing a therapist... I’m not hundred percent back to myself but I’m getting there and I’m not in that dark place anymore and I’m living now instead of just existing.” she smiled.

“Yeah I know how that feels.”

“What do you mean Amelia.”

“Well the start of senior year I was attacked but not like you just got my head bash and kicked a few times.” I said casually. The thing is it had no effect on me talking about it anymore.”

“What” she shouted.” Shhht.” I quickly said to her.

“Do you know who did it.”

“Yeah but it’s over now.” I smiled while rubbing my small bump and Millie looked at me shocked.

“Amelia!! Are you pregnant or just rubbing your stomach for nothing.” she asked.

“Yeah I am, I’m 2 months along.” I smiled widely.

“Oh my god, that’s truly amazing Amelia, but with who” she asked confused.

“Jasper Gilmore.” I smiled and blushed.

“You go girl, you’ve had a crush on him since we were little, a baby cousin.” she sighed wishfully.

“Yeah I know right... but I’m so scare though... but your aunt Sarah and my parents are going to help out.”

“I’m so happy for you’s both and well I have some good news.” she laughed.

“What.” I laughed.

“Me and my parents are moving back to Lakewood and I’m attending Lakewood university.”

“No way, I’m going there too with being pregnant my parents think it best I stay close and everyone else is going there too. This is amazing news you know that right. I have missed you so damn much Millie.” I hugged her tight with us both crying.

Jasper walked up to us with Christian, did I forget to mention they two became close friends since Christian to the baby celebration.

“This looks like going to the shop.” he smirked.

“Well that was partly true but me and Millie wanted to catch up without people ease dropping.”

“Yeah since we haven’t seen each other in so long plus I wanted to tell her that me and my parents are moving back to Lakewood and that I’m going to college there too.” Millie smiled.

What! Really, that’s so great cuz, we’ve all missed you’d all.” jasper said to Millie.

“I know we’ve missed you and the gang too, Ohh congratulations on becoming a dad big cuz.” she giggled

“I see Amelia told you our wonderful news.” jasper smiled.

“Well we better go to this shop before anyone else comes to look for us.” I mentioned.

“We will come with since we are already here and can help with the bags.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

We all walked to the little shop and grabbed everything off the list. I saw this cute little white bear and got it for the baby. I paid for all the things and we headed back.

“What took you guys so long.” Emma asked.

“Me and Millie sat down because my feet were hurting and caught up with each other and lost track of the time and next thing jasper and Christian showed up.” I laughed and Millie giggled.

“Well we need to board the plane soon.” Elliot said rolling his eyes.

“Okay.” I replied.

We sat down until it was time to board the plane. Soon they called for all of us to board, we all showed our passes and passports and boarded our plane.

Once we all got situated with me sitting with jasper, Jonathon and Sarah, my parents sitting with Elliot and Emilie, mason and Megan sitting with Millie and Christian and Matt, Lilly, Emma and Jensen sitting together. I drifted off to sleep on jasper know when I wake up, I will be in Capri Italy. That made me happy and content.

Here we come Italy ... here comes the madness!!!


Authors note!

I hope you enjoyed this story... this is my first ever book so please no bad or negative comments they will be simply removed! There will be mistakes and probably not the best, but I am happy with it ...

Now I will hopefully see you’s all in the next adventure for Amelia, her crazy family and friends… until then goodbye 👋




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